12/04 Birthday - Zodiac Information

April 12 Zodiac

People born on April 12 are seekers of the unusual; they want to have things their way.

Horoscope and personality for those born on April 12

They display philosophical and religious tendencies, enjoy forward-thinking, and the energy and expansion of their life is often used to defend the weak.

They are especially talented people in all forms of propaganda. But they are benevolent and talented with a very changeable character. They may abandon their chosen path for the slightest reason and seek another goal or a new line of work. They run into danger without hesitation. They are on adventures and struggles in their lives.

They have jealous enemies - of very poor quality -over which they will eventually triumph due to their energy and activity, as well as their cunning and speed of action. What threatens them: They will not be very successful in relationships, and bad company can lead to bad addictions. They will have to endure the jealousy and intrigues of their peers. Sometimes they don’t choose particular goals in life but live from case to case, whatever works best for them.

They are generally known people, with a sometimes less favorable influence on their environment. Diseases: They are characterized by an excess of vital energy and, in general, their health is good. Their excessive activity constantly pushes them to act, sometimes causing them to work too hard and have to rest for long periods. As they always want to have things their way, even despite unfavorable conditions and inappropriate weather, they are often disappointed. As a result, they are impatient and sometimes irritable, which could later have an effect on the stomach or kidneys and cause headaches and neuralgia.



Zodiac sign for those born on April 12

If your birthday is on April 12, your zodiac sign is  Aries.

April 12 - personality and character

character:  energetic, intelligent, attentive, short, crazy, calculating;

profession:  surgeon, mechanic, toolmaker;

colors:  orange, brown, maroon;

stone:  chalcedony;

animal:  frog;

plant:  Torenia;

lucky numbers:  1,15,21,25,38,44

super lucky number:  35

Holidays and observances - April 12

  • World Military Expenditure Reduction Day
  • International Day of Manned Space Flight
  • Bolivian Children’s Day.
  • Cosmonautics Day
  • Yuri’s night, in commemoration of the first manned trip to space.

April 12 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

1903: Luis José Moglia Barth, Argentine screenwriter, and filmmaker (d. 1984).

1903: Jan Tinbergen, Dutch economist, 1969 Nobel Prize winner for economics (d. 1994).

1908: Carlos Lleras Restrepo, Colombian president (d. 1994).

1916: Benjamin Libet, American neurologist (d. 2007).

1918: Cayetano Martí Valls, Mallorcan writer (d. 2007).

1923: Dolores Castro Varela, Mexican narrator, poet, literary critic, and essayist.

1924: Peter Safar, Austrian physician (d. 2003).

1924: Raymond Barre, French Prime Minister (d. 2007).

1926: José Utrera Molina, former Spanish minister and lawyer.

1926: James Hillman, American psychologist (d. 2011).

1928: Hardy Krüger, German actor.

1928: Luis Medina Castro, Argentine actor (f. 1995).

1930: Manuel Neri, American artist.

1930: José Asenjo Sedano, Spanish writer (d. 2009).

1931: Chico Anysio, Brazilian actor and comedian (d. 2012).

1931: Ricardo Romero, Argentine musician and singer of the group Los Cinco Latinos.

1932: Lakshman Kadirgamar, Sinhalese politician (d. 2005).

1932: Tiny Tim, singer, chronicler and troubadour (d. 1996).

1938: 1 Montserrat Caballé, Spanish soprano.

1939: Alan Ayckbourn, British writer.

1940: Herbie Hancock, an American jazz musician.

1941: Bobby Moore, British footballer (d. 1993).

1942: Carlos Reutemann, Formula 1 driver and Argentine politician.

1943: Luis Yáñez, Spanish politician.

1944: John Kay, a German musician.

1945: Lee Jong-Wook, South Korean diplomat (d. 2006).

1946: Beto Fernán, Argentine singer-songwriter (d. 1980).

1946: Ed O’Neill, American actor.

1947: Tom Clancy, American writer (d. 2013).

1947: David Letterman, presenter of American television.

1947: Antonin Kratochvil, Spanish photographer.

1948: Joschka Fischer, German politician.

1948: Marcello Lippi, Italian soccer coach.

1949: María José Demare, Argentine actress and tango singer.

1949: Scott Turow, American writer.

1950: Flavio Briatore, Italian automobile manager.

1953: Álex Angulo, Spanish actor (d. 2014).

1953: Fernando Lupiz, Argentine fencer and actor.

1954: Pat Travers, Canadian musician.

1956: Andy García, Cuban-American actor.

1956: Herbert Grönemeyer, German singer.

1957: Vince Gill, American musician.

1957: Ignacio Mantilla, Colombian mathematician.

1958: Benjamín González, Spanish athlete (d. 2011).

1958: Omar Palma, Argentine soccer player, coach, and politician.

1961: Lisa Gerrard, an Australian singer.

1962: Carlos Sainz, Spanish motorist.

1962: Diana Quijano, Peruvian actress, and model.

1964: Mariela Alcalá, Venezuelan actress and singer.

1967: Mellow Man Ace, Cuban rapper.

1969: Martín Fabio, Argentine rock singer of the Kapanga group.

1971: Nicholas Brendon, American actor.

1971: Shannen Doherty, American actress.

1972: Kenji Hamada, Japanese voice actor.

1972: Sebnem Ferah, Turkish singer.

1974: Sylvinho, Brazilian soccer player.

1974: Slava Mogutin, a Russian photographer and multimedia artist in exile in the United States.

1974: Marley Shelton, American actress.

1976: Brad Miller, American basketball player.

1977: Gemma Mengual, Spanish synchronized swimmer.

1977: Giovanny Espinoza, Ecuadorian soccer player.

1978: Guy Berryman, British musician of the band Coldplay.

1979: Claire Danes, American actress.

1979: Mateja Kežman, Serbian footballer.

1979: Jennifer Morrison, American actress, and model.

1980: Brian McFadden, Irish singer of the band Westlife.

1980: Erik Mongrain, Canadian musician.

1981: Nicolás Burdisso, Argentine footballer.

1982: Juan Pablo Brzezicki, Argentine tennis player.

1982: Deen, Bosnian singer.

1983: Jelena Dokić, Australian tennis player.

1984: Luisel Ramos, Uruguayan model (f. 2006).

1985: Hitomi Yoshizawa, Japanese singer of the band Morning Musume.

1986: Blerim Džemaili, Swiss footballer.

1986: Lorena Gómez, Spanish singer

1987: Brendon Urie, American singer of the band Panic! At The Disco.

1987: Jenny Williams, actress, singer, and Argentine model.

1988: Pierre Bengtsson, Swedish footballer.

1989: Pedro Hernández, Venezuelan baseball player.

1990: Hiroki Sakai, Japanese footballer.

1992: Giorgio Cantarini, Italian actor.

1994: Saoirse Ronan, Irish actress.

1994: Sehun, South Korean singer, model, rapper, and dancer.