virgo weekly horoscope


    Single: If you don't want people commenting on your love life, don't post the details on social media. Giving people public access to your private moments is a mistake you can make at the beginning of the week. Having a big heart can cause you to be sad or disappointed with someone later in the week, but if you had to do it all over again, you wouldn't do anything different. You live your life with no regrets. Compromise: You will be very focused at the beginning of the week, which is not really your style. Since when do you care what other people think of your relationship? Examine your feelings and actions. Doing a favor to your family and friends may prevent you from being romantic at the end of the week, but you are proud of be someone others can rely on. Ask your partner to be more understanding during this stressful time.


    For you, this week is about seizing the opportunities that come your way. Everything you write and say is more magnetic than usual. You are able to charm the clouds of the sky now. Meanwhile, a happy aspect affects the area of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your chart that governs relationships. You meet lots of great people who really want to help you grow. Expressing your gratitude could become a full-time job. You can expect the positive feedback and support this week. Just be yourself, still beautiful. After that, the energy is quite dispersed. You may be spending more time online or on social media than you should. Team projects are preferred in the middle of the week. Something will draw your attention to long-standing issues with other people. Now is not the time to start something new. Just do your best and be ready to revisit the past.


    Your psychic nature will be alive this week, as current aspects light the way for all of our higher matters. You may also feel certain physical energy, a kind of dynamism that won't get you very far in the gym or on a run. Keep your power centered on your diet and engage physically. Your diet should include sources of protein and vitamin A to keep your inner eyes looking straight ahead! You may be prone to catching colds or other infections throughout this week. Be very careful when going out and use vitamin C or other supplements to boost your immune system. Another possible problem is that of allergies; watch for the appearance of skin rashes or strange symptoms. This week, these issues may be particularly noticeable.