august 3 zodiac

    People born on August 3 harmoniously bond in cooperation with others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 3

    They show broad interests, sympathies, and points of view. They would like everyone around them to love and value them. When they develop morally, they can become very understanding people and attractive to others. They strongly experiment with everything, and they can skillfully cooperate with others and find good implementers of their projects. They are kind, social, and talented people; however, they often show very little stability and willpower. They are very loyal to their friends, who are sometimes the reason for painful experiences. They deserve full trust, always approaching others with faith. They believe in everyone and see them as good and just people. When this does not turn out to be the case, they are deeply disappointed. They mature before their time and can display unusual talents while still young. Flaws: When they are not developed, they are too sensual and do not control their feelings. What should they be wary of? Their instincts may be stronger than their morality, making them vulnerable to their passions. They are people committed to pleasure; they enjoy life, which could eventually put them in danger. Strongly passionate, with tendencies to misbehavior and strange addictions. They easily succumb to the negative influence of their environment and deviate. They must distrust passion and lust. They should avoid excessive haste and hasty acts, as well as the tendency to laziness and laziness. Their great sensitivity makes them show an excessive extreme in their sympathies.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 3

    If your birthday is August 3, your zodiac sign is  Leo.

    August 3 - personality and character

    character:  tough -worker, talented, brave, reserved, impulsive, careless; profession:  lawyer, journalist, sound engineer; colors:  green, red, black; stone:  jasper; animal:  fish; plant:  pea flower; lucky numbers:  1,14,15,29,31,43 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and observances - August 3

    • Fiesta Mayor of the Italian municipality of Adrano
    • Venezuela: National Flag Day
    • Festival of the Italian municipality of Baiano
    • Fiesta Mayor of the Spanish municipality of Murillo de Rდ­o Leza
    • Festival of the Spanish municipality of La Fuente de San Esteban
    • Fiesta Mayor of the Italian town of Aci Bonaccorsi
    • Venezuela: Day of the Jimდ©nez municipality of Lara state.
    • Festival of the Spanish population of Lominchar
    • Niger: Independence Day
    • Festival of the Spanish municipality of Valdemanco del Esteras
    • Festival of the Spanish municipality of Vilaseca
    • Gaztelu patronal festival
    • Patronal feast of the Spanish municipality of Oyarzun
    • Festival of the Spanish town of Pedrajas de San Esteban
    • Patronal feast of the Spanish town of Bargas
    • Festival of the Spanish municipality of Cudდ³n
    • International family planning day
    • Festival of the Spanish population of Los Cerralbos
    • Major Festival of the Spanish municipality of Torrepadre
    • Festival of the Spanish municipality of დ?balos
    • Festival of the Spanish town of Ancillo
    • Main Festival of the Italian municipality of Castel Frentano
    • Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina: Sports Fisherman's Day

    August 3 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Carlos Enrდ­quez, Cuban expressionist painter (d. 1957). 1901: Stefan Wyszynski, Polish cardinal (d. 1981). 1903: Habib Burguiba, Tunisian politician, president between 1957 and 1987 (d. 2000). 1904: Clifford D. Simak, American writer (d. 1988). 1905: Dolores del Rდ­o, Mexican actress (d. 1983). 1905: Franz Kდ¶nig, Austrian cardinal (d. 2004). 1905: Lauaxeta, Spanish poet and journalist (d. 1937). 1905: Manuel Bდ¡ez "El Litri," Spanish bullfighter (d. 1926). 1906: Pedro Nდºnez Navarrete, Chilean composer and educator (f. 1989). 1907: Ernesto Geisel, Brazilian military and politician (f. 1996). 1909: Josდ© Marდ­a de Areilza y Martდ­nez de Rodas, Spanish politician and diplomat (f. 1998). 1910: Adalberto P. Echeverrდ­a, Guatemalan lawyer and politician (f. 1995). 1911: Manuel Esperდ³n, Mexican composer (d. 2011). 1911: Jacobus Landwehr, Dutch botanist (d. 1996). 1913: Bartomeu Rossellდ³-Porcel, poet and Spanish translator in Catalan (d. 1938). 1913: Mono Villegas, Argentine jazz pianist (d. 1986). 1915: Pete Newell, American basketball player (d. 2008). 1916: Josდ© Manuel Moreno, Argentine footballer (d. 1978). 1917: Rudolf Gnდ¤gi, Swiss politician (d. 1985). 1917: Antonio Lauro, composer and Venezuelan classical guitar player (f. 1986). 1918: Maria Aurelia Capmany, Spanish novelist, playwright, and essayist (d. 1991). 1918: Sidney Gottlieb, American chemist and military psychiatrist (d. 1999). 1920: PD James, British writer (d. 2014). 1920: Charlie Shavers, American trumpeter (d. 1971). 1921: Pablo Emilio Madero, Mexican engineer, and politician (d. 2007) 1921: Marilyn Maxwell, American actress (d. 1972). 1923: Jean Hagen, American actress (d. 1977). 1923: Shenouda III, Pope of the Coptic Church and Patriarch of Alexandria (d. 2012). 1924: Karl Gotch, Belgian professional wrestler (d. 2007). 1924: Leon Uris, American writer (d. 2003). 1925: Marv Levy, Canadian football player, and coach. 1925: Alain Touraine, French sociologist and writer. 1926: Tony Bennett, American singer. 1926: Anthony Sampson, British sociologist, and writer (d. 2004). 1926: Gordon Scott, American actor (d. 2007). 1927: Enrique Pinilla, Peruvian conductor, and composer (f. 1989). 1928: Cდ©cile Aubry, French actress, and filmmaker (d. 2010). 1928 - James B. Harris, American screenwriter, producer, and filmmaker. 1928: Henning Moritzen, Danish actor (d. 2012). 1929: Leonor Llausდ¡s, Mexican actress (f. 2003). 1932: Elsa Berenguer, Argentine actress (f. 2006). 1932: Fosforito, flamenco singer. 1932: Marco Antonio Montes de Oca, Mexican poet and painter (d. 2009). 1933: Michel del Castillo, French writer. 1933: Jorge Lavat, Mexican actor (d. 2011). 1934: Jacques Maurice, French Hispanist (d. 2013) 1? 1934: Jonდ¡s Savimbi, Angolan politician (d. 2002). 1935: Omero Antonutti, Italian actor. 1935: Mario Abel Amaya, Argentine politician (d. 1976). 1937: Steven Berkoff, British actor, and screenwriter. 1937: Roland Burris, American politician. 1937: Lluდ­s Coll, Spanish footballer (f. 2008). 1937: Andrდ©s Gimeno, Spanish tennis player. 1937: Patricio Manns, Chilean musician, and writer. 1938: Ingrid Caven, German actress, and singer. 1938: Terry Wogan, Irish television presenter. 1939: Jimmie Nicol, British drummer of the band Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys. 1940: Martin Sheen, American actor. 1941: Martha Stewart, American business magnate, and personality. 1942: Cecilia Cenci, Argentine actress (d. 2014). 1943: Bდ©la Bollobდ¡s, Hungarian mathematician. 1943: Cristina of Sweden, Mrs. Magnuson, Swedish aristocrat. 1943: Elio Roca, Argentine singer-songwriter. 1944: Nino Bravo, Spanish singer (d. 1973). 1944: Manuel Toharia, Spanish scientific communicator. 1945: Antonio Tello, Argentine poet, and storyteller. 1946: Nikolai Burlyayev, Russian actor. 1946: Diana Sorel, Spanish actress. 1946: Jack Straw, British politician. 1946: Syreeta Wright, American singer (d. 2004). 1947: Francisco J. Lombardi, Peruvian filmmaker. 1948: Jean-Pierre Raffarin, French politician. 1950: Linda S. Howington, American writer. 1950: John Landis, American film director. 1950: Ernesto Samper Pizano, Colombian politician and president between 1994 and 1998. 1950: Carlos Trდ¡paga Barrientos, Mexican soccer player and commentator (f. 2008). 1951: Hans Schlegel, German physicist, and astronaut. 1952: Osvaldo Ardiles, Argentine soccer player. 1952: Nito Mestre, Argentine musician. 1953: Ian Bairnson, British saxophonist and keyboardist of the band The Alan Parsons Project. 1958: Juan Antonio Corbalდ¡n, Spanish basketball player. 1958: Mario Gustavo Vignali, Argentine politician. 1958: Lambert Wilson, French actor. 1959: Mike Gminski, American basketball player. 1959: John C. McGinley, American actor. 1959: Koichi Tanaka, Japanese chemist, 2002 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1960: Tim Mayotte, American tennis player. 1960: Kim Milton Nielsen, Danish soccer referee. 1961: Lee Rocker, American double bass player of the band Stray Cats. 1962: Javier Gდ³mez Bermდºdez, Spanish magistrate. 1963: James Hetfield, American vocalist and guitarist of the band Metallica. 1963: Ed Roland, American musician of the band Collective Soul. 1963: Lisa Ann Walter, American actress, comedian, film producer, and writer. 1963: Isaiah Washington, American actor. 1964: Inaki Antდ³n, Spanish guitarist, of the Extremoduro band. 1964: Lucky Dube, South African singer, and musician. 1964: Nate McMillan, American basketball player, and coach. 1964: Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thai economist and politician. 1965: Jordi Sans Juan, Spanish water polo player. 1965: Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Swiss economist. 1966: Guillermo Castellanos, Argentine pilot. 1967: Mathieu Kassovitz, French actor. 1968: Isao Yukisada, Japanese filmmaker. 1969: Andrდ©s Delgado Calderდ³n, Mexican mountaineer. 1969: Doug Overton, American basketball player, and coach. 1970: Stephen Carpenter, American guitarist and singer of the bands Deftones, Sol Invicto, and Kush. 1970: Gina G, an Australian singer. 1970: Laura Oliva, Argentine actress, host, and comedian. 1970: Masahiro Sakurai, video game designer, and director. 1971: Yoshitoshi ABe, Japanese graphic artist. 1972: Hernდ¡n Castellano, Argentine soccer player. 1972: Adria Collado, Spanish actor. 1972: Erika Marozsდ¡n, Hungarian actress. 1973: Jay Cutler, American bodybuilder. 1973: Nikos Dabizas, Greek footballer. 1973: Eugenio Figueroa, Chilean journalist and sports commentator. 1973: Stephen Graham, British actor. 1975: Laura Tდ©rmini, Venezuelan actress and broadcaster. 1976: Josდ© Miguel Villouta, Chilean television presenter. 1977: Angela Beesley, British businesswoman. 1977: Tom Brady, American football player. 1977: დ“scar Pereiro, Spanish cyclist. 1978: Collin Benjamin, Namibian footballer. 1978: Juan Carlos Higuero, Spanish athlete. 1978: Mariusz Jop, Polish footballer. 1979: Evangeline Lilly, Canadian actress. 1979: Maria Haukaas Storeng, Norwegian singer and actress. 1980: Nadia Ali, Pakistani singer. 1980: Josდ© Izquierdo Martდ­nez, Spanish footballer. 1980: Brandan Schieppati, American singer and guitarist of the bands Bleeding Through, Eighteen Visions, and Throwdown. 1981: Michelle Courtens, Dutch singer and musician. 1981: Omar Galeano, Uruguayan basketball player. 1981: Rubდ©n Gracia Calmache, Spanish soccer player. 1981: Pablo Ibდ¡nez, Spanish footballer. 1981: Lucas Lobos, Argentine soccer player 1982: Damien Sandow, American professional wrestler. 1982: Manuel Corrales, Peruvian soccer player. 1982: Viktor Khryapa, Russian basketball player. 1982: Damien Sandow, American wrestler. 1982: Robert Stadlober, Austrian actor and musician. 1983: Mamie Gummer, American actress. 1984: Carah Faye Charnow, American singer of the bands Shiny Toy Guns and Versant. 1984: Sunil Chhetri, Indian footballer. 1984: Mateo Figoli, Uruguayan soccer player. 1984: Jon Foster, American actor. 1984: Ryan Lochte, American swimmer. 1985: Eri Nobuchika, Japanese singer-songwriter of the band J-Pop. 1985: Rubდ©n Limardo, Venezuelan fencer. 1986: Hernდ¡n Bernardello, Argentine footballer. 1986: Charlotte Casiraghi, Monegasque aristocrat, daughter of Carolina of Monaco. 1987: Kim Hyung Joon, South Korean singer, and actor. 1987: Gary Medel, Chilean soccer player. 1988: Stephen Gleeson, Irish footballer. 1988: Sven Ulreich, German footballer. 1989: Jules Bianchi, French racing driver (f. 2015) 1989: Sam Hutchinson, British footballer. 1992: Karlie Kloss, American model. 1993: Yurina Kumai, Japanese singer.