Why Virgo Is Too Soft Heart

    No one Virgo, absolutely no one has the slightest idea of how good a Virgo you are and the piece of heart that you keep under armor that you have been creating over time. Maybe, at first, you seem the coldest person, but whoever really knows you really know how much you give for others, how much you fight for their safety, and what you do without having to preach it from the four winds. That is why you are a great Virgo because when you act, you do not do it to show off; when you do something, you do not do it so that others see how well you move through life. You always act with a goal ahead, you do and undo in a very fair way, and you achieve your challenges thanks to the effort, sweat, and many tears that you waste when nobody sees you.

    You unfreeze your heart with whom you trust, with whom you do not lie, with the person who knows how to control your temper and values the fact that you accept much less so that the other person has all the potential you do. Yes No No.

    It is apparent that you have a lot of genius, a lot of character, and a pretty good soon evil Virgo, but you are not a toxic person, you are not a wrong person; before falling into that black hole, you would be very capable of the unthinkable ... Your heart is soft, much softer than Virgo jelly, what happens is that nobody sees it because it is well protected. You have made the most effective armor in history, thanks to what you've experienced, past disappointments, and everything you've been through. Thanks to her, that soft heart is still safe.