What Cancer Should Let Go in December

It would be best if you put aside excess sensitivity.

In December, you have to put Cancer sensitivity aside. Everything in excess is terrible Cancer, EVERYTHING. Although most people think that you have a kind of hard shell that protects you, the harsh reality is that you are more vulnerable than they think. You often take things very seriously, and you also believe the words of some people who are only trying to hurt you, who deep down are very jealous of you and want to see you down.


Sometimes you are too sensitive to criticism. And it is good that you are, but to the constructive ones, to those who really love you well.

What Aquarius Should Stop Doing Now

The problem is that you are affected by what third parties, and above BAD, may think or say about you. There is coming a stage to be with the Cancer family, a stage in which you should spend more time with those who deserve it, a stage in which you will give and receive a lot of love. Work Cancer, work hard so that everything bounces off that shell and nothing can break your heart. Let go of all that extreme sensitivity in your life. Now, you need to be a little tougher with others, especially with those who are hard on you, Crab.