april 22 zodiac

    People born on April 22 are strong-willed, retired, and fit for responsible positions.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 22

    They are stable and willing people, and they can be counted on. They are careful, both in their words and in their actions, which makes them suitable for responsible positions that require considerable confidence and a sense of dignity, which are very strong characteristics in them. Therefore, these people often occupy prominent state positions tied to traditional solemnity and authority. People born today are interested in knowledge and have a penchant for serious study. Your thoughts gradually become more and more serious and deep, eventually leading to a great inner power. However, they also become increasingly stubborn and unforgiving with age. They enjoy meditation in solitude and have little sympathy for the current state of affairs in the world. They are also characterized by their unusual energy, which usually cannot be seen from the outside but is somewhat hidden. It is only revealed in the case of upheaval, at which point these people become an exceptionally violent and dangerous enemy. Therefore, one must be extremely careful when dealing with people born on this day, as they become really dangerous when provoked. Once angry, they take a long time to calm down, expressing unusual violence and fury, which may surprise the people who started that outburst. They also express a bit of vanity. They are attached to family life and often have good marriages, and are excellent parents. What threatens them: That their hopes may not come true, and their efforts in life will face opposition so strong that they may not overcome it. That's because your ambition is far greater than your ability to realize reality. They fight for great things and are not always able to achieve them. Professions that may be best for these people include those related to land and its products, agriculture, real estate, mining, or art.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 22

    If your birthday is April 22, your zodiac sign is  Taurus.

    April 22 - personality and character

    character:  cheerful, conscientious, natural, distrustful, sad, unstable; profession:  watchmaker, sociologist, astronaut; colors:  cyan, white, emerald; stone:  onyx; animal:  wild dog; plant:  pea flower; lucky numbers:  16,46,48,51,57,58 super lucky number:  8

    Holidays and observances - April 22

    • Spain (Province of Alicante, Alcoy): Day of the entry of Moors and Christians, festivities in honor of their patron Saint George; declared of International Tourist Interest.
    • Meteor shower: Maximum date of the activity of the Lyrid shower.
    • Earth day.
    • Babylon: Festival of Ishtar, Babylonian Diosa.

    April 22 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1904: Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist (d. 1967). 1904: Marდ­a Zambrano, Spanish philosopher, and essayist (d. 1991). 1906: Gustavo Adolfo, Swedish aristocrat (d. 1947). 1908: Juan Josდ© Lდ³pez Ibor, Spanish psychologist (b. 1991). 1909: Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986 (d. 2012). 1909: Indro Montanelli, Italian writer and journalist (d. 2001). 1912: Kathleen Ferrier, British singer (d. 1953). 1912: Michael Wittmann, German military man (d. 1944). 1914: Josდ© Quiდ±ones Gonzales, Peruvian military hero (d. 1941). 1915: Josდ© Marდ­a Arizmendiarrieta, Basque priest (d. 1976). 1916: Yehudi Menuhin, British-American violinist, conductor, and musician of Russian origin (d. 1999). 1919: Donald James Cram, American chemist, 1987 Nobel Prize Winner (d. 2001). 1920: Peter Flinsch, German sculptor (d. 2010). 1921: Venancio Pდ©rez, Spanish footballer (d. 1994). 1922: Emilio Alarcos Llorach, Spanish philologist (f. 1998). 1922: Charles Mingus, American jazz musician (d. 1979). 1923: Bettie Page, American model (d. 2008). 1923: Aaron Spelling, producer of American television series (d. 2006). 1926: James Stirling, British architect (d. 1992). 1926: Charlotte Rae, American actress, and singer. 1927: Laurel Aitken (Lorenzo Aitken), Jamaican ska singer of Cuban origin (f. 2005). 1927: Pascal Bentoiu, Romanian composer and musicologist (d. 2016). 1929: Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Cuban writer (d. 2005). 1935: Lucho Barrios, Peruvian bolero singer (d. 2010). 1935: Fiorenza Cossotto, Italian mezzo-soprano. 1936: Eiko Masuyama, Japanese voice actress. 1936: Glen Campbell, American singer. 1937: Manolo Juდ¡rez, Argentine pianist, composer, and professor. 1937: Jack Nicholson, American actor. 1938: Issey Miyake, Japanese designer. 1939: Jason Miller, American actor. 1943: Louise Glდ¼ck, American poet. 1944: Steve Fossett, American adventurer, and millionaire (d. 2007). 1946: John Waters, American filmmaker. 1948: Liliana Herrero, Argentine folk singer. 1950: Peter Frampton, a British musician. 1951: Josდ© Fernando Castro Caycedo, Colombian deputy and politician. 1951: Ana Marდ­a Shua, Argentine writer. 1951: Paul Carrack, British musician of the band Roxy Music. 1953: Javier Vidal Pradas, actor, journalist, playwright, university professor, and Venezuelan theater director. 1957: Donald Tusk, Polish Prime Minister. 1960: Josდ© Antonio Abellდ¡n, Spanish journalist. 1966: Fletcher Dragge, American guitarist of the band Pennywise. 1966: Mariana Levy, Mexican actress (f. 2005). 1966: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, American actor. 1968: Fernando Cayo, Spanish actor. 1970: Regine Velდ¡squez, Filipino singer and actress. 1971: Anwar al-Awlaki, Muslim cleric and activist (d. 2011). 1971: Ricardo Arreola, Mexican musician, and composer, bassist for the band Belanova. 1972: Sergio Catalდ¡n, Mexican film and television actor. 1974: Shavo Odadjian, American bassist of Armenian origin, of the band System of a Down. 1975: Greg Moore, racing car driver (d. 1999). 1975: Carlos Sastre, Spanish cyclist. 1976: Michaვ‚ ვ»ewვ‚akow, Polish footballer. 1976: Moisდ©s Arizmendi, a Mexican actor with a long artistic career in film, theater, and television. 1977: Mark van Bommel, Dutch footballer. 1977: Christina Dieckmann, actress, model, and former queen of Venezuelan beauty. 1977: Marco de Paula, Spanish actor. 1978: Esteban Tuero, Argentine motorist. 1979: Daniel Johns, Australian musician of the band Silverchair. 1980: Carlos Enrique Hernდ¡ndez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1981: Marta Larralde, Spanish actress. 1981: Lucas Velდ¡zquez, Colombian actor. 1982: Kakდ¡ (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite), Brazilian soccer player. 1984: Benjamin Amadeo, Argentine actor. 1986: Vდ­ktor Faizulin, Russian footballer. 1986: Amber Heard, American actress. 1987: David Luiz, Brazilian soccer player. 1987: John Obi Mikel, Nigerian footballer. 1990: Machine Gun Kelly, American rapper. 1991: Alejandro Chumacero, Bolivian soccer player. 1996: Wendy Sulca, Peruvian singer.