april 26 zodiac

    People born on April 26 strive for happiness in life and can be good householders.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 26

    They stand out with their strong will, sense of dignity, constancy, autocracy, and stability, which grow stronger as they age. They are wise and considerate people with many talents: positive individuals in social life. They strive with great perseverance and fortitude for a set goal. These people not only think of themselves but of the good of the whole family because those who are born on this day can be excellent heads of the family. They have an inherent talent for traversing what is hidden, as well as for fully understanding life situations, all of which give them popularity in their environment and the ability to rise even higher. They show great willpower. They are characterized by intensive mental experiences. They love all kinds of beauty, whether in art, life, or nature. They also greatly admire the opposite sex and can love passionately. They enjoy singing. They strive for happiness through love. They are frugal but not selfish. Through their studies, they can gain general knowledge and recognition. Their brainpower generally gives them victories and triumphs over their enemies. As already mentioned, they care about working on their skills and goals. They fight for the happiness of home and family, but they do not forget to accumulate wealth. It should be noted, however, that there are two types of people born on this day: one is philosophical by nature, indulges in studies, and enjoys reflections in solitude and solitary contemplation. This type of person aims high. The other type - lower - is an undeveloped individual, a devout seeker of passionate pleasures. The superior type can achieve a lot in life and gain general recognition.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 26

    If your birthday is April 26, your zodiac sign is  Taurus.

    April 26 - personality and character

    character:  careful, immaculate, alert, chicken at heart, gloomy, nervous; profession:  writer, motor driver, beautician; colors:  blue, cream, sky blue; stone:  jasper; animal:  beaver; plant:  red oak; lucky numbers:  6,12,18,28,30,31 super lucky number:  16

    Holidays and observances - April 26

    • Bolivia: Secretary's Day.
    • Colombia: Secretary's Day
    • World Intellectual Property Day
    • Nicaragua: Secretary's Day.
    • Costa Rica: Secretary's Day.
    • Guatemala: Secretary's Day.
    • Lesbian Visibility Day
    • Peru: Secretary's Day.
    • Paraguay: Journalist's Day.
    • El Salvador: Secretary's Day.
    • International Chornobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

    April 26 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Roberto Arlt, Argentine writer (d. 1942). 1900: Charles Richter, American seismologist (d. 1985). 1902: Alessandro Passerin d'Entrდ¨ves, Italian philosopher (d. 1985). 1906: Josდ© Marდ­a de Llanos Pastor, Jesuit priest and Spanish communist militant (f. 1992). 1912: AE van Vogt, Canadian science fiction writer (d. 2000). 1913: Creu Casas I Sicart, Spanish pharmacist and bryologist (f. 2007) 1914: Bernard Malamud, American novelist and short-story writer (f. 1986). 1916: Morris West, Australian writer (d. 1999). 1917: Ieoh Ming Pei, American architect of Chinese origin. 1918: Fanny Blankers-Koen, Dutch athlete (d. 2004). 1919: Manuel Zorrilla, Argentine painter, sculptor, and draftsman. 1921: Jimmy Giuffre, American saxophonist (d. 2008). 1924: Gyula Kosice, Argentine sculptor of Czech origin (d. 2016). 1930: Juan Carlos Araujo, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1931: Teresa Blasco, Argentine actress (f. 2006). 1932: Michael Smith, Canadian chemist, 1993 Nobel Prize winner (d. 2000). 1933: Carol Burnett, American actress. 1933: Filiberto Ojeda Rდ­os, Puerto Rican independence activist (f. 2005). 1933: Arno Allan Penzias, American scientist of German origin, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1978. 1934: Manolo Zarzo, Spanish actor. 1936: Llorenდ§ Vidal Vidal, Spanish poet. 1937: Jean-Pierre Beltoise, French Formula 1 driver (d. 2015). 1938: Nino Benvenuti, Italian boxer. 1940: Giorgio Moroder, Italian composer. 1941: John Mitchell, American composer. 1941: Claudine Auger, French actress. 1943: Peter Zumthor, Swiss architect. 1945: Jorge Serrano Elდ­as, Guatemalan politician, engineer, dictator and criminal. 1948: Adriდ¡n «Facha» Martel, Argentine actor (d. 2013). 1949: Carlos Bianchi, Argentine soccer player, and coach. 1949: Dominic Sena, American director of video clips and films. 1949: Issei Sagawa, Japanese assassin. 1951: Tito Valverde, Spanish actor. 1951: Diego Verdaguer, Argentine singer. 1954: Sonia Tschorne, Chilean architect. 1955: Ulrika Knape, Swedish diver. 1956: Imanol Arias, Spanish actor. 1958: Mდ³nica Cabrera, Argentine director, playwright, and actress. 1958: Jeffrey Guterman, American educator, author, and teacher. 1958: Dick Miller, an American basketball player 1959: Leonardo Dantდ©s, Spanish singer, showman, composer, and actor. 1960: Roger Andrew Taylor, British drummer of the band Duran Duran. 1960: Martდ­n Varsavsky, Argentine businessman. 1961: Leif Andersson, Swedish athlete. 1961: Joan Chen, Chinese actress, and filmmaker. 1961: Josდ© Santos, Chilean horseman. 1962: Hდ©ctor Enrique, Argentine footballer and coach. 1963: Jet Li, actor, and specialist in Chinese martial arts. 1965: Kevin James, American actor. 1966: Javier Cano, Murcian writer. 1967: Kane, American professional wrestler. 1967: Liliana Rodrდ­guez, Venezuelan actress and singer. 1970: Melania Trump, a former model of Slovenian origin, nationalized American, wife of President Donald Trump. 1970: Miho Obana, Japanese mangaka. 1971: Cristina Medina, Spanish actress. 1972: Kiko Narvდ¡ez, Spanish footballer. 1973: Lee Woon-Jae, South Korean footballer. 1973: დ“scar Garcდ­a Junyent, former Spanish soccer player and coach. 1973: Nikola Raduloviე‡, Croatian-Italian basketball player. 1974: Werner Eschauer, Austrian tennis player. 1975: Joey Jordison, American drummer of the band Slipknot. 1975: Nicolდ¡s Asencio, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1976: Roberto San Martდ­n, Cuban actor. 1977: Jason Earles, American actor. 1977: Tom Welling, American actor. 1977: Raphaდ«l Wicky, Swiss footballer. 1978: Avant, American singer of R&B. 1978: Elson Becerra, Colombian soccer player (f. 2006). 1978: Stana Katic, Canadian actress. 1978: Peter Madsen, Danish footballer. 1978: Stephen Williams, director of television and Canadian cinema. 1979: Ariane Moffatt, Canadian singer, and songwriter. 1979: Janne Wirman, Finnish keyboardist of the Children of Bodom band. 1979: Sergio Jadue, former Chilean soccer leader and international pitcher. 1980: Jordana Brewster, Panamanian actress, and model. 1980: Marlon King, British footballer. 1980: Channing Tatum, American actor, producer, and model. 1981: Matthieu Delpierre, French footballer. 1981: Caro Emerald, Dutch singer-songwriter. 1982: Jonathan Figueroa, American professional wrestler. 1982: Jon Lee, British singer, actor and dancer, of the band S Club 7. 1982: Alejandro Machado, Venezuelan baseball player. 1983: Rodolfo Collazo, Uruguayan Olympic rower. 1983: Josდ© Marდ­a Lდ³pez, Argentine racing driver. 1983: Jessica Lynch, American military man. 1984: Mija Martina, Bosnian-Herzegovinian singer. 1985: John Isner, American tennis player. 1985: Jason Daniel Earles, American actor. 1986: Jesდºs Chდ¡vez, Mexican soccer player. 1987: Coke Andდºjar, Spanish footballer. 1987: Jarmila Gajdoვ¡ovდ¡, Australian tennis player. 1987: Christian Bermდºdez, Mexican soccer player. 1988: Oscar Trejo, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Macarena Garcდ­a, Spanish singer and actress. 1989: Grisel Margarita, Mexican actress. 1990: Jonathan dos Santos, Mexican soccer player. 1990: Albert Torres Barcelდ³, Spanish cyclist. 1992: Aaron Judge, American baseball player. 1993: Felipe Avenatti, Uruguayan soccer player. 1994: Daniil Kvyat, Russian racing driver.