Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Capricorn?

Negative experiences always mark our Capricorn hearts and yours, and it was not going to be less. Your heart has fame that has not been sought. It has a label imposed by people who do not know what material it is made of. People who look further and have enough coherence to give their opinion know how to wait and do not criticize until they have sufficient evidence to renew it. People who are not interested in knowing, who only criticize and judge, end the holy patience that characterizes you so much.

For you, that they talk about your life without anyone having any idea of the truth of the whole story is more than enough reason to think that the world is against you.

Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Libra So Much?

That is what makes you believe that nobody understands that they do not love you and that they only want to hurt you in any way. Disappointment is the culprit that your heart has been made of iron. Disappointments are also to blame for the fact that it has become somewhat cold. It is not you, Capricorn, and it is life. Life is very bitchy when it wants to, and you know it. Sometimes love is too. Your character is very doggy, that is true, but it is what it is.

You are a very fighter person who does not rest until he achieves his goals.

But you are also a very hermetic person who does not let anyone know and who has only layers and layers of armor that prevent others from showing the piece of heart that you hide inside. You feel that nobody understands you and that nobody loves you as they should when they turn against you. Capricorn, from time to time, we have to swallow our pride and admit that we are wrong. Sometimes we have to make enormous power and trust again. You’re scared, it’s normal, but not everyone is terrible, Capri. Your sixth sense guides you, but your heart is always the boss.