august 6 zodiac

    People born on August 6 do not abandon their friends, even in the worst circumstances.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on August 6

    They are noble, proud, and fair in character, and they fight for self-development. They despise miserable acts and do not commit them, not even when pressed by necessity or self-defense. These people are excellent leaders, and their feelings of love are hot and strong. No sacrifice is too great when it comes to your loved ones. They provide a loyal and self-sacrificing friendship that remains true to others even in the worst of circumstances. They admire all things beautiful and great, show idealistic and mystical tendencies, and are even often very distant from the affairs of everyday life and their material concerns. Your heart plays a bigger role in life than your mind. Because of this, they can be influenced through sympathy, love, and the evaluation of their true values. When it comes to material matters, they are not selfish, showing a much greater interest in acquiring respect for others. They are happy to give advice but are not very willing to accept advice from others. They enjoy family life, but only in their own home. What threatens them: Their lack of initiative will cause them financial losses. Flaws: They are superficially influenced, and it is easy for them to get in a bad mood. They often do not excel in either their executive skills or their inventiveness. They allow the waves of life to carry them without exerting any particular effort to take control of their lives, which can give them unfavorable results. They might even be quite happy with their life, but they won't be able to preserve their wealth or protect themselves from material losses permanently. What should they aspire to? They should try to overcome their laziness.

    Zodiac sign for those born on August 6

    If your birthday is August 6, your zodiac sign is  Leo.

    August 6 - personality and character

    character:  alert, judicious, natural, parsimonious, fearful, careless; profession:  postman, director, shoemaker; colors:  olive, white, garnet; stone:  lapis lazuli; animal:  crow; plant:  petunia; lucky numbers:  15,34,39,47,48,49 super lucky number:  35

    Holidays and observances - August 6

    • Colombia: Battle of Boyacდ¡.
    • The San Cayetano festivities in the Urbanova neighborhood in Alicante.
    • Bolivia: Day of the armed forces.
    • International Beer Day
    • The San Cayetano festivities in the Lavapiდ©s neighborhood in Madrid.

    August 6 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Ann Harding, American actress (d. 1981). 1903: Louis Leakey, British archaeologist (d. 1972). 1903: Maria Reining, Austrian soprano (d. 1991). 1904: Ralph Bunche, American diplomat, 1950 Nobel Peace Prize winner (d. 1971). 1907: Lucy Cranwell, New Zealand botanist (d. 2000) 1911: Nicholas Ray, American filmmaker (d. 1979). 1921: Manitas de Plata, French guitarist (d. 2014). 1923: Licinio de la Fuente, Spanish politician, and businessman (d. 2015). 1926: Stan Freberg, American voice actor. 1926: Nelly Prono, Paraguayan actress (f. 1997). 1927: Carl Switzer, an American actor, represented Alfalfa in La Pandilla (f. 1959). 1928: James Randi, Canadian magician. 1929: Carlos Martდ­nez Sotomayor, Chilean lawyer, diplomat and politician (f. 2006). 1932: Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian athlete (d. 1973). 1933: Elinor Ostrom, American political scientist, Nobel Prize in economics in 2009 (f. 2012) 1938: Xosდ© Luis Mდ©ndez Ferrდ­n, Spanish writer, president of the Royal Galician Academy. 1938 - Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician, and anti-nuclear activist. 1939: Jitka Dupaე?ovდ¡, Czech mathematician (d. 2016) 1940: Jean Luc Dehaene, Belgian politician (d. 2014). 1942: Tobin Bell, American actor. 1942: Carlos Monzდ³n, Argentine boxer (f. 1995). 1942: BJ Thomas, American singer. 1942: Caetano Veloso, Brazilian singer-songwriter. 1943: Alain Corneau, French filmmaker (d. 2010). 1946: John C. Mather, American astrophysicist, and cosmologist, Nobel laureate in physics. 1947: Sofiya Rotaru, Ukrainian singer. 1947: Luis Marinas, Spanish journalist (f. 2010). 1948: Pau Riba, Spanish musician, and artist. 1954: Paco Casal, Uruguayan businessman. 1954: Antonio Resines, Spanish actor. 1958: Bruce Dickinson, British singer of the band Iron Maiden. 1960: David Duchovny, American actor. 1960: Rosana Pastor, Spanish actress. 1961: Carlos Vives, singer of vallenato, actor and Colombian composer. 1962: Michael Weikath, German composer. 1963: Osvaldo Bazდ¡n, Argentine journalist. 1963: Harold Perrineau, American actor. 1964: Ian Dench, composer, musician, guitarist, British band EMF. 1965: Jocelyn Angloma, French footballer. 1966: Jimmy Wales, American Internet entrepreneur, co-founder, and promoter of Wikipedia. 1966: Corbinian Bდ¶hm, German sculptor. 1967: Gilberto Angelucci, Venezuelan soccer player, and coach. 1969: Paul Lambert, Scottish footballer, and coach. 1972: Eva Hache, Spanish comedian and television presenter. 1972: Ghislain Lemaire, French judoka 1975: David Hicks, supposed Australian terrorist. 1975: დ‰dgar Renteria, Colombian baseball player. 1975: Charlize Theron, South African actress. 1977: Paula Echevarrდ­a, Spanish actress. 1978: Alexandre Aja, French filmmaker. 1978: Jamey Jasta, American singer of Hatebreed. 1978: Linsey Dawn McKenzie, British porn model, and actress. 1980: Fabio Di Angelo, Spanish guitarist. 1982: Juan Martდ­n Hernდ¡ndez, Argentine rugby player. 1982: Andre Birleanu, Russian model. 1982: Yana Klochkova, Ukrainian swimmer. 1982: Vasileios Spanoulis, Greek basketball player. 1982: Marco Melandri, Italian motorcycle racer. 1983: Christian Chდ¡vez, Mexican actor and singer. 1983: Mario Camacho, Costa Rican soccer player. 1984: Yun Hyon-seok, South Korean poet. 1985: Daniel Gimeno Traver, Spanish tennis player. 1986: Altair Jarabo, Mexican actress. 1986: Valter Birsa, Slovenian footballer. 1986: Paul Biedermann, German swimmer. 1991: Mike Trout, American baseball player. 1996: Liam James, Canadian actor. 1996: Dani Ceballos, Spanish footballer.