april 29 zodiac

    People born on April 29 are peaceful; they put their trust in providence.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 29

    His mind is peaceful and kind to humanity. His sympathetic individuality gathers others around him. They inspire confidence in their environment. They also want to influence it and raise it to a higher level positively. They gladly spread new points of view. They care about other people's affairs, willingly mediating for the good of others and caring for the weak. But his greatest interest is in his own home and family. In general, these people are attracted to younger people, and they care deeply about their children. Your good intentions for your family members will not go unrewarded, as they can bring benefits in life. They like animals and nature. They are drawn to rural life. His family is usually quite large. What should they watch out for? Although they have excess vital force, sometimes they go too far, relying on their strong organism, whether in play, pleasure, or work. That can scatter your strength and waste it uselessly. Illnesses: People born on this day generally have strong health and bodies, but because their food preferences are highly developed, they often take things too far, and this can lead to liver enlargement and heart or kidney disease. All of this can significantly bother them later in life. However, it should be emphasized that the life of a person born on this day will be very easy and happy, as will the path that they travel.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 29

    If your birthday is April 29, your zodiac sign is  Taurus.

    April 29 - personality and character

    character:  polite, defined, energetic, double-faced, irritable, lavish; profession:  gravedigger, beautician, composer; colors:  gold, gray, purple; stone:  morganite; animal:  raccoon; plant:  Acacia tree; lucky numbers:  28,31,35,48,49,50 super lucky number:  32

    Holidays and observances - April 29

    • Peru: Seller's Day.
    • Argentina: Animal Day, in memory of the death in 1926 of the former president of the Society for the Protection of Animals, Dr. Ignacio Lucas Albarracდ­n. See Animal Day on the website of the Ministry of Education of Argentina.
    • Roman Empire: second day of the Floralias in honor of the goddess Flora.
    • Colombia Arbor Day
    • Bolivia: Seller's Day.
    • Japan: arbor day.
    • Commemoration Day for all victims of chemical warfare
    • Spain (Teruel, Jorcas): festivities in honor of San Pedro Mდ¡rtir.
    • Japan (since 1927): the beginning of the traditional Golden Week.
    • International Dance Day was established in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute (ITI / Unesco).

    April 29 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Hirohito, Japanese emperor (d. 1989). 1904: Pedro Vargas, Mexican singer (d. 1989). 1906: Gustava Kahler, Austrian geologist (d. 1987). 1907: Tino Rossi, French singer, and actor (d. 1983). 1907: Fred Zinnemann, Austrian filmmaker (d. 1997). 1908: Jack Williamson, American writer (d. 2006). 1909: Tom Ewell, American actor (d. 1994). 1915: Donald Mills, American singer, one of the four Mills Brothers (f. 1999). 1916: Ramდ³n Amaya Amador, Honduran writer (d. 1966). 1918: Josდ© Orlandis, Spanish historian and jurist (d. 2010). 1918: Alfonso Bauer Paiz, Guatemalan politician (d. 2011). 1919: Enrique Tejera Paris, Venezuelan politician, lawyer, and diplomat (d. 2015). 1920: Nდ©lida Federico, Argentine painter, and bandoneon player. 1922: Toots Thielemans, Belgian jazz guitarist, harmonica player, and composer (d. 2016). 1923: Irvin Kershner, American filmmaker (d. 2010). 1925: John Compton, Saint Lucian Prime Minister (d. 2007). 1925: Iwao Takamoto, American animator, producer, and filmmaker (d. 2007). 1926: Paul Baran, American scientist (d. 2011). 1926: Eduardo Ricagni, Argentine soccer player. 1929: Ray Barretto, an American jazz musician. 1929: Walter Kempowski, German writer (d. 2007). 1930: Jean Rochefort, French actor. 1930: Claus Ogerman, German composer and arranger. 1931: Horacio Palma, Argentine tango singer. 1934: Luis Aparicio, Venezuelan baseball player. 1934: Pedro Pires, Cape Verdean politician and prime minister. 1936: Zubin Mehta, Indian musician, and conductor. 1936: Alejandra Pizarnik, Argentine writer (d. 1972). 1937: Manuel D'Ornellas, Peruvian journalist (f. 1999). 1937: Lluდ­s Martდ­nez i Sistach, metropolitan archbishop of Barcelona and cardinal. 1938: Klaus Voormann, German musician, record producer, and artist. 1940: Josდ© Antonio Garcდ­a Blდ¡zquez, Spanish writer and translator. 1944: Benedicta of Denmark, Danish aristocrat. 1945: Tammi Terrell, American singer (d. 1970). 1946: Pipo Pescador, Argentine child singer-songwriter, theater director, and writer. 1950: Phillip Noyce, Australian filmmaker. 1951: Marდ­a Kosti, Spanish actress. 1951 - Dale Earnhardt, American stock car driver. 1954: Jerry Seinfeld, American comedian, and actor. 1955: Kate Mulgrew, American actress. 1956: Karen Barad, American feminist physicist, philosopher, and theorist. 1957: Daniel Day-Lewis, British actor. 1957: Timothy Treadwell, American ecologist (d. 2003). 1958: Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress, and singer. 1958: Eve Plumb, American actress. 1958: Martin Whitmarsh, American driver, director of the "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes" Formula 1 team. 1959: Sandra Russo, Argentine journalist, and writer. 1960: Robert J. Sawyer, Canadian writer. 1963: Manu Garcდ­a, Spanish guitarist, of the band დ?ngeles del Infierno. 1965: Felipe Miდ±ambres, Spanish soccer player and coach. 1966: Fabiola Salazar, Peruvian physician, and politician (f. 2008). 1966: Ramდ³n Medina Bello, Argentine footballer and coach. 1967: Master P, an American rapper. 1968: Nდ©stor Fabbri, Argentine footballer. 1969: Paul Adelstein, American actor. 1969: Rebeca Mankita, Mexican actress. 1969: Jack Mackenroth, American fashion designer, model, actor, presenter, activist, and swimmer. 1969: Freddy Villarreal, Argentine actor, and comedian. 1970: Andre Agassi, American tennis player. 1970: Uma Thurman, American actress. 1970: Ernesto Villegas, Venezuelan journalist, politician, and writer. 1972: Leopoldo Lდ³pez, Venezuelan politician. 1973: Fares Fares, Swedish-Assyrian actor. 1973: David Belle, French athlete, actor, creator of parkour. 1973: Johan Hegg, Swedish heavy metal singer of the band Amon Amarth. 1974: Anggun, Indonesian singer. 1974: Pascal Cygan, French footballer. 1974: Julian Knowle, Austrian tennis player. 1975: Eric Koston, Thai professional skateboarder. 1975: Rafael Betancourt, Venezuelan baseball player. 1977: Rocდ­o Carrasco Mohedano, Spanish singer and actress. 1978: Tony Armas, Jr., Venezuelan baseball player. 1978: Rafael Leდ³n de los Cobos, Mexican actor and singer. 1978: Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan, American tennis players. 1978: Jason Hart, American basketball player. 1979: Jo O'Meara, British singer, actress, and dancer, of the band S Club 7. 1979: Ryan Sharp, Scottish pilot. 1979: Matt Tong, British drummer of the band Bloc Party. 1979: Rubდ©n Maldonado, Paraguayan soccer player. 1979: Delly Madrid, Peruvian model, entertainer, and dancer. 1979: Lee Dong-Gook, a known South Korean footballer. 1980: Kian Egan, Irish singer of the band Westlife. 1981: George McCartney, Northern Irish footballer. 1981: Tom Smith, British composer, vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist, of the band Editors. 1982: Carlos Martins, Portuguese footballer. 1982: Travis Smith, American drummer of the band Trivium. 1983: Jay Cutler, American football player. 1983: Semih ვ?entდ¼rk, Turkish footballer. 1983: David Lee, American basketball player. 1983: Sam Jones III, American actor. 1987: Sara Errani, Italian tennis player. 1988: Younha, South Korean pop singer. 1995: Adriana Ahumada, Mexican actress, and singer. 1996: Katherine Langford, Australian actress. 2007: Sofდ­a de Borbდ³n, Spanish aristocrat.