august 24 zodiac

    People born on August 24 will maintain their strength for a long time and can live to be very old.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 24

    They are scrupulous people, passionate about order and regularity. With age, they become more and more critical, expressing significant analytical as well as practical abilities. They can tackle the smallest details with methodology and skill. Withdrawn, somewhat fearful, and hard-working, they love to study and read various books. They constantly gather information. Its nature is flexible and able to adapt to others. Sociable and friendly, they like all kinds of pleasures, parties, luxuries, and games. They not only like intellectual activities but also sports. They formulate their various projects and plans carefully and systematically to give them precise form. His flaws: stinginess, insidiousness, not lacking in parsimony. Their nature often shows worse tendencies, so they should try to control them. The health of people born on this day is quite good, and their body generally does not need much, as it is balanced. Still, they like to experiment with drugs and doctors, even though it is completely unnecessary most of the time. When they get tired or sick, they can regain health more quickly if they come into contact with nature, trees, and beautiful landscapes. It is the best medicine for these people. Due to the sensitivity of their intestines, they should avoid strong chemical medications. Marriage will help you achieve wealth. They love with passion. This birthday can bring the gifts of faithful friends and success. These people often enjoy wide recognition for their friendly and sociable natures. Both men and women born on this day change little as they age and maintain their youth for a long time.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 24

    If your birthday is on August 24, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    August 24 - personality and character

    character:  frank, forgiving, self-sufficient, self-centered, rude, fussy; profession:  ophthalmologist, flight attendant, sales representative; colors:  green, yellow, green; stone:  orthoclase; animal:  cockatoo; plant:  mint plant; lucky numbers:  8,23,43,48,51,53 super lucky number:  28

    Holidays and observances - August 24

    • Mexico: annual patronal feast in Tenayuca, Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.
    • Uruguay: Night of nostalgia on the eve of the Declaration of Independence.
    • Ukraine: Independence Day. (1991).
    • Argentina: Reader's Day.
    • Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica: National Parks Day.
    • Bolivia: Fiesta de Ch'utillos, the parade of folkloric and indigenous dances in honor of Saint Bartholomew, takes place in the city of Potosდ­.

    August 24 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Leonardo Conti, Nazi doctor, director of the German National Socialist Medical Association. 1900: Preston Foster, American singer. 1902: Fernand Braudel, French historian (d. 1985). 1902: Carlo Gambino, Italian mobster, head of the Gambino Family. 1903: Patricio Escobal, Spanish soccer player (d. 2002). 1903: Karl Hanke, German politician, last commander of the Nazi SS (d. 1945). 1903: Graham Sutherland, British artist (d. 2002). 1904: Ramდ³n Castroviejo, Spanish ophthalmologist (d. 1987). 1904: Aparicio Mდ©ndez, Uruguayan politician and dictator (d. 1988). 1904: Alice White, American actress. 1905: Siaka Stevens, Sierralones politician, and dictator. 1905 - Arthur Crudup, American blues musician. 1906: Ruth Berlau, Danish actress, director, photographer, and writer. 1911: Michel Pablo, Trotskyist leader of Greek origin (d. 1996). 1911: Durward Kirby, American commentator, presenter, and comedian. 1911: Siegfried Seidl, German Nazi officer, member of the Waffen-SS. 1912: Alita Romდ¡n, Argentine actress (d. 1989). 1913: Malcolm Knowles, American pedagogue (d. 1997). 1914: Coralia Fandiდ±o Ricart, Galician woman, of the Las Dos Marდ­as sisters (d. 1983). 1915: დ?ngel Magaდ±a, Argentine actor (d. 1982). 1915 : James Tiptree Jr., American writer. 1916: Amparito Arozamena, Mexican actress (d. 2009). 1916: Lდ©o Ferrდ©, French pianist and poet. 1918: Avery Dulles, American cardinal. 1919: Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy, 31st Ecuadorian politician and president. 1919: Benny Morდ©, Cuban singer-songwriter (d. 1963). 1920: Alex Colville, Canadian painter (d. 2013). 1922: Lennart Nilsson, Swedish photographer, and scientist. 1922: Renდ© Lდ©vesque, Canadian nationalist politician and journalist (d. 1987). 1922: Howard Zinn, American historian, and activist (d. 2010). 1922: Ahmadou Ahidjo, politician and first Cameroonian president. 1923: Arthur Jensen, American psychologist (d. 2012). 1923: Jean-Marc Thibault, French actor, and director. 1924: Jimmy Gardner, British actor (d. 2010). 1927: Harry Markowitz, American economist, Nobel laureate in economics in 1990. 1927: David Ireland, Australian novelist. 1928: Antonio Ozores, Spanish actor and filmmaker (d. 2010). 1929: Yasir Arafat, Palestinian leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1994 (d. 2004). 1932: Xabier Arzalluz, Spanish politician. 1932: Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, British cardinal. 1933: Guillermo Bredeston, Argentine actor. 1933: Alberto Olmedo, Argentine humorist (d. 1988). 1934: Kenny Baker, British actor famous for playing the robot R2-D2 in Star Wars (d. 2016). 1937: Kenny Guinn, American banker and politician, 27th Governor of Nevada (d. 2010). 1943: Irma Lozano, Mexican actress (f. 2013). 1944: Gregory Jarvis, an American astronaut, died on the Chდ¡llenger shuttle (d. 1988). 1944: Rocky Johnson, American professional wrestler. 1944: Alberto Segado, Argentine actor (d. 2010). 1945: Vince McMahon, American businessman, and wrestling promoter. 1945: Ronee Blakley, American actress, producer, and filmmaker. 1945: Ken Hensley, British composer. 1947: Anne Archer, American actress. 1947: Paulo Coelho, Brazilian novelist. 1947: Roger De Vlaeminck, Belgian cyclist and cyclocross champion. 1948: Jean-Michel Jarrდ©, French electronic music performer and composer. 1948: Sauli Niinistდ¶, Finnish politician and president since 2012. 1948: Alexander McCall Smith, British writer. 1950: Tim White, American paleoanthropologist. 1951: Orson Scott Card, American writer. 1951: Oscar Hijuelos, American writer (d. 2013). 1951: Pacho Herrera, Colombian drug trafficker (d. 1998). 1952: Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jamaican poet, musician, and activist. 1952: Mike Shanahan, American football coach. 1952: Gus Van Sant, American filmmaker, and producer. 1955: Mike Huckabee, American politician. 1955: Antonio Valero, Spanish actor. 1957: Stephen Fry, British comedian, and actor. 1958: Steve Guttenberg, American actor. 1959: Rodrigo Garcდ­a Barcha, Colombian television director and filmmaker. 1960: Takashi Miike, Japanese filmmaker. 1960: Cal Ripken, Jr., American baseball player. 1960: Franz Viehbდ¶ck, Austrian astronaut. 1960: Stephen Wayne Lindsey, American astronaut. 1960: Guillermo Garcდ­a Cantდº, Mexican actor 1961: Jared Harris, British actor. 1962: David Koechner, American comedian, and actor. 1963: John Bush, American singer of the band Anthrax. 1963: Claudio Garcდ­a, Argentine footballer. 1963: Peter Rufai, Nigerian goalkeeper. 1963: Hideo Kojima, Japanese video game designer, and filmmaker. 1964: დ‰ric Bernard, French Formula 1 driver. 1964: Dana Gould, American comedian, and screenwriter. 1965: Marlee Matlin, American actress. 1965: Reggie Miller, American basketball player. 1965: Pavel Teliე?ka, Czech lobbyist. 1968: Shoichi Funaki, Japanese professional wrestler. 1968: Andreas Kisser, Brazilian guitarist of the Sepultura band. 1968: James Toney, American boxer. 1969: Pierfrancesco Favino, Italian actor. 1969: John Tobias, American programmer. 1970: Dan Henderson, American mixed martial arts fighter. 1971: Amy Spanger, actress, singer, and American dancer. 1972: Christian Ruud, Norwegian tennis player. 1972: Fritz Strobl, Austrian Olympic skier. 1973: Inge de Bruijn, Dutch swimmer. 1973: Dave Chappelle, American actor, and comedian. 1973: Gray DeLisle, American singer. 1973: Carmine Giovinazzo, American actor. 1973: Barret Oliver, American actor, and photographer. 1974: დ“rla Fallon, Irish singer, and songwriter of the band Celtic Woman. 1975: James D'Arcy, British actor. 1976: Luna Monti, Argentine folk singer. 1976: Alex O'Loughlin, Australian actor. 1976: Nordin Wooter, Dutch footballer. 1977: Denilson, Brazilian soccer player. 1977: Ezequiel Montalt, Spanish actor. 1977: Robert Enke, German footballer (d. 2009). 1977: John Green, American writer. 1977: Jდ¼rgen Macho, Austrian footballer. 1977: Marcos Martდ­nez, Afro-Argentine actor. 1978: Josდ© Antonio Hermida, Spanish cyclist. 1978: Beth Riesgraf, American actress. 1979: Kaki King, American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. 1979: Michael Redd, American basketball player. 1980: Sonja Bennett, Canadian actress. 1980: Rachael Carpani, Australian actress. 1981: Tomდ¡s Fonzi, Argentine actor. 1981: Chad Michael Murray, American actor. 1981: Jiro Wang, Taiwanese actor. 1981: Goran ვ ukalo, Slovenian footballer. 1982: Josდ© Bosingwa, Portuguese footballer. 1982: Kim Kდ¤llstrდ¶m, Swedish footballer. 1983: Martha Higareda, Mexican actress. 1984: Yesung (Kim Jong-Woon), Korean singer and dancer, member of the group Super Junior. 1984: Lumidee, American rapper, and singer. 1984: Charlie Villanueva, Dominican-American basketball player. 1985: Hamid Sourian, Iranian fighter. 1986: Miguel Samudio, Paraguayan footballer 1986: Joseph Akpala, Nigerian footballer. 1986: Fabiano Santacroce, Italian footballer. 1987: Anვ¾e Kopitar, Slovenian ice hockey player. 1988: Rupert Grint, British actor. 1988: Paula Silva, Chilean fencer. 1988: Maya Yoshida, Japanese soccer player. 1989: Rocდ­o Igarzდ¡bal, Argentine actress, singer, and model. 1990: Juan Pedro Peter Lanzani, Argentine actor and singer. 1992: Augusto Schuster, Chilean actor, and singer. 1993: Maryna Zanevska, Ucanian tennis player. 1994: Tyler Ennis, Canadian basketball player. 1995: Wenwen Han, actress, and Chinese violinist. 1995: Noah Vonleh, American basketball player. 1997: Alan Walker, producer, and Norwegian DJ. 1997: Karol Robak, Polish taekwondo 1998: Robin (Robin Packalen), Finnish pop singer. 2000: Griffin Gluck, American actor.