libra weekly horoscope


    If you think falling in love is like taking a leap into the unknown, then the energy of the week will prove you right. You are lucky to meet someone you have admired from afar. Secretly, you nearly swooned every time you passed by. You now have the opportunity to disregard it and say it all. Be honest and brave! It's the little things that count at the start of the week. You are able to surpass your romantic competitors by showing how endearing your few eccentricities and quirks can be! There are unpredictable elements in your love life later in the week, but you're willing to take risks for the possibility of romance. Make sure he does


    Deep transformation combines with action now. That's a huge amount of power. The Universe wants you to move forward full speed in mastery and control, so there are definitely opportunities to advance in your career. The question is one of diplomacy. You may want to demand what is rightfully yours, but it is important to present your case firmly and without overstepping the bounds. Challenge yourself. Do any task with enthusiasm now. At your best, you are open, curious, present, and genuinely interested in others. The energy of this period promotes teamwork. Be tolerant of people who are critical. VS' is the best time if you are looking for a new job or a better-paid job. Create networks with confidence to improve your situation. These are positive days for research and they are very honest with customers or co-workers.


    The atmosphere of the week helps you express your emotional side. With the focus on your energetic personality, it can sometimes be difficult to be more vulnerable and really know how you feel. The movement that pushes you to be physically vulnerable is a recommended practice for the release of emotions. Yoga, of course, is a good option. Placing a cloth with warm water (carefully) on your chest at night is another way to draw attention to your emotional core. Suddenly you may want to try something new, another sport that allows you to get out and socialize. You may prefer a risky activity, such as rafting or bungee jumping. You seem to need thrills to inspire you. Either way, you'll have fun.