august 11 zodiac

    People born on August 11 can rise above their sphere of origin.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 11

    People are full of dignity and quite humble and flexible, considerate of the needs of their environment. Although they are imperious of character and yearn for power and influence, they are noble, interested in the arts, and express a love of aesthetics. However, all of the above character traits relate only to people who have reached a certain level of development. The undeveloped guy displays an uncontrollable craving for honors and accolades, and his ridiculous ambition pushes him into positions of high authority and responsibility that he cannot handle at all. People born on this day can count on the support of people in higher places, capable of achieving a prominent position and recognition in life. Despite all their struggles and turbulence, they can eventually triumph. They will face misunderstandings with their relatives. The defects associated with this birthday include lack of initiative and excessive submission. A person born today will have to face a stronger opponent. Your overly proud and stubborn nature will allow you to oppose widely accepted views, risking criticism and even loss. How to raise a child born on this day? If parents and educators could understand the development possibilities of such a child, they would spare no effort to educate him in the best possible way. These children are exceptionally sensitive and talented, but they will not develop harmoniously unless they are brought up with constant courtesy, unchanging kindness, and love. His fiery impulsive nature needs loving distractions and the enrichment of monotonous school textbooks. Comprehensive education can develop their skills positively and allow them to achieve a very high level of intellectual development.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 11

    If your birthday is August 11, your zodiac sign is  Leo.

    August 11 - personality and character

    character:  reliable, reasonable, fearless, touchy, empty, gloomy; profession:  electrician, administrator, astronaut; colors:  teal, white, pink; stone:  spinel; animal:  panda bear; plant:  linden trees; lucky numbers:  14,17,37,41,43,46 super lucky number:  33

    Holidays and observances - August 11

    • Chad: Independence Day.
    • Argentina: Nutritionist Day.
    • Colombia: Independence Day of Antioquia.

    August 11 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Alexander Mosolov, Soviet composer. 1900: Charlie Paddock, American athlete. 1901: Carlos Bernardo Gonzდ¡lez Pecotche (Raumsol), Argentine writer and humanist (d. 1963). 1902: Alfredo Binda, Italian cyclist (d. 1986). 1902: Alfredo Moreno Uribe, Spanish engineer (d. 1981). 1902: Lloyd Nolan, American actor (d. 1985). 1905: Erwin Chargaff, Austrian chemist (d. 2002). 1909: Yuji Koseki, Japanese composer (d. 1989) 1911: Thanom Kittikachorn, military dictator of Thailand (d. 2004) 1914: Luis Adaro Ruiz-Falcდ³, Spanish businessman (d. 2006). 1916: დ?ngel Gonzდ¡lez დ?lvarez, Spanish neotomist philosopher. 1919: Ginette Neveu, French violinist (d. 1949). 1921: Alex Haley, American writer, and historian (d. 1991). 1924: Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz, Peruvian announcer (d. 2010). 1925: Mike Douglas, American television host. 1926: Aaron Klug, Lithuanian molecular biologist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1982. 1926: Stella Dდ­az Varდ­n, prominent Chilean poet. 1927: Stuart Rosenberg, American film director. 1928: Lucho Gatica, Chilean singer. 1931: Delia Domდ­nguez, Chilean poet. 1932: Fernando Arrabal, Spanish writer. 1932: Peter Eisenman, American architect. 1933: Jerry Falwell, American preacher (d. 2007). 1933: Tamდ¡s Vდ¡sდ¡ry, Hungarian conductor and pianist. 1936: Susana Duijm, Venezuelan model, first Latina elected Miss World. 1937: John Abraham (director), screenwriter and director of Indian cinema (d. 1987) 1938: Pelusa Suero, announcer, and Argentine dubbing actor. 1942: Tabajara Ruas, Brazilian writer, journalist, and filmmaker. 1943: Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani politician. 1944: Ian McDiarmid, Scottish actor. 1944: Nito Mores, Argentine singer (d. 1984). 1946: Marilyn vos Savant, American columnist, and writer. 1948: Jan Palach, Czech student and activist (d. 1969). 1949: Eric Carmen, American singer-songwriter. 1950: Steve Wozniak, American software engineer. 1953: Hulk Hogan, American professional wrestler. 1954: Joe Jackson, a British musician. 1955: Moisდ©s Suდ¡rez, Mexican actor. 1956: Pierre-Louis Lions, French mathematician. 1957: Ian Stuart Donaldson, British singer of the band Skrewdriver. 1957: Richie Ramone, American drummer of the band The Ramones. 1959: Carlos Berlanga, Spanish musician of the band's Kaka de Luxe and Alaska y los Pegamoides (f. 2002). 1959: Gustavo Cerati, Argentine rock singer-songwriter and guitarist of the band Soda Stereo (f. 2014). 1959: Fernando Garcდ­a Calderდ³n, Spanish writer. 1960: Carlos Sobera, Spanish television presenter and actor. 1964: Jim Lee, South Korean cartoonist. 1965: Sergio Vigil, Argentine field hockey player, and coach. 1966: Juan Bonilla, Spanish writer. 1966: Embeth Davidtz, American actress. 1966: Juan Marდ­a Solare, Argentine composer, and pianist. 1967: Enrique Bunbury, Spanish singer-songwriter of the band Hდ©roes del Silencio. 1967: Collin Chou, American martial artist, and actor of Taiwanese descent 1968: Noordin Mohammad Top, Malaysian terrorist (d. 2009) 1970: Andrew Piran Bell, British bassist of the band's Oasis and Ride. 1971: Alejandra Barros, Mexican actress. 1971: Javier Sierra, Spanish writer, and researcher. 1972: Joane Somarriba, Spanish cyclist. 1974: Hadiqa Kiani, Pakistani singer-songwriter and model 1975: Asma al-Asad, Syrian woman, wife of President Bashar al-Asad. 1975: Davey von Bohlen, American musician of the band The Promise Ring. 1976: Ben Gibbard, American singer of the band Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. 1978: Lucas Ayala, Argentine footballer. 1980: Sდ©bastien Squillaci, French footballer. 1981: Diego Rivero, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Fiona Sit, actress, and singer from Hong Kong 1983: Chris Hemsworth, Australian actor. 1984: Lucas di Grassi, Brazilian racing driver. 1986: Pablo Sandoval, Venezuelan baseball player. 1989: დ?rsula Corberდ³, Spanish actress. 1990: Marდ­a Josდ© Castillo, Costa Rican pop singer. 1991: Cristian Tello, Spanish footballer. 1992: Allison Lozz, actress and Mexican singer. 1992: Bryce Cotton, American basketball player. 1992: Jores Okore, Danish footballer. 1993: Alyson Stoner, American actress. 1993: Gita Gutawa, Indonesian actress and singer 1994: დ?lvaro Perlo, Argentine racing driver.