december 21 zodiac

People born on December 21 are skilled organizers, intelligent critics, and imperious in command; they challenge others.

Horoscope and personality for those born on December 21

Somewhat pedantic about their views: they do not yield to the agreed social discipline and the existing order of things. Your mind shows organizational skills; they can make their way in life.

His attitude is commanding and dominating—faithful, fair people with high ideals. A curious trait of these people is their willingness to challenge others, a certain reluctance, which is very pronounced in undeveloped types. They have a strong sense of what is right and just, and they fight hard in defense of their beliefs and ideals, which can put them at risk of bad experiences, and their tenacity can damage their career.

They have a serious character, a good position in life, and can win prizes. Enthusiastic observers. Your material success depends on your own effort. Your friends will be very helpful and support you through life’s difficulties. Dual in nature, the conditions of their life force them to extremes. They study human nature and are very skilled, especially when it comes to small details. They don’t fall in love easily, but when they do get married, they usually do it out of love and are very stable in their feelings.

They expect effort and efficient work from everyone, but they also try to do their best. Strict people, methodical in everything they do, try to achieve the best results they can regardless of their personal sympathies.

Zodiac sign for those born on December 21

If your birthday is December 21, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

December 21 - personality and character

character:  dedicated, emotional, attentive, sma open-minded, curious, unpredictable;

profession:  engineer, pilot, actor/actress;

colors:  purple, black, gray;

stone:  amethyst;

animal:  crab;

plant:  iris;

lucky numbers:  12,22,38,40,54,56

super lucky number:  3

Holidays and observances - December 21

  • Venezuela, Barinas, Guadarrama: Santo Tomas Apóstol (patron).
  • Spain, Palencia, Barruelo de Santullán: Saint Thomas the Apostle, patron of the City Council and the Civil Protection group of this town.
  • Mexico, Oaxaca, Ixtlán de Juárez: Saint Thomas the Apostle (patron).
  • Paraguay, Paraguarí, Paraguarí (Paraguay): Saint Thomas the Apostle (patron).
  • Winter solstice (northern hemisphere) and summer solstice (southern hemisphere)
  • Venezuela, Táchira, Michelena: Juan Nepomuceno (employer).
  • Argentina: Twin’s Day
  • Guatemala, El Quiché, Chichicastenango: Saint Thomas the Apostle (patron).

December 21 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1900: Juan Antonio Zunzunegui, Spanish novelist (f. 1982).

1905: Anthony Powell, British novelist (d. 2000).

1908: Jaime Eyzaguirre, Chilean historian (d. 1968).

1909: Seicho Matsumoto, Japanese writer and journalist (d. 1992).

1911: Josh Gibson, American baseball player (d. 1947).

1912: Pedro Maratea, Argentine actor (f. 2002).

1914: Frank Fenner, Australian scientist (d. 2010).

1915: Alberto Dou Mas de Xaxas, Spanish mathematician (d. 2009).

1917: Heinrich Böll, German writer (d. 1985).

1918: Kurt Waldheim, Austrian diplomat and politician (d. 2007).

1919: Leda Valladares, Argentine folk singer (d. 2012).

1920: Alicia Alonso, Cuban dancer.

1921: Augusto Monterroso, Guatemalan writer (f. 2003).

1922: Maila Nurmi, Finnish actress (d. 2008).

1924: Rita Reys, Dutch singer (d. 2013).

1925: Olga Aróseva, Russian actress (d. 2013).

1926: Joe Paterno, American soccer coach (d. 2012).

1930: Kalevi Sorsa, Finnish Prime Minister (d. 2004).

1933: Héctor Galmés, Uruguayan writer, teacher and translator (d. 1985).

1933: Bob Rafelson, American filmmaker.

1934: Irma Dorantes, Mexican actress.

1935: John G. Avildsen, American filmmaker (d. 2017).

1937: Jane Fonda, American actress.

1937: Salvador Rocha Díaz, Mexican lawyer and politician (d. 2011).

1940: Frank Zappa, American musician (f. 1993).

1942: Hu Jintao, Chinese president.

1942: Carla Thomas, American singer.

1944: Michael Tilson Thomas, American conductor and musician.

1946: Carl Wilson, American musician of the band The Beach Boys (f. 1998).

1947: Paco de Lucía, Spanish guitarist (d. 2014).

1948: Samuel L. Jackson, American actor.

1949: Thomas Sankara, Burkinabe politician and military man (d. 1987).

1950: Jeffrey Katzenberg, American film producer.

1951: Manolo Tena, Spanish singer (d. 2016).

1952: Eduardo Langagne, Mexican narrator and poet.

1952: Osvaldo Puccio Huidobro, Chilean philosopher.

1953: Coca Guazzini, Chilean actress.

1953: Betty Wright, American singer.

1954: Chris Evert, American tennis player.

1954: José Diego Álvarez, Spanish footballer.

1955: Jane Kaczmarek, American actress.

1957: Ray Romano, American actor.

1959: Florence Griffith Joyner, American athlete (d. 1998).

1960: Loquillo, Spanish rock musician.

1965: Andy Dick, American actor, and comedian.

1966: Kiefer Sutherland, Canadian actor.

1966: Karri Turner, American actress.

1967: Johnny Lozada, Puerto Rican singer and actor of the band Menudo.

1967: Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgian president.

1968: Lumi Cavazos, Mexican actress.

1969: Julie Delpy, French actress.

1970: Iván Espeche, Argentine actor.

1971: Brett Scallions, American musician of the bands Fuel and The X’s.

1973: Karmen Stavec, Slovenian singer-songwriter.

1973: Matías Almeyda, Argentine soccer player.

1974: Karrie Webb, Australian golfer.

1975: Paloma Herrera, Argentine ballet dancer.

1975: Charles Michel, Belgian politician and prime minister.

1976: Mirela Manjani, Greek athlete.

1977: Emmanuel Macron, French president.

1978: Fabián Cubero, Argentine soccer player.

1979: Takuya Shimizu, singer and songwriter.

1980: Roberto Polo, Colombian soccer player.

1981: Lynda Thomas, Mexican singer-songwriter.

1981: Cristian Zaccardo, Italian footballer.

1982: Edwin Colón, Puerto Rican wrestler.

1983: Steven Yeun, Korean / American actor.

1983: Misa Uehara, Japanese actress.

1984: Darren Potter, Irish footballer.

1984: Paco Sutil, Spanish footballer.

1985: María Elisa Camargo, Ecuadorian actress.

1987: Julio Ramírez Eguia, Mexican guitarist.

1995: Bobby, South Korean rapper, and singer.

1996: Kaitlyn Dever, American actress.