april 3 zodiac

    People born on April 3 have a deep tendency to meditation.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on April 3

    This birthday gives a harmonious combination of the heart and the head, that is, the feelings and the reason. The more people born on this day try to ennoble their feelings, the higher the level they can reach. Because they achieve inner development through their feelings, and that can eventually bring them significant mental prowess. They are radiant people, destined to lead and influence others and make the environment unfold at their will. They have a lot of vital energy, but they often waste it. They have an internal talent for controlling the minds of other people, which most of the time allows them to obtain managerial positions. They are full of energy, with great ambition and constant lust for power, which is why managerial positions are more suitable for these people than positions as subordinates. And it is that, to tell the truth, they are not very subordinate people. Flaws: Despite their philosophical demeanor and a tendency to deep reflection, they express intense longings and a hot temper. They also often become slaves to their own impulses. Reckless and naive people: succumb to their passions and fall under their power. What threatens them: They could be deprived of liberty or expelled. This danger looming over them could also manifest itself as a separation from their loved ones. They lead a rather strange life. They have very few friends, who often cannot help them. They maintain their good health until old age.

    Zodiac sign for those born on April 3

    If your birthday is April 3, your zodiac sign is  Aries.

    April 3 - personality and character

    character:  idealistic, tough -worker, careful, dissipated, indecisive, irritable; profession:  anthropologist, firefighter, tailor; colors:  black, brown, white; stone:  scarlet emerald; animal:  snake; plant:  Boxwood shrub; lucky numbers:  2,12,13,18,19,56 super lucky number:  2

    April 3 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Camille Chamoun, Lebanese president (d. 1987). 1900: Jorge Gonzდ¡lez von Marდ©es, Chilean lawyer and socialist politician (d. 1962). 1903: Lili Kraus, Hungarian classical pianist (d. 1986). 1904: Dionდ­s Bennდ¡ssar, Spanish artist (d. 1967). 1904: Sally Rand, American dancer, and actress (d. 1979). 1905: Robert Sink, American military man (d. 1965). 1907: Dalmiro Adaro, Argentine military (d. 1983). 1907: Mark Krein, Soviet mathematician (d. 1989). 1910: Alfons Deloor, Belgian cyclist (d. 1995). 1911: Michael Woodruff, British surgeon (d. 2001). 1911: Stanisვ‚awa Walasiewicz, Polish athlete (d. 1980). 1912: Grigoris Lambrakis, Greek politician, physicist, and athlete (d. 1963). 1915: Piet de Jong, Dutch politician. 1916: Herb Caen, American journalist (d. 1997). 1918: Mary Anderson, American actress (d. 2014). 1920: John Demjanjuk, Ukrainian Nazi collaborator (d. 2012). 1921: Darდ­o Moreno, Turkish-French singer, and actor (d. 1968). 1921: Jesდºs Reyes Heroles, Mexican politician, lawyer and historian (d. 1985). 1921: Jan Sterling, American actress (d. 2004). 1922: Alberto Dalbes, Argentine actor (d. 1983). 1922: Josდ© Hierro, Spanish poet (f. 2002). 1922: Doris Day, American actress and singer. 1923: Eusebio Sempere, Spanish artist (d. 1985). 1924: Beba Bidart, Argentine tango singer, actress and dancer (f. 1994). 1924: Marlon Brando, American actor (d. 2004). 1926: Gus Grissom, American astronaut (d. 1967). 1929: Poul Schlდ¼ter, Danish politician. 1930: Helmut Kohl, politician and German Chancellor between 1982 and 1998. 1932: Nelly Raymond, Argentine journalist, host, broadcaster, dancer, and actress. 1934: Jane Goodall, British naturalist. 1934: Salvador Tდ¡vora, Spanish theater director. 1936: Scott LaFaro, American jazz bassist (d. 1961). 1936: Jimmy McGriff, American jazz organist. 1937: Susana Fontana, Argentine journalist (d. 2010). 1939: Juan Dდ­az "Cuchuflito", Argentine actor. 1939: Jacques Kergoat, French politician and historian. 1939: Paul Craig Roberts, American economist. 1941: Salvador Sadurnდ­, Spanish footballer. 1942: Marsha Mason, American actress. 1942: Wayne Newton, American singer. 1943: Mario Lavista, Mexican composer. 1943: Jonathan Lynn, British actor, and writer. 1943: Richard Manuel, Canadian musician, pianist, and drummer, of the band The Band. 1945: Miguel დ?ngel Fernდ¡ndez Ordდ³nez, Spanish economist and politician. 1945: Lil Milagro Ramდ­rez, Salvadoran poet and revolutionary (d. 1979). 1946: Marisa Paredes, Spanish actress. 1946: Juana Patino, Argentine journalist (d. 2015). 1946: Hanna Suchocka, Polish Prime Minister. 1948: Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Dutch politician, and NATO Secretary General. 1948: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, politician and Mexican president. 1949: Santiago Chamorro, Spanish economist and diplomat (d. 2011). 1949: Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, German footballer. 1949: დ“scar Valdდ©s, Peruvian businessman, military, and politician. 1949: Hugo Carregal, Argentine singer and television producer. 1950: Sally Thomsett, British actress. 1951 (may also have been born on September 1, 1951): Cristina Lemercier, Argentine actress (f. 1996). 1952: Kiko Veneno, Spanish musician. 1956: Miguel Bosდ©, Spanish singer. 1956: Ray Combs, American television presenter. 1956: Ricardo Iniesta, Spanish theater director. 1956: Eduardo Zaplana, Spanish politician. 1958: Vanna Bonta. American writer and actress. 1958: Francesca Woodman, American photographer (d. 1981). 1959: David Hyde Pierce, American actor. 1959: Fermდ­n Vდ©lez, Spanish motor racing driver. 1960: Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Dutch singer-songwriter of the Ayreon band. 1961: Eddie Murphy, American actor, singer, and comedian. 1962: Mike Ness, American guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist for the band Social Distortion. 1962: Jennifer Rubin, American actress. 1963: Criss Oliva, American musician of the band Savatage. 1963: Nasrდ­n Sotudდ©, Iranian lawyer. 1964: Bjarne Riis, Danish cyclist. 1964: Nigel Farage, British politician. 1965: Nazia Hassan, Pakistani singer, and actress (d. 2000). 1967: Pervis Ellison, American basketball player. 1967: Mark Skaife, Australian racing driver. 1967: Gigi Zanchetta, Venezuelan actress. 1968: Sebastian Philip Bierk, Canadian singer of the band Skid Row. 1968: Charlotte Coleman, British actress (f. 2001). 1968: Jamie Hewlett, British cartoonist of the Gorillaz band. 1968: Sergi Arola, Spanish cook. 1969: Lance Storm, Canadian wrestler. 1970: Sticky Fingaz, American rapper, and actor. 1971: Emmanuel Collard, French motorsport driver. 1971: Picabo Street, American skier. 1971: Vitalijs Astafjevs, Latvian footballer. 1972: Leigh-Allyn Baker, American actress. 1972: Jennie Garth, American actress. 1972: Catherine McCormack, British actress. 1973: Jamie Bamber, British actor. 1973: Prabhu Deva, Indian actor. 1974: Inma del Moral, Spanish model, and actress. 1975: Michael Olowokandi, Nigerian basketball player. 1976: Drew Shirley, American guitarist of the band Switchfoot. 1977: Hussein Fatal, American rapper of the band Outlawz. 1977: Cდ©sar Martდ­n, Portuguese soccer player. 1978: Matthew Goode, British actor. 1978: Tommy Haas, German tennis player. 1978: Karyme Lozano, Mexican actress. 1979: Grდ©goire, French singer-songwriter. 1980: Fernando Ramallo, Spanish actor. 1981: DeShawn Stevenson, American basketball player. 1982: Jared Allen, American football player. 1982: Sofia Boutella, a French dancer. 1982: Cobie Smulders, Canadian actress. 1983: Ben Foster, British footballer. 1984: Josდ© Basanta, Argentine-Mexican soccer player. 1984: Jonathan Blondel, Belgian footballer. 1984: Maxi Lდ³pez, Argentine soccer player. 1985: Jari-Matti Latvala, Finnish rally driver. 1985: Leona Lewis, British singer. 1986: Amanda Bynes, American actress. 1986: Jerry Messing, American actor. 1986: Sergio Sდ¡nchez, Spanish footballer. 1987: Juliდ¡n Simდ³n, Spanish motorcyclist. 1987: Park Jung Min, South Korean singer of the band SS501 1988: Tim Krul, Dutch footballer. 1990: Sotiris Ninis, Greek footballer. 1991: Hayley Kiyoko, American actress, singer, and dancer. 1991: Natalia Gaitდ¡n, Colombian soccer player. 1993: Michelle Gonzდ¡lez, actress, and Mexican producer. 1997: Gabriel Jesus, Brazilian soccer player.