december 8 zodiac

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 8

    Strong, hard-working people worry easily and burst with enthusiasm quickly, but, above all, they are fond of all kinds of physical activity. Eloquent, laborious, progressive: they accurately predict future events and make quick decisions. They strive for elegance and cleanliness, showing great prudence but also some stinginess in terms of money. A woman born on this day is very fond of children and animals; she can be an excellent wife, mother, and frugal homemaker. Both genders generally show musical talents and a deeper interest in philosophy or religion. They love nature very much and show a fondness for rural life. Their flaws: More than anything, these people have a strong sense of independence, leading to persistence or irritability. They also like all kinds of sensations and pursue pleasures without worrying too much about other matters. What should they be wary of? If you do not mind being carried away by empty and fruitless plans, your life will become changeable and unstable, and your efforts useless. Such a way of life will not increase your fortune, and your position in life may be unstable. Why should they fight? By developing your internal sense of order, as well as controlling your passions and longings for sensations. They must educate themselves carefully, and by controlling themselves, they will control others.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 8

    If your birthday is December 8, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

    December 8 - personality and character

    character:  industrious, honest, talented, indifferent, cowardly, bad; profession:  judge, engineer, doctor; colors:  gray, silver, daffodil; stone:  quartz; animal:  pig; plant:  Watercress; lucky numbers: 1,9,31,43,51,57 super lucky number: 6

    Holidays and observances - December 8

    • Guatemala: Virgin of the Kings, the Immaculate Conception, (December 5, December 7 (fogarones), December 8 Classic Day)
    • Spain: Yecla (Region of Murcia), festivities of the Virgen del Castillo
    • Spain: Patron of the Infantry weapon of the Army.
    • Spain: Martos (Jaდ©n). Traditional Olive Festival unique in the world.
    • Spain: Onteniente (Valencian Community), the greatest patronal festival of La Purდ­sima
    • Paraguay: Day of the Virgin of Caacupe.
    • Chile: Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
    • Peru: Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
    • Panama: Mother's Day, in honor of the Immaculate Conception
    • Panama: patronal feast of the El Sesteadero district in the Las Tablas district (Los Santos province).
    • France Lyon: Fდªte des Lumiდ¨res (Festival of Lights) to venerate the Virgin Mary
    • Argentina: Day of the Virgin.
    • Spain: Torrevieja (Valencian Community), festivities of the Patron Saint the Immaculate Conception
    • Venezuela: Day of the Candles, to celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary national holiday
    • Spain: Feast of the Immaculate Conception, patron saint of Spain
    • Nicaragua: Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

    December 8 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Wilfredo Lam, Cuban surrealist painter (d. 1982). 1908: Manuel Urrutia Lleდ³, Cuban politician, president in 1959 (d. 1981). 1911: Lee J. Cobb, American actor (d. 1976). 1916: Richard Fleischer, American filmmaker (d. 2006). 1919: Miguel Ramდ³n Izquierdo, Spanish politician (d. 2007). 1919: Julia Robinson, American mathematician (d. 1975). 1922: Lucian Freud, British painter (d. 2011). 1923: Olga Gallego Domდ­nguez, Galician historian, academic and writer (d. 2010). 1925: Sammy Davis, Jr., American actor and singer (d. 1990). 1925: Carmen Martდ­n Gaite, Spanish writer (d. 2000). 1926: Josდ© Marდ­a Laso, philosopher and Spanish communist activist (d. 2009). 1927: Niklas Luhmann, German sociologist (d. 1998). 1928: Jimmy Smith, American jazz organist (d. 2005). 1930: Maximilian Schell, Austrian filmmaker, and actor (d. 2014). 1930: Josდ© Marდ­a Carrascal, Spanish journalist. 1932: Hდ©ctor Duvauchelle Chilean actor (f. 1983). 1932: Francisco Tomდ¡s y Valiente, Spanish magistrate (f. 1996). 1936: David Carradine, American actor (d. 2009). 1939: Sir James Galway, a British flute player. 1941: Geoff Hurst, British footballer. 1943: Jim Morrison, American singer of the band The Doors (d. 1971). 1943: Ramდ³n Grosso, Spanish footballer (d. 2002). 1943: Josდ© Carbajal, Uruguayan musician (d. 2010). 1944: George Baker, Dutch singer-songwriter and producer. 1945: John Banville, Irish novelist. 1945: Ramდ³n Ayala, Mexican singer-songwriter. 1947: Thomas R. Cech, American biochemist, 1989 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. 1949: Robert J. Sternberg, American psychologist. 1950: Dan Hartman, American musician (d. 1994). 1951: Bill Bryson, British writer. 1953: Kim Basinger, American actress. 1953: Manuel Gდ³mez Pereira, Spanish filmmaker. 1953: Sento, Spanish cartoonist. 1954: Sumi Shimamoto, Japanese voice actress. 1956: Warren Cuccurullo, Italian-American guitarist of the band Duran Duran. 1956: Fernando Cabrera, Uruguayan musician 1957: Phil Collen, British guitarist, of the band Def Leppard. 1959: Fernando Fher Olvera, Mexican singer, of the Manდ¡ band. 1959: Barbara Buchholz, music, German teremდ­n player and composer (d. 2012). 1960: Inmaculada Cruz, Spanish politics (f 2013). 2 , 1961: Ann Coulter, American journalist. 1962: Marty Friedman, American musician of the bands Megadeth and Cacophony. 1964: Teri Hatcher, American actress. 1964: დ“scar Ramდ­rez, Costa Rican soccer player and coach. 1965: David Harewood, British actor. 1966: Sinდ©ad O'Connor, Irish singer-songwriter. 1967: Maher al-Assad, Syrian military. 1967: Kotono Mitsuishi, Japanese voice actress. 1967: Ralph Santolla, American heavy metal guitarist. 1968: Michael Cole, American commentator. 1970: Juan Manuel de Prada, Spanish writer. 1971: Enrique Ponce, Spanish bullfighter. 1972: Marco Abreu, Angolan footballer. 1973: Chiqui Ledesma (Marდ­a de los დ?ngeles Ledesma), Argentine singer. 1973: Corey Taylor, American vocalist of the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour. 1974: Cristian Castro, Mexican singer. 1974: Maya Mishalska, actress, violinist, and Mexican conductor. 1974: Nick Zinner, American guitarist of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 1975: Andrea Garcდ­a, Mexican actress, host, and model. 1976: Horacio Bernardo, Uruguayan writer. 1976: Dominic Monaghan, British actor. 1977: Elsa Benდ­tez, Mexican model. 1977: Sდ©bastien Chabal, French rugby player. 1977: Pablo Lescano, Argentine singer and musician from the Damas Gratis band. 1977: Ryan Newman, an American pilot. 1978: Ian Somerhalder, American actor. 1978: Diego Cadavid, Colombian film and television actor. 1979: Christian Wilhelmsson, Swedish footballer. 1982: Halil Altე±ntop, Turkish footballer. 1982: Hamit Altე±ntop, Turkish footballer. 1982: Nicki Minaj, Trinidadian rapper, and songwriter. 1983: Neel Jani, Swiss car driver. 1983: Valდ©ry Mდ©zague, Cameroonian footballer (d. 2014). 1984: Sam Hunt, singer, songwriter, and former American college football player. 1985: Josh Donaldson, American baseball player. 1985: Dwight Howard, American basketball player. 1988: Pee Wee, Mexican singer of American origin. 1992: Jordan Nobbs, English footballer. 1994: Raheem Sterling, English footballer. 1996: Teala Dunn, singer, actress and Youtuber