Why You Should Not Fool Virgo

    Cheating is something that no one could ever accept, but cheating on Virgo is something that is unforgivable. It is a sign that defends the real, the true, and always goes with the truth ahead. It would help if you never cheated on Virgo for various reasons ... Virgo is the most analytical creature on planet Earth. Believe it or not, Virgo is always proper. Never try to deceive him because he will realize before what you think. Virgo may be a bit maniacal and challenging to understand, but he doesn't have a hair of a fool.

    If he wants to find out something, he will do whatever it takes to find out, and he will move the sky and the stars until he knows what you are hiding from him.

    And the best of all is that he's going to pretend he doesn't know so that you can give yourself away. That ingenuity and that intelligence will be what makes you surrender to deception. Virgo intelligence will be able to tear you apart. In general, Virgo is not a person who likes to hurt, but when he feels cheated and betrayed, revenge is his best friend. And Virgo's revenge is the one that is served on a cold plate, and that hurts so much. The elegant revenge that is capable of destroying you with just one word and leaving you touched and sunk for life. He will be able to tear you apart little by little and make you pay for all the damage you did to Virgo. If you cheat on a Virgo, you're not going to go off as if nothing had happened ...

    Virgo will show no trace of his vulnerability as hurt as he is at your betrayal.

    He is too strong a person to show his weakness for something like this. If you intend to see his most sensitive side, you will not see him and less at a time like this. Virgo may be very screwed up on the inside, but he will be stronger and more challenging than ever on the outside. He will give you a taste of his best poison: indifference. That indifference that hurts so much, even if it doesn't seem like it ... That way of passing on yourself instead of giving yourself more importance than you have.

    If something is Virgo, it is self-critical and a fighter like nobody else.

    After all that he has suffered, he has no choice but to get up and resume his path with a firm and sure step. Virgo will return to the charge even before you have regretted having cheated on him. Also, best of all, Virgo will not give you second chances knowing how you behaved and knowing that you will have the opportunity to cheat on him again when he least expects it.

    On the contrary, he is not afraid to say things as they are. Virgo loves to communicate and express what he thinks.

    Virgo is nurtured and learns through the conversations he has with others. He loves to listen and share stories with others. So, if he has to tell you something, he will tell you as is, without any filter or consideration, and more when he is hurt by that betrayal. Virgo is always like that, whether he is hurt or not, but he is much more when he is. If he has to criticize you, he will criticize you, and he will not stop repeating everything you have done. A Virgo falls only serve to learn, as well as disappointments. Virgo is a person with a hunger to know, learn, grow, and mature. And this betrayal will mark him for life, but for the better. It will be something that makes you change your way of seeing life, and that makes you grow intellectually. Before you know it, Virgo will already be rebuilding his life and will have turned the page after everything he has suffered. But remember that Virgo never forgets, and no matter how much the wound is already healed, the scar always remains ... He will put all the effort into rebuilding his life, and he won't even have time to think about you.

    If you cheat on Virgo, let you know that you go directly to the list of people who don't give a shit.

    After all that they have suffered, Virgo will take things and leave while you try to ask for forgiveness and explain why what happened happened. He is very patient, but he is not going to waste time with someone with whom he has betrayed him in such a low and cruel way. You should not cheat Virgo because the one who is going to lose is you ... You are going to lose an intelligent, patient, faithful, and hard-working person. You may have hurt Virgo, but in return, Virgo will pay you with the currency of indifference, the one that will hurt so much. Betraying and cheating on Virgo should be a crime.