august 26 zodiac

    People born on August 26 are hard-working, dreamy, and willing to take care of the elderly.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 26

    They are characterized by their unusual sensitivity and mediumship, and their exceptional intuition often borders on clairvoyance. They are very smart and skillful people, brave and composed. They gladly care for the elderly and help those in need. His demeanor is dreamy, and his goals in life are extraordinary. Although they strive for spirituality, their outlook on life is materialistic. They could express literary and journalistic skills. Very creative in their work, doing things in abundance. Hard-working people, well versed in the laws of nature, interested in science, especially in chemistry, and fond of all kinds of experiments. Your mind is very active and creative, giving you a rich harvest of your endeavors in life. Wise and prudent; they cover wide horizons with their mind. They are especially talented when it comes to accounts, as well as trading, where they can be successful. Although their behavior is quite passive and withdrawn, they are honest, open, and fair people. The shortcomings of this birthday include excessive selfishness and an overdeveloped tendency to criticize others. They are too interested in details; people born on this day are often distracted by small things and do not fully encompass the whole. Eager and diligent in their endeavors, always full of hope and good thinking. And yet they are at risk for bad experiences in life. Despite this, your intentions will finally come true and bring positive results thanks to your persistent work. His death can happen abroad.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 26

    If your birthday is on August 26, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    August 26 - personality and character

    character:  bold, benevolent, kind, mean, unpredictable, jealous; profession:  journalist, librarian, secretary; colors:  beige, blue, navy blue; stone:  red beryl; animal:  crow; plant:  Blueberry; lucky numbers:  8,9,13,25,40,57 super lucky number:  10

    Holidays and observances - August 26

    • Uruguay: National Day to Fight Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa
    • Argentina: Actor's Day.
    • International Dengue Day
    • Namibia Day
    • Argentina: National Solidarity Day, in honor of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    August 26 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Jorge Galina, Argentine politician (d. 1973). 1900: Alejandro Garretდ³n, Chilean doctor (d. 1980). 1901: Hans Kammler, Nazi German engineer, SS officer (d. 1945). 1901: Maxwell D. Taylor, American general and diplomat (d. 1987). 1901: Jimmy Rushing, American singer of the band Oklahoma City Blue Devils (d. 1972). 1901: Chen Yi, Chinese military and politician (d. 1972). 1904: Christopher Isherwood, British writer (d. 1986). 1905: Helen Katherine Sharsmith, American biologist (d. 1982). 1906: Albert Sabin, Polish-American virologist (d. 1993). 1909: Jim Davis, American actor (d. 1981). 1910: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian Catholic nun (d. 1997). 1911: Otto Binder, American writer (d. 1974). 1912: Julio Philippi Izquierdo, Chilean writer and politician (f. 1997). 1914: Julio Cortდ¡zar, Argentine writer, translator and intellectual (d. 1984). 1914: Atilio Garcდ­a, Argentine soccer player (d. 1973). 1916: Fernando Schwalb Lდ³pez-Aldana, Peruvian politician (f. 2002). 1917: Enrique Tola Mendoza, Peruvian engineer and politician (f. 1996). 1920: Ernesto Aramburდº Menchaca, Peruvian architect. 1920: Prem Tinsulanonda, Thai politician and military man. 1921: Benjamin Bradlee, American journalist, and publicist. 1921: Joaquდ­n Luis Romero Marchent, Spanish filmmaker (d. 2012). 1923: Wolfgang Sawallisch, German conductor and pianist (d. 2013). 1924: Rosa Reyna, Mexican dancer (f. 2006). 1925: Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, Chilean composer (d. 2010). 1925: Juan Hდ©ctor Hunziker, Argentine botanist (f. 2003). 1925: Alain Peyrefitte, French politician (d. 1999). 1929: Roberto Capablanca, Uruguayan humorist (f. 2013). 1929: Jorge Presno, Uruguayan lawyer and politician (d. 2010). 1929: Josდ© Carlos Trigo, Bolivian soccer player and coach. 1931: Kდ¡lmდ¡n Markovits, Hungarian water polo player (d. 2009). 1932: Lygia Bojunga Nunes, a Brazilian writer. 1932: Luis Salvadores, Chilean basketball player. 1934: Ricardo Claro, Chilean businessman (f. 2008). 1934: Tom Heinsohn, American basketball player, and coach. 1935: Luis Barrios Tassano, Uruguayan politician (d. 1991). 1935: Geraldine Ferraro, American politician (d. 2011). 1935: Josდ© Ramos Delgado, Argentine soccer player (d. 2010). 1936: Hisako ვ?ishi, Japanese politician (d. 2012). 1936: Milagros Ortiz Bosch, Dominican politician. 1936: Bruno Sivilotti, Italian cyclist. 1937: Blanca Rosa Gil, Cuban bolero singer. 1937: Gennadi Yanდ¡yev, Soviet politician (d. 2010). 1938: Marcello Gandini, Italian car designer. 1939: John Biehl, Chilean politician, and diplomat. 1941: Barbet Schroeder, French filmmaker. 1943: Hდ©ctor Manuel Vidal, Uruguayan theater director and actor (d. 2014). 1946: Artemio Alisio, Argentine cartoonist and artist (d. 2006). 1944: Richard of Gloucester. 1945: Payo Grondona, Chilean musician. 1945: Tom Ridge, American politician. 1945: Javier Tusell, Spanish historian (f. 2005). 1946: Manuel Callau, Argentine actor. 1946: Zhou Ji, Chinese politician. 1946: Valerie Simpson, American singer of Ashford & Simpson. 1946: Mark Snow, American composer. 1947: Nicolae Dobrin, Romanian footballer (d. 2007). 1948: დ?ngel Guinda, Spanish poet. 1948: Clarita Parra, Chilean musician. 1949: Virginia Vallejo, Colombian journalist. 1950: Benjamin Hendrickson, American actor (d. 2006). 1950: Felipe Lamarca, Chilean businessman, and economist. 1951: Edward Witten, American physicist, and mathematician. 1952: Jorge Coscia, Argentine filmmaker, and politician. 1952: Michael Jeter, American actor. 1954: Scott Henderson, American guitarist. 1956: Brett Cullen, American actor. 1957: Dr. Alban, Nigerian-Swedish musician, and producer. 1957: Franco Giordano, Italian politician. 1958: Juan Seდ±or, Spanish footballer. 1959: Oscar Lდ³pez Goldaracena; Uruguayan politician, lawyer and writer. 1959: Stan Van Gundy, American basketball coach. 1960: Branford Marsalis, American saxophonist and composer of the band Buckshot LeFonque. 1960: Ola Ray, American actress, and model. 1960: Alejandro Sდ¡nchez Camacho, Mexican politician. 1961: Jorge Ferraresi, Argentine engineer. 1962: the Roger Kingdom, American athlete. 1962: Vicky Larraz, Spanish singer. 1963: Stephen J. Dubner, American writer, and journalist. 1964: Aurora Beltrდ¡n, Spanish music, from the Tahures Zurdos band. 1964: Silvia Espigado, Spanish actress. 1965: Carolina Arregui, Chilean actress. 1965: Carlos Quintana, Venezuelan baseball player. 1965: Marcus du Sautoy, British mathematician. 1966: Shirley Manson, British singer of the band Garbage. 1967: Aleksandar ე?orე‘eviე‡, Serbian basketball player. 1967: Oleg Taktarov, Russian actor and retired fighter. 1968: Chris Boardman, British cyclist. 1969: Jorge Sanz, Spanish actor. 1970: Claudia Amura, Argentinian jecdrecista. 1970: Omar Gonzდ¡lez Onostre, Bolivian singer, of the Octavia band. 1970: Velko Iotov, Bulgarian footballer 1970: Melissa McCarthy, American actress, and writer. 1970: Rafael Romero Valcდ¡rcel, Peruvian poet. 1971: Thalდ­a, Mexican singer, actress, and businesswoman. 1971: Lisard Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish basketball player. 1971: Giuseppe Pancaro, Italian footballer. 1974: Kelvin Cato, American basketball player. 1974: Joaquდ­n Furriel, Argentine actor. 1976: Kiko Hernდ¡ndez, Spanish television celebrity. 1976: Zemfira, Russian singer. 1976: Amaia Montero, Spanish singer. 1977: Barbie Almalbis, Filipino singer and guitarist. 1977: Therese Alshammar, Swedish swimmer. 1977: Morris Peterson, American basketball player. 1978: Hestrie Cloete, South African athlete. 1978: Pablo Guiდ±azდº, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Juan Pablo Ramდ­rez, Colombian footballer. 1979: Christian Mora, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1979: Weligton Robson de Oliveira, Brazilian soccer player. 1979: Allison Robertson, American guitarist of the band The Donnas. 1979: Lito MC Cassidy (Rafael Sierra Pascual), Puerto Rican rapper. 1980: Macaulay Culkin, American actor. 1980: Sebastiდ¡n Miranda Cდ³rdova, Chilean footballer. 1980: Manolis Papamakarios, Greek basketball player. 1980: Chris Pine, American actor. 1981: Andreas Glyniadakis, Greek basketball player. 1981: Vangelis Moras, Greek footballer. 1981: დ?lvaro Solდ­s, Colombian footballer. 1981: Petey Williams, Canadian wrestler. 1983: Mattia Cassani, Italian footballer. 1983: Federico Nieto, Argentine soccer player. 1983: Fდ©lix Porteiro, Spanish racing driver. 1984: Cდ­cero Santos, Brazilian soccer player. 1984: Carla Jara, Chilean actress. 1984: დ?lvaro Lara, Chilean soccer player (f. 2011). 1985: David Price, American baseball player. 1985: Danilo Wyss, Swiss cyclist. 1986: Agustina Casanova, Argentine journalist. 1986: Colin Kazim-Richards, Anglo-Turkish footballer. 1986: Cassie Ventura, American actress, and singer. 1987: Josდ© Luis Fernდ¡ndez, Argentine footballer. 1987: Riley Steele, an American porn actress. 1988: Elvis Andrus, Venezuelan baseball player. 1988: Tori Black, an American porn actress. 1989: James Harden, American basketball player. 1989: Cepeda, Spanish singer. 1990: Lil 'Chris, British actor, and singer (f. 2015). 1990: Mateo Musacchio, Argentine footballer. 1991: Arnaud Dდ©mare, French cyclist. 1991: Dylan O'Brien, American actor. 1992: Hayley Hasselhoff, American actress. 1993: Keke Palmer, American actress, and singer. 1996: Marდ­a Herrera, Spanish motorcycle racer.