capricorn weekly horoscope


    The planetary configuration of the week means that, with any luck, you will have scheduled all your most important flirting appointments in your calendar. And that before leaving to meet your new love, you will have checked the time and the place, and that you will also know how to get there. Confusion reigns and chances are you will get yourself into trouble and lose. Patience is needed to play the game of love. You can't wait to see the results of your romantic endeavors, but the start of the week is not a good time to rush. It's the little things that count later in the week, and you can make a good impression on a new person if you show that you have what it takes to complete a project.


    Money is a way to find the security you seek. You will probably find that your masculine and feminine sides are considered balanced. Good work! As it affects your job, health, and mundane activities, labor is likely to go well. You make a good impression on your superiors. If you want to go further, volunteer to lead a special project. Your assessment will be amazing! It's a busy time. Be kind to others who are stressed. You may feel a little overwhelmed with all the areas you are tasked with handling. Make lists and set priorities to be more efficient. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Take immediate action if things seem to be below normal standards.


    The temptations are many, but take a moment to reflect on your body's reaction to excess. Isn't it time to "move on" and get into a healthy, regular routine? Sometimes all you need to do is take the time to think about your decisions and you will find the answer in the center of your brain! Drink a cup of chamomile or another herbal tea and watch the change in your perceptions. Try to design a variety of herbs that won't affect your system too much. Also, cut fat and be prepared to include more vegetables and greens. If you can make your desserts as healthy as possible, you'll feel better. You don't need to worry after meals. You can feel pleasantly full and fantastic.