Why Cancer Has Too Soft Heart

Look, Cancer, despite your dreaded temperament and your difficult-to-carry character, you are too good to many people who should already be in the universal garbage recycling queue, and you know it. You allow yourself to be embraced a little by naivety when it comes to love Cancer; admit it, you are a very good person with whom you should be a bit of a devil, and you know it. You believe in promises, even if they end up in the air; you believe in the good side of people, even if it never appears at times.

You go out of your way for others Cancer, to unsuspected limits you can be very capable of reaching limits that harm you in order to be of help to someone else, and if that is not a sign that you have an excellent heart, lower your gods and see because really, there is no more excellent demonstration of kindness than that.

Your heart endures Cancer, endures hurtful things until the day comes that it stands up and tells you UNTIL HERE. Yes, Crab, it is your heart that gives you a warning, who tells you to STOP, who reminds you to regain your self-love, so that you begin to demand the same thing that you give Crab, your heart tells you many times to stop and you, As a good crab that you are, you do not do or put * case most of the time. For that reason, he suffers more than he should.

That shows us that you have a perfect background, although your character is one of arms to take. Sometimes you let yourself be carried away by the moon and do things that you do not understand, you are a very good person, and that is to be admired.