april 19 zodiac

    People born on April 19 believe in themselves and long for changes and novelties.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 19

    They deeply desire general recognition and try to avoid damaging their reputation in any way. They skillfully hone their followers and are energized by the will to gain as much power as they can. They hate any limitation, they want to discard it, and they always fight for freedom, but they are too independent and overbearing, which drives away close friends and colleagues. It should be added that their behavior is quite combative. They experience such a strong yearning for change, novelty, and a new environment that it is difficult for them to control it. So, people born on this day often experience separations with their loved ones, divorces, or break-ups with their partners. People born on this day can be quite unpleasant in love; They have no tendency to fidelity or loyalty in their feelings. However, they stand out with their mental abilities, being funny too. Their interests are quite broad: they include scientific experimentation, which means that they would like to learn the secrets of nature. By striving for progress, they want to learn everything new and become propagators and defenders of new ideas. His mind is imperious, independent, and arrogant; they want to preside over and influence other people. They have the gift of speech. When they decide on something once, their great confidence will not make it easy to convince them to withdraw. His life is full of work and effort. These people fight for their cause on their own, as does the need to stand alone in life because the help of others they could count on will be negligible; what threatens them: A fall from a good position or a change of destiny caused by a woman. These turbulences can be so strong that you can even lose your wealth.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 19

    If your birthday is April 19, your zodiac sign is  Aries.

    April 19 - personality and character

    character:  talented, firm, serene, curious, brusque, despicable; profession:  anesthesiologist, postman, bookbinderjoiner; colors:  purple, red, beige; stone:  talc; animal:  crow; plant:  Blueberry; lucky numbers:  10,27,38,41,50,59 super lucky number:  9

    Holidays and observances - April 19

    • Argentina: National Awareness Day (recruitment of members on public roads for an NGO).
    • Venezuela: Commemoration of the first step towards Independence.
    • American Aboriginal Day.
    • Costa Rica: Costa Rican Aboriginal Day
    • Uruguay: Landing of the 33 Orientals
    • World Bicycle Day.
    • Spain: Cocentaina (Alicante): festival of the Virgin of the Miracle.

    April 19 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Richard Hughes, British writer, poet, and playwright (d. 1976). 1902: Veniamin Kaverin, Soviet Jewish writer and screenwriter (d. 1989). 1903: Eliot Ness, American policeman (d. 1957). 1912: Glenn T. Seaborg, American chemist and academic, 1951 Nobel Prize Winner (d. 1999). 1916: Delio Rodrდ­guez, Spanish cyclist (d. 1994). 1917: Sven Hassel, Danish writer (d. 2012). 1917: Josდ© Eusebio Soriano, Peruvian soccer player (d. 2011). 1918: Clifford Berry, American electronic engineer of Bulgarian origin (d. 1963). 1918: Vidal Lდ³pez, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1972). 1919: Sol Kaplan, pianist, and composer (d. 1990). 1919: Bernardo Tobდ³n de la Roche, Colombian radio producer (d. 2011). 1920: Julien Ries, Belgian cardinal (d. 2013). 1920: Marian Winters, American Jewish actress (d. 1978). 1921: Yitzjak Navდ³n, Israeli politician (d. 2015). 1921: Roberto Tucci, Italian cardinal and theologian (d. 2015). 1922: Erich Hartmann, German colonel and pilot (d. 1993). 1922: Ricardo Passano, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1923: Carlos Cores, Argentine actor (f. 2000). 1925: Hugh O'Brian, American actor (d. 2016). 1928: Alexis Korner, Franco-British singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1984). 1930: Dick Sargent, American actor (d. 1994). 1931 - Frederick Brooks, American computer scientist, and engineer. 1932: Fernando Botero, Colombian painter, and sculptor. 1933: Jayne Mansfield, American actress, and model (d. 1967). 1934: Julio Lდ³pez, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1934: Salvador Sდ¡nchez-Terდ¡n, Spanish politician and engineer. 1934: Jean Ziegler, Swiss sociologist, writer, and politician. 1935: Dudley Moore, British actor, comedian, and pianist (d. 2002). 1935: Justin Francis Rigali, American cardinal. 1936: Wilfried Martens, Belgian politician and prime minister (d. 2013). 1937: Antonio Carluccio, Italian-British chef, and writer. 1937: Joseph Estrada, Filipino politician, and president. 1938: Stanley Fish, American theorist, writer, and scholar. 1940: Kurt Ahrens, German Formula 1 driver. 1940: Josდ© Luis Gდ³mez, Spanish actor. 1940: Sydney Possuelo, Brazilian explorer and activist. 1941: Roberto Carlos, Brazilian singer, and composer. 1942: Bas Jan Ader, Dutch-American photographer and director (d. 1975). 1942: Alan Price, British keyboardist, singer, and songwriter, of the band The Animals. 1943: Josდ© Legrდ¡, Cuban boxer. 1943: Lorenzo Sanz, Spanish businessman. 1944: Keith Erickson, American basketball player, and sports journalist. 1944: James Heckman, American economist and academic, Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2000. 1944: Bernie Worrell, American keyboard player, and songwriter (d. 2016). 1945: Ginდ©s Morata, Spanish biologist. 1945: Piero, Italian-Argentine singer. 1946: Tim Curry, British actor, singer, and songwriter. 1947: Murray Perahia, American conductor, and pianist. 1947: Mark Volman, American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. 1949: Paloma Picasso, French-Spanish designer. 1949 - Larry Walters, American racing driver (d. 1993). 1950: Fernando Flores Morador, Swedish-Uruguayan philosopher and historian of ideas. 1951: Jდ³annes Eidesgaard, Faroese politician. 1952: Alexis Argდ¼ello, Nicaraguan boxer and politician (d. 2009). 1952: Tony Plana, Cuban-American actor, and director. 1953: Rod Morgenstein, American drummer. 1953: Sara Simeoni, Italian athlete. 1953: Ruby Wax, British-American Jewish comedian, actress, and screenwriter. 1954: Trevor Francis, British footballer, and coach. 1954: Bob Rock, Canadian guitarist, songwriter, singer, and producer. 1955: Josდ© Mercდ©, Spanish flamenco singer. 1955: Manfred Reyes Villa, Bolivian politician and military man. 1956: Jorge Esmoris, Uruguayan actor, comedian and murguista. 1957: Mukesh Ambani, Indian engineer, and businessman. 1957: Afrika Bambaataa, American DJ. 1957: Tony Martin, British musician of the rock band Black Sabbath. 1958: Steve Antin, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. 1958: Julio Cდ©sar Balerio, Uruguayan soccer player and coach (d. 2013). 1958: Roberto Lდ³pez Ufarte, Spanish footballer. 1960: Gustavo Petro, Colombian politician. 1960: Ariel Rot, Argentine guitarist, singer, composer, and music producer. 1962: Al Unser Jr., American racing driver. 1962: Juan Calleros, Mexican bassist of the Manდ¡ band. 1963: Valerie Plame, American agent. 1965: Natalie Dessay, French soprano. 1965: Silvana Giდºdici, Argentine politician. 1965: Mayte Martდ­n, Spanish flamenco singer. 1965: Suge Knight, American record producer. 1967: Herri Torrontegui, Spanish motorcycle racer. 1968: Ashley Judd, American actress. 1968: Mswati III of Swaziland, Swazi king. 1968: Marlდ¨ne Mourreau, French star, model, and actress. 1969: Zsuzsa Polgდ¡r, Hungarian-American chess player. 1970: Luis Miguel, Mexican singer. 1970: Kelly Holmes, British athlete. 1970: Abelardo Fernდ¡ndez Antuდ±a Asturian footballer. 1972: Rivaldo, Brazilian soccer player. 1975: Gentleman (Tilmann Otto), German reggae singer-songwriter. 1976: Rudolf Adrianus Jolie, Dutch guitarist of the band Within Temptation. 1977: Enrique Mesდ­as, Peruvian singer. 1978: James Franco, American actor. 1978: Gabriel Heinze, Argentine footballer. 1978: Flavio Medina, Mexican actor. 1978: Vanessa Guzmდ¡n, Mexican actress. 1979: Kate Hudson, American actress. 1981: Hayden Christensen, Canadian actor. 1981: Catalina Sandino, Colombian actress. 1985: Sebastiდ¡n Ereros, Argentine footballer. 1986: Gabe Pruitt, American basketball player. 1986: Zhou Mi, Chinese singer and actor of the band Super Junior-M. 1986: Candace Parker, American basketball player. 1987: Joe Hart, English footballer. 1987: Marდ­a Sharდ¡pova, Russian tennis player. 1988: Diego Buonanotte, Argentine footballer. 1988: Aerstame, Chilean singer 1988: Haruna Kojima, Japanese singer, actress, and model, a former member of the band AKB48. 1990: Roy Smith, Costa Rican soccer player. 1991: Kelly Olynyk, Canadian basketball player. 1996: Oriana Sabatini, Argentine actress and singer.