august 10 zodiac

    People born on August 10 want to make their ideas come true.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 10

    The key to success in life is in their own hands; everything they have in their lives they owe to themselves. Because they are not mediocre, and even if they are born in the lowest sphere, they will rise above it. Even their youth is full of long efforts, and their great value, in combination with stability, can make them popular. Courteous, friendly, hardworking people, they gladly spend their time studying. They acquire wealth gradually. Your mind is exceptionally gifted and highly versatile, and your intellectual prowess and ability to adapt various ideas can influence your environment and even society. They are also endowed with great originality, inventiveness, and discovery, as well as formulating excellent projects. They are also excellently versed in various areas of knowledge, and their time is full of investigations from which they can draw conclusions. Their powerful innate intelligence makes it very easy for them to adopt various scientific theories. Fair and truthful, they can achieve unusual meaning and be generally admired for their works for the good of society. A woman born on this day is friendly and quite reckless; she talks a lot and not always in good tones. Besides that, she is also thoughtful and caring. You must be careful with the fire. It is characterized by strong passions and emotions. He will not have many children. Diseases associated with this birthday include flu, inflammation, and heart ailments. All physical ailments have the greatest effect on heart rate and poor blood circulation. The best remedies include love, peace, harmonious surroundings, and daily solitary periods when the patient can focus on the inside.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 10

    If your birthday is August 10, your zodiac sign is  Leo.

    August 10 - personality and character

    character:  responsible, kind, uncompromising, incautious, stubborn, partial; profession:  tool maker, obstetrician, astrologer; colors:  purple, orange, purple; stone:  hematite; animal:  wolf; plant:  Coneflower; lucky numbers:  1,12,41,48,49,52 super lucky number:  29

    Holidays and observances - August 10

    • Spain: Ezcaray (La Rioja).
    • Nicaragua: Managua: patron saint festivities in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmდ¡n. The image of Santo Domingo is taken back to its sanctuary in Las Sierritas.
    • Chile: Miner's Day.
    • Spain: Mosque of Jarque: festivities in honor of San Lorenzo.
    • Ecuador: Formation of the first Autonomous Government Board of Quito.
    • Paraguay: San Lorenzo: festivities in honor of San Lorenzo.
    • Spain: Santaella (Cდ³rdoba): Water Balloon Festival.
    • Peru: Matara: Festivities in honor of San Lorenzo.
    • Spain: Villafruela (Burgos).
    • Spain: Sodupe (province of Vizcaya).
    • Spain: Huesca: festivities in honor of San Lorenzo.
    • Spain: San Lorenzo festivities in Madrid.
    • Spain: San Lorenzo de El Escorial: festivities in honor of San Lorenzo.
    • Spain: Serradilla del Arroyo (Salamanca).
    • Argentina: Argentine Air Force Day.
    • Spain: Muniesa: festivities in honor of San Lorenzo

    August 10 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Norma Shearer, Canadian actress (d. 1983). 1902: Arne Tiselius, Swedish chemist (d. 1971). 1905: Josდ© Prat, lawyer and Spanish socialist politician (f. 1994). 1907: Zinaida Botschantzeva, Russian botanist (d. 1973). 1907: Corisco, Brazilian cangaceiro (d. 1940). 1909: Leo Fender, American luthier (d. 1991). 1909: Manuel Sielecki, Argentine businessman (d. 1998). 1911: Shilinsky, Lithuanian comedian (d. 1985). 1912: Jorge Amado, Brazilian novelist and academic (f. 2001). 1912: Teresa Casuso Morდ­n, Cuban intellectual (f. 1994). 1913: Wolfgang Paul, German physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1989 (d. 1993). 1913: Noah Beery, Jr., American actor (d. 1994). 1914: Carlos Menditდ©guy, Argentine racing driver (d. 1973). 1914: Tenzing Norgay, Nepalese Sherpa (d. 1986); in 1953, he conquered Everest for the first time together with the New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hillary. 1919: Bob Doll, American basketball player (d. 1959). 1919: Sacha Vierny, French filmmaker (d. 2001). 1922: Rhonda Fleming, American actress. 1924: Carlos Castro Saavedra, Colombian writer and poet (d. 1989). 1924: Martha Hyer, American actress (d. 2014). 1926: Carol Karp, American mathematician (d. 1972) 1927: Vernon Washington, American actor (d. 1988). 1928: Jimmy Dean, American singer (d. 2010). 1928: Eddie Fisher, American singer (d. 2010). 1930: Marta Portal, Spanish writer, critic, and journalist (d. 2016). 1932: Gertrude Trudy Pitts, American soul-jazz singer, and keyboardist (d. 2010). 1937: Anatoli Sobchak, Russian politician (d. 2000). 1939: Natalia Figueroa, Spanish journalist, and writer. 1940: Bobby Hatfield, American singer of the band Righteous Brothers (d. 2003). 1942: Betsey Johnson, American fashion designer. 1943: Jimmy Griffin, American guitarist of the band Bread (f. 2005). 1943: Ronnie Spector, American singer of the band The Ronettes 1943: Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani president. 1943: Antoine Ghanem, Lebanese politician (d. 2007). 1947: Ian Anderson, Scottish musician of the band Jethro Tull. 1947: Antonio del Real, Spanish filmmaker. 1948: Patti Austin, American singer. 1950: Esther Koplowitz, Spanish businesswoman. 1951: Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian politician, and president since 2010. 1952: Josდ© Ramდ³n Ripoll, Spanish poet. 1952: Daniel Hugh Kelly, American actor. 1955: Josდ© Luis Gioia, Argentine actor and comedian. 1956: Fred Ottman, American wrestler. 1958: Wolfgang Funkel, German footballer. 1959: Rosanna Arquette, American actress. 1959: Pompeyo Audivert, Argentine actor. 1960: Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor. 1960: Nicoletta Braschi, Italian actress, wife of Roberto Benigni. 1961: Jon Farriss, Australian musician of the band INXS. 1962: Suzanne Collins, American writer. 1963: Andrew Sullivan, a British journalist. 1964: Aaron Hall, American singer. 1964: Andy Caldecott, Australian motorcycle racer (d. 2006). 1965: Claudia Christian, American actress. 1965: John Starks, American basketball player. 1966: Hansi Kდ¼rsch, German singer of the band Blind Guardian. 1967: Riddick Bowe, American boxer. 1968: Michael Bivins, American singer of the band New Edition, and Bell Biv DeVoe. 1968: Peter Docter, American filmmaker. 1968: Salvatore Licitra, Italian tenor (d. 2011). 1968: Josდ© Manuel Seda, Spanish actor. 1968: Fabiდ¡n Vena, Argentine actor. 1969: Aline Kდ¼ppenheim, Chilean actress. 1971: Roy Keane, Irish footballer. 1971: Justin Theroux, American actor. 1972: Angie Harmon, American actress, and model. 1972: Christofer Johnsson, Swedish musician. 1973: Lisa Raymond, American tennis player. 1973: Javier Zanetti, Argentine footballer. 1974: Luis Marდ­n, Costa Rican soccer player. 1974: David Sommeil, French footballer. 1976: Michael Depoli, American wrestler. 1977: Aaron Kamin, American musician of the band The Calling. 1977: Matt Morgan, British comedian. 1977: Luciana Aymar, Argentine field hockey player. 1980: Wade Barrett, British professional wrestler. 1981: Natsumi Abe, a Japanese singer, is a former member of the band Morning Musume. 1981: Leonid Yelenin, Russian amateur astronomer, discoverer of the homonymous comet. 1981: Dimitris Salpigidis, Greek footballer. 1981: Taufik Hidayat, Indonesian badminton player. 1982: Devon Aoki, American model, and actress. 1983: Hდ©ctor Faubel, Spanish motorcycle racer. 1984: Osvaldo Gonzდ¡lez, Chilean soccer player. 1985: Roy O'Donovan, Northern Irish footballer. 1987: Ari Boyland, New Zealand actor. 1987: Wilson Ramos, Venezuelan baseball player. 1989: Ben Sahar, Polish-Israeli footballer. 1990: Lucas Till, American actor. 1992: Ah-sung Ko, South Korean actress. 1993: Andre Drummond, American basketball player. 1997: Kylie Jenner, American model.