scorpio weekly horoscope


    You generally don't like delays, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, and that goes against all tales of how a real romance should go. But this week's planetary alignment means you'll have a challenge ahead. You perceive an obstacle when it comes to approaching someone. Think of the most unusual solution! Love can be complicated, and it's easy to forget that dating should be fun. Forget the stress and drama that surrounds the activity of finding love at the beginning of the week, and just have fun. The person who makes you laugh the most is your best romantic partner. Your BFF will be trusted over the weekend, so don't don't be afraid to divulge your deepest secrets. Confession can be liberating.


    Aspects decrease your ability to earn the amount of money you've grown accustomed to, and ask you to become more responsible about how you spend it. Set limits so you can save for retirement or other goals. Your creative home, family and hobbies will be affected. If you're having trouble feeling motivated, just think about how what you're doing now will benefit your family in the future. The cosmos supports taking steps to review and possibly repeat certain projects or tasks. The energy is positive if you are looking for work, setting specific goals, or looking to maximize your financial resources. In all areas, look for ways to save for possible emergencies.


    A harmonious environment is essential for your well-being. Taking care of this need involves balancing your daily life. And it can be so nice! Your home is where you want to relax to recover from everyday stress. So try to have around you the colors you like, the aromas you enjoy and the music you love, and your home will become the place of perfect happiness so that you can venture out into the world and be ready to face the life challenges. Consider doing a short detox. Cut out all junk food and buy fresh juices, vegetables and salads. After a few days you will feel more energetic and fresh. NOT' remember that dark emotions can also have a powerful effect on your body. Make a regular effort to free yourself from past issues that can drain your energy. Your health will improve.