august 2 zodiac

    People born on June 2 are brave and come out in defense of their loved ones.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 2

    His sensuality and his feelings are deep and stable. They are brave and unwavering in defense of their loved ones, but their antipathies are also stable, and they will not be convinced otherwise. They provide a faithful friendship and are benevolent if they take on the role of enemies. Whatever they do, they do it with all their heart, which most of the time brings them success. These people are constantly dedicated to their work, as well as love. Stable, confident, prudent, diplomatic. They can cleverly organize their plans and implement them. They have certain philosophical tendencies and skills for generalization. Hardworking, with mood swings. Often quite sour in behavior. However, they always show significant inner strength in life's struggles. They take control of their nature, and their character is quite imperious: they know how to rule others. They are noted for their sheer righteousness and a strong sense of honor. They fight for power over others and can take control of their environment. However, they generally do not do it for selfish purposes. They may be at risk of unpleasant experiences related to their profession or chaotic and unclear situations. They show medical skills. What threatens them? Turbulence and disasters of life and, above all, a risk of failure. Your greatest ambitions may not come true. This could happen due to conditions and circumstances totally beyond your control. Their marriage is usually harmonious. Why should they fight? For taking control of your passion. They should not seek temporary material benefits. They should not worry about whether or not they will reap because everything is in the hands of Providence.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 2

    If your birthday is on August 2, your zodiac sign is  Leo.

    August 2 - personality and character

    character:  intelligent, careful, honest, arbitrary, cowardly, spiteful; profession:  firefighter, writer, anesthesiologist; colors:  cyan, cream, turquoise; stone:  peridot; animal:  mole; plant:  Columbine flower; lucky numbers:  3,7,20,41,54,55 super lucky number:  4

    Holidays and observances - August 2

    • Russia: Day of Airborne Troops
    • Guatemala: National Dignity Day

    August 2 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Karl Amadeus Hartmann, German composer (d. 1963). 1905: Myrna Loy, American actress (f. 1993). 1913: Joaquდ­n Ruiz-Gimდ©nez Cortდ©s, Spanish professor, politician and lawyer (d. 2009). 1914: Marდ­a de los დ?ngeles Santana, Cuban actress (d. 2011). 1917: Juan Iglesias Santos, Spanish jurist (f. 2003). 1922: Jordi Sabater Pi, Spanish scientist (d. 2009). 1923: Shimon Peres, Polish-Israeli politician, prime minister, and president, Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. 1924: Javier Arias Stella, Peruvian scientist, and politician. 1924: James Baldwin, an African-American writer and anti-apartheid activist (d. 1987). 1924: დ?ngel Luis Bienvenida, Spanish bullfighter (f. 2007). 1924: Carroll O'Connor, American actor (d. 2001). 1925: Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentine military and dictator (d. 2013). 1926: დ?ngel Muniz Alique, Spanish sculptor. 1926: George Habash, Palestinian politician and pediatrician (d. 2008). 1929: Josდ© Afonso, Portuguese composer and musician (d. 1987). 1932: Peter O'Toole, British actor (d. 2013). 1934: Valeri Bikovski, Soviet cosmonaut. 1937: Garth Hudson, Canadian musician of the band The Band. 1937: Gundula Janowitz, German soprano. 1939: Wes Craven, American screenwriter, and filmmaker (d. 2015). 1939: John W. Snow, doctor of philosophy and an American lawyer. 1941: Fabio Testi, Italian actor. 1941: Jules Hoffmann, Franco-Luxembourg biologist, Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine. 1942: Isabel Allende, Chilean writer. 1942: Leo Beenhakker, Dutch coach. 1942: Louis Falco, American choreographer (d. 1993). 1942: Ilija Panteliე‡, Bosnian soccer player and coach (d. 2014). 1943: Jorge Corona, Argentine actor, and comedian. 1943: Alfredo Lamadrid, Chilean actor and journalist. 1943: Max Wright, American actor. 1945: Joanna Cassidy, American film and television actress. 1947: Mempo Giardinelli, Argentine writer and journalist. 1947: Massiel (Marდ­a de los დ?ngeles Santamara), Spanish singer. 1948: Peter McLaren, Canadian educator. 1951: Joe Lynn Turner, American singer of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. 1952: Alain Giresse, French soccer player and coach. 1953: Butch Patrick, American actor. 1953: Manuel Manquina, Spanish actor. 1954: Enrique Saura, Spanish footballer. 1956: დ?ngel Arroyo, Spanish cyclist. 1956: Andrew Blackman, Australian actor. 1956: Mike Davis, American basketball player. 1956: Isabel Pantoja, Spanish singer. 1957: Mojo Nixon, American musician. 1957: Butch Vig, American musician and music producer for bands like Nirvana or Garbage. 1960: Paulina Nin de Cardona, Chilean television presenter. 1960: Josდ© Atarდ©s Martდ­nez, Spanish politician (f. 2013). 1960: Neal Morse, American musician of the bands Spock's Beard and Transatlantic. 1960: Olivier Gruner, French actor. 1964: Mary-Louise Parker, American actress. 1964: Frank Biela, German motorsport driver. 1967: Rodrigo Cuadra, Chilean film critic, and musician. 1968: Stefan Effenberg, German footballer. 1969: Fernando Couto, Portuguese footballer. 1969: Angდ©lica Rivera, actress, and Mexican first lady. 1970: Kevin Smith, American filmmaker. 1971: Michael Hughes, British footballer. 1972: Federico Mდ©ndez, Argentine rugby player. 1972: Daniele Nardello, Italian cyclist. 1972: La Bruja Salguero (Marდ­a de los დ?ngeles Salguero), Argentine folk singer. 1972: Justyna Steczkowska, Polish singer. 1973: Jiვ?დ­ Zდ­dek, Czech basketball player. 1974: Angie Cepeda, Colombian actress. 1974: Jaume Comas, Spanish basketball player. 1975: Josდ© Fleurquდ­n, Uruguayan soccer player. 1975: Xu Huaiwen, Chinese badminton player, German nationalized. 1975: Isabel Macedo, Argentine actress. 1975: Mineiro, Brazilian soccer player. 1975: Ingrid Rubio, Spanish actress. 1976: Reyes Estდ©vez, Spanish athlete. 1976: Kati Wilhelm, German athlete. 1976: Sam Worthington, Australian actor. 1977: Edward Furlong, American actor. 1982: Hდ©lder Postiga, Portuguese soccer player. 1983: Michel Fernandes Bastos, Brazilian soccer player. 1984: Giampaolo Pazzini, Italian footballer. 1985: Jimmy Briand, French footballer. 1985: Harry Smith, American professional wrestler. 1990: Matდ­as Mier, Uruguayan soccer player. 1992: Charli XCX (Charlotte Emma Aitchison), British singer and songwriter.