august 28 zodiac

    People born on August 28 have a great sense of spiritual greatness, and their instincts are noble.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 28

    They are just and mature people on the inside. His habits are balanced and normal, and his instincts are noble. They diligently fulfill all their duties in life, keeping their honor pure. They have a strong sense of spiritual greatness and high aspirations. His thoughts are inspired and spiritual, aware of their spiritual prowess and superiority over others. They offer a faithful and sacrificial friendship and can formulate excellent arguments and lead; as opponents, they come out undefeated. They will be the source of their own career and will owe their success to their executive skills and exceptionally developed intellect. They can also be successful in literature and the arts. His life generally flows smoothly and peacefully, and his general respect is fully deserved. Their excellent analytical skills will enable them to achieve success as music or literary critic. Flaws: They don't like trying too hard or hard work. They tend to be too cold and not emotional enough people, showing very little ambition and warrior instincts. How to raise a child born on this day? They are true "children of nature." Their interests are very versatile; they live the beauty of nature, they have strong sympathies and antipathies, and they are endowed with keen perception. They easily understand everything and often show maturity before their time, expressing a talent for business in their infancy. Educators of such a child should try to distract his attention from negative things, such as the shortcomings of his peers or the environment; Otherwise, you could develop a passion for criticizing others, which can poison your life later.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 28

    If your birthday is on August 28, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    August 28 - personality and character

    character:  attentive, independent, reasonable, unbridled, importunate, insolent; profession:  translator, playwright, auditing or; colors:  green, gold, olive; stone:  garnet; animal:  hen; Plant:  Corkscrew Willow; lucky numbers:  8,17,18,26,28,31 super lucky number:  19

    Holidays and observances - August 28

    • Argentina Archivist's Day: it is celebrated in memory of the foundation, on August 28, 1821, of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN)
    • Spain: Toro (Zamora): Patron saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n.
    • Spain: Avilდ©s (Asturias): Patron Saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n.
    • Spain: Quesada (Jaდ©n): farewell to the Virgin of Tდ­scar
    • Peru: Tacna: the Procession of the Flag is celebrated to commemorate the incorporation of the province to Peru.
    • Spain: Pedrajas de San Esteban (Province of Valladolid): Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n.
    • Spain: San Agustდ­n (El Ejido) - Patron Saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n and the Virgen de la Consolaciდ³n.
    • Spain: Monturque (Cდ³rdoba): Patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Aurora.
    • Spain: Calahorra (La Rioja): Patron Saint festivities of San Emeterio and San Celedonio
    • Spain: Fuente დ?lamo (Murcia): Saint Augustine festivities.
    • Spain: Olmos de Pisuerga (Palencia): Saint Augustine festivities.
    • Spain: San Sebastiდ¡n de los Reyes: Festivities in honor of San Sebastiდ¡n Mდ¡rtir.
    • Spain: Ojos (Murcia): Saint Augustine festivities.
    • Mexico: Grandfather's Day
    • Spain: El Toboso (Toledo): San Agustდ­n Fair.
    • Spain: Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza): Patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady Virgen de la Oliva.
    • Spain: Serradilla (Cდ¡ceres): Patron saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n
    • Spain: Aledo (Murcia): Saint Augustine festivities.
    • Spain: Borox (Toledo): Saint Augustine festivities.
    • Spain: Villavieja de Yeltes: Patron Saint festivities of Our Lady of the Knights.
    • Spain: Linares (Jaდ©n): Patron saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n.
    • Spain: Tordomar (Burgos): Patron Saint festivities in honor of San Agustდ­n.

    August 28 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Bruno Bettelheim, American psychoanalyst (d. 1990). 1903: Agustდ­n Irusta, Argentine actor, singer and composer (d. 1987). 1905: Fidel Pintos, Argentine actor and comedian (d. 1974). 1906: John Betjeman, British poet (d. 1984). 1907: Francisco Prieto Moreno, Spanish architect (d. 1985). 1908: Roger Tory Peterson, American ornithologist (d. 1996). 1910: Tjalling Koopmans, American economist, Nobel Prize in economics in 1975 (d. 1985). 1910: Ramდ³n Zabalo, Spanish footballer (d. 1967). 1911: Josდ© Antonio Girდ³n de Velasco, Spanish politician (d. 1995). 1913: Olga Costa, Mexican painter (d. 1993). 1913: Robertson Davies, Canadian novelist, and writer (d. 1995). 1913: Boris Pahor (104 years old), Slovenian writer. 1913: Josep Raich, Spanish footballer (d. 1988). 1914: Josep Escolდ , Spanish footballer (d. 1998). 1916: Carlos Conti, Spanish cartoonist (d. 1975). 1916: Rosa Rosen, Argentine actress (f. 2004). 1916: Jack Vance, American writer (d. 2013). 1917: Jack Kirby, American cartoonist (d. 1994). 1917: Ricardo Muდ±oz Suay, Spanish filmmaker (d. 1997). 1918: Alejandro Agustდ­n Lanusse, Argentine military and de facto president (f. 1996). 1919: Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield, British electronic engineer, Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine in 1979 (d. 2004). 1921: Fernando Fernდ¡n Gდ³mez, actor, film and theater director, and Spanish writer (f. 2007). 1921: Lidia Guდ©iler Tejada, Bolivian politician, president between 1979 and 1980 (f. 2011). 1924: Janet Frame, New Zealand novelist and short story writer (d. 2004). 1924: Peggy Ryan, American actress, and dancer (d. 2004). 1925: Donald O'Connor, American actor, singer, and dancer (d. 2003). 1927: Josდ© Climent Barber, priest, organist, conductor, composer, and Spanish musicologist (d. 2017). 1929: Yuri Nuller, Russian psychiatrist (f. 2003). 1930: Ben Gazzara, American actor (d. 2012). 1931: Cristina Deutekom, Dutch opera singer (d. 2014). 1932: Edgardo Madinabeytia, Argentine soccer player (d. 2002). 1934: Toscanito (Andrდ©s Poggio), Argentine child actor and businessman. 1936: Torrebruno, Italian showman, actor, singer, and presenter (f. 1998). 1938: Paul Martin, Canadian politician. 1939: Dina Sfat, Brazilian actress (d. 1989). 1940: Roger Pingeon, French cyclist (d. 2017). 1942: Sterling Morrison, American guitarist of the band The Velvet Underground (f. 1995). 1942: Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino, Venezuelan Catholic cardinal. 1943: David Soul, American actor of television and cinema. 1944: დ?ngel Clemente Rojas, Argentine footballer. 1944: Enric Margall, Spanish basketball player (d. 1986). 1945: Oscar Ferreiro, Argentine actor (d. 2009). 1947: Mauro Viale, Argentine journalist. 1948: Enrique Guerrero Salom, Spanish politician. 1948: Danny Seraphine, American drummer and music producer of the band Chicago. 1950: Ricardo Daniel Ibarra, Argentine Olympic rower (f. 2011). 1952: Carlos Mata, Venezuelan actor and singer. 1954: Marდ­a Rosa Yorio, Argentine singer. 1957: Daniel Stern, American actor. 1957: Manolo Preciado, Spanish soccer player and coach (d. 2012). 1958: Gustavo Sდ¡nchez, Puerto Rican manager (d. 2012). 1960: Emma Samms, British actress. 1961: Kim Appleby, singer-songwriter and British actress. 1961: Jennifer Coolidge, American actress. 1961: Roberto Marina, Spanish footballer. 1962: Francisco Camps, Spanish politician. 1962: Pablo Carbonell, Spanish humorist. 1962: David Fincher, American filmmaker. 1965: Satoshi Tajiri, Japanese video game designer and creator of Pokemon. 1965: Amanda Tapping, Canadian actress. 1965: Shania Twain, Canadian singer, and songwriter. 1965: Vivi Kreutzberger, Chilean television host, daughter of Don Francisco. 1966: Fabiდ¡n Alegre, Argentine footballer and coach. 1966: Julen Lopetegui, Spanish footballer. 1966: Renდ© Higuita, Colombian footballer. 1966: Yვ?ko Takahashi, Japanese singer. 1967: Santiago Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish drummer, of the band Los Secretos. 1968: Billy Boyd, British actor. 1968: Carlos Moreno, Colombian filmmaker. 1969: Jack Black, American actor. 1969: Mary McCartney, British photographer, daughter of Paul McCartney. 1969: Jason Priestley, Canadian actor. 1971: Janet Evans, American swimmer. 1973: Claudio Enrდ­a, Argentine footballer. 1974: Carsten Jancker, German footballer. 1975: Gareth Farrelly, Irish footballer. 1977: Juanდ­n Garcდ­a, Spanish handball player. 1978: Jess Margera, American drummer. 1979: Shaila Dდºrcal, Spanish singer. 1979: Leonardo Iglesias, Argentine footballer. 1979: Markus Prდ¶ll, German footballer. 1979: Luis Mena, Chilean soccer player. 1979: Guilherme Winter, Brazilian actor. 1980: Ryan Madson, American baseball player. 1981: Daniel Gygax, Swiss footballer. 1982: Thiago Motta, Brazilian-Italian footballer. 1982: LeAnn Rimes, American singer. 1982: Anderson Silva de Franდ§a, Brazilian soccer player. 1983: Alfonso Herrera, Mexican actor. 1984: Paula Fernandes, a Brazilian singer. 1984: Sarah Roemer, American actress. 1985: Cove Reber, American singer of the band Saosin. 1986: Nicolდ¡s Copano, Chilean journalist, radio host, and television presenter. 1986: Florence Welch, British singer, lead singer of the group Florence + the Machine. 1987: Barubaro, Colombian visual artist and cartoonist. 1989: Valtteri Bottas, Finnish motorsport driver. 1990: Boian Krkich, Spanish footballer. 1991: Kyle Massey, American actor. 1991: Valentდ­n Viola, Argentine footballer.