Why Virgo Lost Interest in You

    If Virgo lost interest in you, it's because he thought you didn't like him. This is how things work. Virgo is a very practical person who likes to have everything clear from the beginning to the end. Not because you are insecure or because you are scared to face reality, but because you like to be realistic and know what you have to face first. For Virgo to show some interest in you, he has to be apparent from the beginning that he likes you. Virgo is not one of those people who risks without knowing. To risk, you have to know what the consequences are and what risks you are exposed to. Those little games of 'now it takes me 8 hours to respond, and I make myself interesting' or 'now I wait for Virgo to talk to me, don't expect things to work out ...

    Virgo is not a person to beat around the bush. It is true that it takes a long time to show what you feel, but that does not mean that you are not clear with what you feel.

    If you act like you have no interest or love to play with their heart, then Virgo will move on without you. Virgo is not a person who changes his mind from one day to another. It may take time to decide, but there is no one to change it when you make the decision. And if with your games, you have made Virgo see that you do not like him, he will stop taking an interest in you immediately. Virgo hates that right now, whether I like it or not now. When you feel like they are 'playing' with your trust, all traces of love unexpectedly disappear. Virgo wants to have by his side a person with whom he has a special connection from minute 1, someone with whom he can open up and show himself as he is. Someone who does not play with his feelings and who has things very clear. If you are not sure how you feel about Virgo, rest assured that you are not the one indicated for Virgo.