april 24 zodiac

    People born on April 24 have despotic tendencies, and their relationships at home are not going very well.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 24

    They are quite impulsive people of character, easily agitated, and inclined to dispute and be angry. Such people are used to imposing their authority on the environment and show a tendency to despotism. They respect duty and discipline, but they also express excessive self-confidence. They always believe that they are right while others are wrong. Although they do not admit it, they are fatalistically willing. There are two types of people born on this day. The lower type is lazy and stubborn, with an excessive expansion of vitality that they only develop towards passionate pleasure. The top type is quiet, noble, and philanthropic. He gladly surrenders to social laws and can completely overcome his inherent selfishness. At that point, he becomes an altruistic nobleman and works hard for the good of his society, including all of humanity. The most suitable professions for people born on this day include those that require calm, practical skills, stability, decisiveness, and confidence. They can be excellent farmers, gardeners, rangers, entrepreneurs, bankers, financiers, directors, etc. Their relationships at home are not very pleasant. What should they watch out for? Do not damage your business through your excessive eagerness. They can disturb the peace of home and ruin the happiness of your family due to their passion for arguments and boundless despotism. A woman born today is an excellent homemaker, knows her way through the kitchen, and can also be a good nurse. Whoever was born on this day will be happy in marriage with people born from August 22 to September 21 and from December 21 to January 19.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 24

    If your birthday is April 24, your zodiac sign is  Taurus.

    April 24 - personality and character

    character:  uncompromising, intelligent, honest, crazy, fearful, insistent; profession:  artist, composer, craftsman; colors:  gold, teal, emerald; stone:  bixbite; animal:  meerkat; plant:  Zinnia; lucky numbers:  7,24,35,46,50,54 super lucky number:  31

    Holidays and observances - April 24

    • Spain. Alcoy, Alicante: Day of Thunder (Day of the Trons); representation of the taking of the city by Moorish troops and the subsequent Christian reconquest and the last day of the festivities in honor of Saint George.
    • World Meningitis Day.
    • Armenia. International Day of Solidarity in Commemoration of the Genocide of the Armenian People.

    April 24 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Elizabeth Goudge, British writer (d. 1984). 1900: Fidel Velდ¡zquez, Mexican politician (f. 1997). 1901: Luis Chდ¡vez y Gonzდ¡lez, Salvadoran Catholic bishop (d. 1987). 1903: Josდ© Antonio Primo de Rivera, Spanish politician (d. 1936). 1903: Juan Monjardდ­n Callejდ³n, Spanish footballer (d. 1950). 1904: Willem de Kooning, Dutch painter (d. 1997). 1905: Arturo Pacheco Altamirano, Chilean painter (d. 1978). 1905: Helen Tamiris, American dancer and choreographer (d. 1966). 1905: Robert Penn Warren, American writer and poet (d. 1989). 1906: William Joyce, American politician and television producer (d. 1946). 1906: Vera Constantinovna of Russia, Russian princess (d. 2001). 1907: Rupert Cambridge, British aristocrat (d. 1928). 1907: Gabriel Figueroa, Mexican director of photography (d. 1997). 1908: Marceline Day, American actress (d. 2000). 1908: Jდ³zef Gosვ‚awski, Polish sculptor and medalist (d. 1963). 1910: Pedro Ferreira, Uruguayan musician (d. 1980). 1910: Roberto Garcდ­a-Peდ±a, Colombian journalist and lawyer (f. 1993). 1912: Miguel დ?ngel Garcდ­a-Lomas, Spanish politician and architect (d. 1976). 1912: Vდ­ctor Ruiz Iriarte, Spanish writer (d. 1982). 1913: Paul Esser, German actor (d. 1988). 1913: Juan Sდ¡nchez-Navarro, Mexican businessman (d. 2006). 1914: William Castle, American filmmaker (d. 1977). 1915: Salvador Borrego, Mexican journalist. 1916: Lou Thesz, American wrestler (d. 2002). 1917: Chus Alonso, Spanish footballer (d. 1979). 1917: Ernesto de la Torre Villar, Mexican historian (d. 2009). 1918: Fernando Dდ­az-Plaja, Spanish journalist and historian (d. 2012). 1918: Robert Escarpit, French journalist and writer (d. 2000). 1918: Jorge Prat, Chilean politician (d. 1971). 1918: Flora Rheta Schreiber, American journalist (d. 1988). 1919: Glafcos Klerides, Cypriot politician, fourth president. 1919: Cდ©sar Manrique, Spanish artist (d. 1992). 1919: Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche-Streithorst, German anti-Nazi military man (d. 1993). 1924: Claudie Algeranova, French dancer. 1924: Clement Freud, German-British politician and communicator (d. 2009). 1924: Nahuel Moreno, Argentine politician (d. 1987). 1924: Isadore Singer, American mathematician. 1925: Virginia Huston, American actress (d. 1981). 1925: Eugen Weber, American historian of Romanian origin (d. 2007). 1926: Florinda Chico, Spanish actress (d. 2011). 1926: Thorbjდ¶rn Fდ¤lldin, Swedish politician, 272nd Prime Minister. 1926: Heriberto Herrera, Spanish-Paraguayan soccer player and coach (f. 1996). 1927: Alfredo Morles Hernდ¡ndez, Venezuelan jurist. 1928: Johnny Griffin, American saxophonist (d. 2008). 1928: Tavito Vდ¡squez, Dominican saxophonist (f. 1995). 1929: Federico Assler, Chilean sculptor. 1929: Hდ©ctor Barreiros, Argentine actor (d. 2011). 1930: Enric Badდ­a Romero, Spanish cartoonist. 1930: Henrique Canto e Castro, Portuguese actor (f. 2005). 1930: Maria da Conceiდ§დ£o Tavares, Brazilian economist. 1930: Richard Donner, American filmmaker. 1930: Luis Rey de Castro, Peruvian journalist. 1930: Josდ© Sarney, Brazilian politician, and lawyer. 1931: Abdelhamid Kermali, Algerian footballer and coach (d. 2013). 1931: Antonio Attolini Lack, Mexican architect (d. 2012). 1932: Manuel Moreno Barranco, Spanish writer (d. 1963). 1933: Raდºl Velasco, Mexican television announcer (d. 2006). 1934: Shirley MacLaine, American actress. 1935: Carlos Corach, Argentine politician. 1935: Julia von Grolman, Argentine actress (f. 2013). 1936: Guillermo Escalada, Uruguayan soccer player. 1936: Jill Ireland, British actress, and writer (d. 1990). 1936: Ana Marდ­a Machado, Argentine poet. 1937: Joe Henderson, American saxophonist (d. 2001). 1938: Ricardo Domდ©nech, Spanish writer (d. 2010). 1939: Julio Gento, Spanish footballer. 1939: Lili Ivanova, Bulgarian singer. 1940: Bayan Northcott, British composer. 1940: Sue Grafton, American writer. 1940: Michael Parks, American singer. 1941: Barry Bridges, British footballer. 1941: Kenneth Hall, Jamaican politician. 1941: Richard Holbrooke, American journalist, banker, and diplomat (d. 2010). 1941: Javier Rupდ©rez, Spanish politician. 1941: John Christopher Williams, Australian guitarist. 1942: Richard M. Daley, American politician. 1942: Barbra Streisand, American singer, actress, and filmmaker. 1943: Curtis Ebbesmeyer, American oceanographer. 1943: David Morrell, Canadian writer. 1945: Doug Clifford, American musician of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. 1946: Ruben Primitivo Sauleda, American botanist. 1947: Josep Borrell, Spanish politician, president of the European Parliament. 1947: Joდ£o Braz de Aviz, Brazilian cardinal. 1947: Roger D. Kornberg, American scientist, 2006 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1948: Armando Calderდ³n Sol, Salvadoran politician. 1948: Julia Costa, Spanish writer. 1948: Paz Martდ­nez, Argentine composer and singer. 1949: Peter Friedman, American actor. 1949: Wilfrido Vargas, Dominican singer. 1950: Rafael Gonzდ¡lez Cდ³rdova, Chilean soccer player. 1950: Felipe Izcaray, Venezuelan conductor and musician. 1950: Joan Saura i Laporta, Spanish politician. 1950: Enrique Verდ¡stegui, Peruvian writer. 1951: Alejandro Gonzდ¡lez Alcocer, Mexican politician. 1951: Enda Kenny, Irish politician. 1952: Jean-Paul Gaultier, French fashion designer. 1953: Eric Bogosian, American actor and writer. 1954: Mumia Abu-Jamal, American political activist. 1954: Jack Blades, American bassist of the bands Night Ranger and Damn Yankees. 1954: Mark Edmondson, Australian tennis player. 1954: Captain Sensible, British singer and guitarist of the band The Damned. 1955: Ernie Grunfeld, American basketball player. 1955: John de Mol, Dutch magician. 1955: Michael O'Keefe, American actor. 1957: Boris Williams, British musician of the band The Cure. 1957: Sandra Mihanovich, Argentine singer. 1957: Bamir Topi, Albanian biologist and politician. 1958: Josდ© Carlos Cardoso, Uruguayan politician. 1958: Fernando Luna, Spanish tennis player. 1958: Kathy Willets, American pornographic actress. 1958: Luis Chero Zurita, Peruvian archaeologist. 1959: Alberto Carrasquilla, Colombian economist and politician. 1959: Mario Saralegui, Uruguayan soccer player. 1959: Arturo Tagle, Chilean businessman. 1960: Raდºl Alejandro Padilla Orozco, Mexican businessman. 1961: Francisco Romero Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish writer. 1961: Claudia Sinesi, Argentine singer, guitarist and composer, of the group Viuda e Hijas de Roque Enroll. 1962: Stuart Pearce, British footballer, and coach. 1962: Ari Paluch, Argentine journalist and presenter. 1963: Fidel Carita Monroy, Peruvian politician. 1963: Lajos Dდ©tდ¡ri, Hungarian footballer. 1963: Billy Gould, American bassist of the band Faith No More. 1963: Horacio Hernდ¡ndez, Cuban percussionist. 1963: Mano Solo, French composer, and guitarist (d. 2010). 1964: Helga Arendt, German athlete (d. 2013). 1964: Ricardo Bussi, Argentine politician, and lawyer. 1964: Cedric the Entertainer, American actor and comedian. 1964: Djimon Hounsou, a Beninese actor, nationalized American. 1964: Josep Marდ­a Sala y Boix, Spanish footballer. 1964: Patricio Vallespდ­n, Chilean politician. 1965: Rosalinda Serfaty, Argentine actress. 1965: Patricio Vallespდ­n, Chilean politician. 1966: Victoria Carreras, Argentine actress. 1966: Alessandro Costacurta, Italian footballer. 1966: Marisela, singer and Mexican businesswoman. 1967: Roxana Miranda, Chilean activist and politician. 1967: Dino Raე‘a, Croatian basketball player. 1967: Omar Vizquel, Venezuelan baseball player. 1968: Aidan Gillen, Irish actor. 1968: Miguel დ?ngel Gდ³mez Campuzano, Spanish athlete (f. 1993). 1968: Oliverio Rincდ³n, Colombian cyclist. 1968: Hashim Thaდ§i, Kosovar politician. 1968: Alberto Mayagoitia, Mexican actor. 1969: Ana Belდ©n დ?lvaro, Spanish basketball player. 1969: Melinda Clarke, American actress. 1969: Rosalinda Serfaty, Venezuelan actress. 1971: Alejandro Fernდ¡ndez, Mexican singer and actor. 1971: Mauro Pawlowski, Belgian painter and guitarist of the band Evil Superstars. 1971: დ“scar Tabuenca, Spanish footballer. 1972: Nicolas Gill, Canadian judoka. 1972: Chipper Jones, American baseball player. 1972: Carlos Alberto Juდ¡rez, Argentine footballer. 1972: Kesen Numajiro, Japanese fighter. 1972: Selim Tataroე?lu, Turkish judoka. 1973: Sonia Blanco, Spanish basketball player. 1973: Damon Lindelof, American screenwriter. 1973: Brian Marshall, American bassist of the bands Creed and Alter Bridge. 1973: Eric Snow, American basketball player. 1973: Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricket player. 1973: Carlos Viver, Spanish handball player. 1974: Joseph Bruce, American rapper of the band Insane Clown Posse. 1974: Eric Kripke, American filmmaker. 1974: Derek Luke, American actor. 1974: Ivდ¡n Rosado, Spanish footballer. 1974: Barry Stock, Canadian guitarist of the band Three Days Grace. 1974: Stephen Wiltshire, British illustrator. 1975: Anastasia Acosta, Costa Rican actress, and model. 1975: Sebastian Bieniek, German painter, and filmmaker. 1975: Samia Doumit, American actress. 1975: Thad Luckinbill, American actor. 1976: Steve Finnan, Irish footballer. 1976: Juanma Gდ¡rate, Spanish cyclist. 1977: Carlos Beltrდ¡n, Puerto Rican baseball player. 1977: Nicolas Cazalდ©, French actor. 1977: Diego Placente, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Eric Balfour, American actor. 1978: Sebastiდ¡n Ariel Romero, Argentine footballer. 1979: Marie Picasso, Swedish singer, and presenter. 1980: Fernando Arce, Mexican soccer player. 1980: Karen Asrian, Armenian chess player (d. 2008). 1980: Kimberley Cooper, Australian actress. 1980: Reagan Gomez-Preston, American actress. 1980: Alejandro Sდ¡nchez, Uruguayan politician. 1980: Jaime Melo Jr., Brazilian racing driver. 1980: Denise Milani, Czech-American model. 1980: Luis Eduardo Zapata]], Colombian footballer. 1981: Andrija Delibaვ¡iე‡, Montenegrin footballer. 1981: Taylor Dent, American tennis player. 1981: Marcus Tდºlio Tanaka, Japanese footballer. 1982: Kelly Clarkson, American singer. 1982: Javier Jattin, Colombian actor. 1983: Alex Lynn, Chinese model. 1983: Javier Jattin, Colombian television model and actor. 1984: Jდ©rდ©my Berthod, French footballer. 1984: Guirane N'Daw, Senegalese footballer. 1984: Yasmina Hernდ¡ndez, Spanish volleyball player. 1984: Tyson Ritter, American musician of the band All-American Rejects. 1984: Rafael Robayo, Colombian footballer. 1985: Michael Rდ­os, Chilean soccer player. 1986: Ivდ¡n Pillud, Argentine soccer player. 1986: Kellin Quinn, American singer. 1986: Tahyna Tozzi, Australian actress, and model. 1987: Simone Corsi, Italian motorcycle racer. 1987: Serdar Taვ?დ§ე±, German footballer. 1987: Rein Taaramდ¤e, Estonian cyclist. 1987: Jan Vertonghen, Belgian footballer. 1988: Patrick Jumpen, Dutch DJ. 1988: Laura Lდ³pez Valle, Spanish synchronized swimmer. 1988: Danny Santoya, Colombian footballer. 1988: Stefan Markovic, Serbian basketball player. 1989: David Boudia, American jumper. 1990: Mariano Bდ­ttolo, Argentine soccer player. 1990: Gonzalo Pდ©rez, Argentine soccer player. 1990: Paweვ‚ Wojciechowski, Polish footballer. 1992: Doc Shaw, American actor. 1992: Laura Trott, British cyclist. 1992: Laura Gil, Spanish basketball player. 1998: Ryan Newman, American actress.