gemini weekly horoscope


    If you are dating someone new, prepare for the unexpected with the planetary alignment present. Any impressions, ideas, hopes, or dreams that you may have had regarding your potential love interest, you will likely find sorely lacking. You will be so surprised that you will not have the opportunity to put your plans into action. Don't worry, shine and be bold. Allow others to learn from your experience. Give your wise advice freely to those who ask for it at the beginning of the week. Someone else could also benefit from the things you have experienced. Don't close your eyes to a "stranger" who might show up on the weekend. Not only does romantic intensity exist, but she persists. There's a reason your paths crossed.


    You are unbeatable now! Opportunities come easily, and you relish the moment and the money you can earn and save. Everything is expanding, you're in luck, so make sure you have what it takes to manage it responsibly. Once your career is affected, the money you are likely to earn is significant and can change your life. At work: This is a great week for you. Expect to be very busy! Multiple contacts and missions can make you feel like you're going in multiple directions at once. Be smart and make a list of priorities for the period ahead. Energy brings good luck in a job interview. Unconscious expectations can trigger misunderstandings or disappointments. Make sure everyone has the same assumptions. You will also shine in business. Any group project or event will benefit from your input and enthusiasm.


    When it comes to your friends, they often appreciate your warmth and affection, and the sympathetic tenderness they show you when things are going well. To keep open access to this part of your personal nature, it is important to exercise regularly and keep your energy unblocked. Regular yoga practice will help you tremendously. Blood circulation, muscle stretching and deep breathing combine to help you relax and center your exuberance so you can channel it. Your health and energy levels go through periods of ups and downs. It would help to eliminate boring activities. Your energy will increase and your health will improve in subtle ways. And don't ignore your feelings.