april 10 zodiac

    People born on April 10 are abundant and happy; they enjoy supporting their friends.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 10

    They are stable and fair people. Active, very sensitive: they offer faithful company and a good and patient friendship that does not see the shortcomings of their friends. Welcome, benevolent: you achieve success in life through your works and work of social value. They will win many friends who will value them highly. His personality is generous, noble, and loyal. They are fully aware of their strength, as well as their abilities and merits. They stand out with their sense of dignity and fight for general recognition. It is always nice to meet these people, as they are always cheerful and talkative in company. They also gladly help those who want society to take an interest in their activities. They promote all kinds of social activity. But, they do not value peace and seriousness, something that they rarely achieve for themselves ... An undeveloped individual born on this Day expresses restlessness, chaos, and bigotry rather than courage, enthusiasm, and confidence in the positive outcome of his actions. You always have to be busy with something. But when he doesn't find a suitable outlet for his energy, he gets all he can without knowing if he is capable enough. Naturally, he fails in every action that requires tact and patience. His desire for immediate results from his endeavors is an especially great temptation, and this, later, brings him disappointment.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 10

    If your birthday is April 10, your zodiac sign is  Aries.

    April 10 - personality and character

    character:  intelligent, attentive, honest, gloomy, arrogant, double-faced; profession:  pediatrician, farmer, ophthalmologist; colors:  red, brown, beige; stone:  hematite; animal:  seahorse; plant:  Spiderwort plant; lucky numbers:  1,19,20,45,49,57 super lucky number:  13

    Holidays and observances - April 10

    • Science and Technology Day. Researcher's Day (in honor of Bernardo Houssay).

    April 10 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same Day as you?

    1904: Manuel Beiras, Spanish intellectual and politician (f. 1996). 1906: Miguel de Molina, Spanish flamenco artist (f. 1993). 1910: Helenio Herrera, Argentine soccer player and coach (d. 1997). 1910: Paul Sweezy, American economist (d. 2004). 1911: Josდ© Luis Sდ¡enz de Heredia, Spanish film director, and screenwriter (f. 1992). 1911: Tulio Marambio, Chilean military (d. 1999). 1913: Stefan Heym, German writer (d. 2001). 1915: Harry Morgan, American actor. (f. 2011). 1916: Lee Jung-seob, Korean painter (d. 1956) 1917: Robert Burns Woodward, American chemist, 1965 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 1979). 1918: Myriam de Urquijo, Argentine actress. (f. 2011). 1921: Chuck Connors, American actor (d. 1992). 1924: Kenneth Noland, American painter (d. 2010). 1926: Marshall Warren Nirenberg, American biochemist, 1968 Nobel Prize winner in medicine (d. 2010). 1926: Carlos Alberto Raffo, Argentine footballer (d. 2013). 1929 - Mike Hawthorn, British motor racing driver (d. 1959). 1929: Max von Sydow, Swedish actor. 1930: Claude Bolling, French pianist. 1930: Norma Candal, Puerto Rican actress (d. 2006). 1930: Dolores Huerta, American trade unionist. 1931: Luis Izquierdo, Spanish composer. 1931: Rafael Solano, Dominican musician, and composer. 1932: Omar Sharif, Egyptian actor (d. 2015). 1932: Juan Apolonio Vairo, Argentine footballer. 1934: Theo Constante, Ecuadorian teacher, painter, muralist, and sculptor (d. 2014). 1935: დ?lvaro de Luna, Spanish actor. 1936: John Madden, American football player, and coach. 1937: Manuel Ruiz Sosa, Spanish footballer (f. 2009). 1937: Bela Ajmadდºlina, Russian poet (d. 2010). 1940: Carlos Manuel Varela, Uruguayan theater director, playwright, cultural manager, and teacher (d. 2015). 1941: Paul Theroux, American writer. 1943: Julio Estrada, Mexican composer. 1945: Rosa Marდ­a Lobo, Spanish singer. 1945: Shirley Walker, American composer (d. 2006). 1947: Jaap ter Linden, Dutch conductor, and cellist. 1947: Bunny Wailer, Jamaican musician. 1949: Silvia Baylდ©, Argentine actress. 1950: Eddie Hazel, American guitarist of the band The Temptations (f. 1992). 1952: Steven Seagal, American actor. 1952: Hugo Broos, Belgian footballer. 1954: Paul Bearer, American manager (f. 2013). 1954: Peter MacNicol, American actor. 1957: Steve Gustafson, American bassist of the band Ten Thousands Maniacs. 1958: Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds), American musician. 1958: Bob Bell, British Formula 1 engineer. 1959: Brian Setzer, American composer and guitarist of the bands Stray Cats and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. 1960: Katrina Leskanich, American singer of the band Katrina & The Waves.   1960: Claudia Piდ±eiro, Argentine writer and screenwriter. 1962: Iდ±aki Salvador, Basque musician, pianist, and composer. 1963: Warren DeMartini, American guitarist of the band Ratt. 1963: Mark Oliver Everett, American musician of the band Eels. 1963: Bicho Gდ³mez, Argentine comedian and actor. 1963: Doris Leuthard, Swiss Federal Councilor. 1963: Dean Norris, American actor. 1964: Claudio Barragდ¡n, Spanish footballer. 1964: Alan Wren, British drummer of the band The Stone Roses. 1965: Tim Alexander, American musician of the Primus band. 1965: Gladys, La Bomba Tucumana, Argentine singer. 1965: Kepa Junkera, Spanish singer-songwriter, and musician. 1968: Orlando Jones, American actor, and comedian. 1968: Luis Machდ­n, Argentine actor. 1970: Matt Barlow, American vocalist of the band Iced Earth. 1970: Marდ­a O'Donnell, Argentine journalist and political scientist. 1970: Q-Tip, American rapper, and actor. 1971: Lara Aragდ³n, Spanish clown. 1971: Silvia Abril, Spanish actress, and comedian. 1972: Toni Acosta, Spanish actress. 1973: Guillaume Canet, French actor.   1973: Roberto Carlos, Brazilian soccer player. 1973: Aidan Moffat, British musician of the band Arab Strap. 1973: Cynthia Ottaviano, Argentine journalist, teacher, and writer. 1974: Andrდ©s Guglielminpietro, Argentine footballer and coach. 1975: Chris Carrabba, American singer of the band Dashboard Confessional. 1979: Rachel Corrie, American activist assassinated in 2003. 1979: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, British singer of pop dance. 1980: Marina Heredia, Spanish flamenco cataora. 1980: Charlie Hunnam, British actor. 1980: Bryce Soderberg, American bassist of Canadian origin, of the band Lifehouse. 1981: Michael Pitt, American actor. 1982: Chyler Leigh, American actress. 1983: Jamie Chung, American actress. 1983: Ryan Merriman, American actor. 1984: Mandy Moore, singer and American actress. 1984: Gonzalo Javier Rodrდ­guez, Argentine footballer. 1985: Evelyn Herrera, singer of Christian music. 1986: Fernando Gago, Argentine footballer. 1986: Corey Kluber, American baseball player. 1986: Vincent Kompany, Belgian footballer. 1986: Paula Reca, Argentine actress. 1987: Shay Mitchell, Canadian actress, and model. 1987: Hayley Westenra, singer, pianist, guitarist, violinist, flutist of New Zealand origin. 1987: Itahisa Machado, model, and actress of Spanish origin. 1988: Haley Joel Osment, American actor. 1988: Nao, Japanese singer of the band Negicco. 1989: Thomas Heurtel, French basketball player. 1989: Cristina Mason, Mexican actress. 1990: Alex Pettyfer, British actor, and model. 1991: Amanda Michalka, American singer, and actress. 1992: Sadio Manდ©, Senegalese footballer. 1992: Daisy Ridley, British actress. 1993: Sofia Carson, American actress, dancer, and singer. 1996: Loდ¯c Nottet, Belgian singer.