december 10 zodiac

    People born on December 10 are eccentric, restless, with great intuition that grows stronger with age.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 10

    These people are fantastically and romantically in tune, interested in the secrets of others. They express themselves eccentrically, in a rather peculiar way. People born today generally have the gift of great confidence and intuition, sometimes even prophetic abilities. With a very lively, quite ostentatious, open, and noble demeanor, these people value their independence above all else. Flaws: They are sometimes too outspoken, too honest, and overly confident. If they are not careful, they can easily say more than they intended. His mind is fantastic and often unbalanced: he gladly strives for unrealistic plans, which often lead to his efforts ending in disappointment. Why should they fight? The excessive harshness and openness of their words can often cause distress in their surroundings, and even if they speak the truth, it is not enough of an excuse. They should learn the kindness and kindness of speech and also remember that the truth must be told with certain relativity. They should be very careful when getting married, as meeting someone completely different can put them at risk for bad experiences. This occurs because they want to maintain their independence, both individually and in marriage, which can cause serious disharmony. Their attachments are exceptionally strong, but they become bitter people when their hopes are met with disappointment. Women become silent and hopeless, and men fall into depression.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 10

    If your birthday is December 10, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 10 - personality and character

    character:  witty, observant, uncompromising, vehement, casual, gloomy; profession:  railwayman, mathematician, teacher; colors:  red, white, beige; stone:  chrysoberyl; animal:  lynx; plant:  mint plant; lucky numbers:  4,5,10,11,24,26 super lucky number:  7

    Holidays and Observances - December 10

    • International Animal Rights Day.
    • Argentina: Gymnastics and Fencing Fan Day La Plata (Argentine soccer club).
    • Mexico: Physical Day.
    • Argentina: Every four years, the President-Elect assumes.
    • In the Northern Hemisphere: approximate day (about 11 days before the solstice) when the Sun sets earlier.
    • Spain: Day of the Patroness of the Spanish Air Force (the Virgin of Loreto).
    • Human Rights Day.
    • Argentina: Social Worker Day
    • Mexico: Clown Day.

    December 10 Celebrity Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1891: Nelly Sachs, German-Swedish poet, and playwright (d. 1970). 1902: Dulce Marდ­a Loynaz, Cuban poet (f. 1997). 1903: A Merkel, American actress (d. 1986). 1903: Miguel Odriozola, Spanish geneticist and trade unionist (d. 1974). 1904: Juan Josდ© Arდ©valo Bermejo, Guatemalan president (d. 1990). 1907: Rumer Godden, British writer (d. 1998). 1907: Lucien Laurent, French footballer (d. 2005). 1908: Mario Evaristo, Argentine soccer player (f. 1993). 1908: Olivier Messiaen, French composer (d. 1992). 1909: Georg Ludwig Jochum, German conductor, and musician (d. 1970). 1913: Morton Gould, American composer (f. 1996). 1914: Dorothy Lamour, American actress (f. 1996). 1915: Monroe Beardsley, American philosopher (d. 1985). 1916: Alfredo Ripstein, Mexican film producer (d. 2007). 1917: Eladio Dieste, Uruguayan engineer (d. 2000). 1917: Pedro Elდ­as Zadunaisky, Argentine astronomer and mathematician (d. 2009). 1918: Anne Gwynne, American actress (f. 2003). 1919: Sesto Bruscantini, Italian bass and baritone (f. 2003). 1919: Alexander Courage, American composer (d. 2008). 1919: Esther Forero, Colombian singer (d. 2011). 1919: Vicentico Valdდ©s, Cuban singer (f. 1995). 1920: Clarice Lispector, Brazilian writer (d. 1977). 1922: Lucდ­a Hiriart de Pinochet, Chilean woman, wife of Augusto Pinochet. 1923: Harold Gould, American actor (d. 2010). 1923: Jorge Semprდºn, Spanish politician and writer (d. 2011). 1923: Clorindo Testa, Argentine architect, and painter (d. 2013). 1924: Michael Manley, Jamaican politician, 4th prime minister (d. 1997). 1926: Harry Fowler, British actor (d. 2012). 1927: Agnes Nixon, American actress, and filmmaker (d. 2016). 1928: Dan Blocker, American actor (d. 1972). 1931: Gonzalo Anes, Spanish economist and historian (d. 2014). 1933: Mako, Japanese actor (d. 2006). 1933: Eduardo Pavlovsky, Argentine doctor, actor, director, and playwright (d. 2015). 1934: Howard Martin Temin, American biologist, 1975 Nobel Prize in Medicine (d. 1994). 1937: Jorge Reynolds Pombo, Colombian engineer and inventor of the first internal artificial pacemaker. 1938: Yuri Temirkდ¡nov, Russian conductor and musician. 1939: Dick Bavetta, American basketball referee. 1941: Fionnula Flanagan, Irish actress. 1941: Kyu Sakamoto, Japanese singer, and actor. 1944: Agustდ­n Mantilla, Peruvian economist and politician. 1945: Luisina Brando, Argentine actress. 1946: Flores Chaviano, Spanish-Cuban composer, conductor, and guitarist. 1948: Muhammad Zaidan, Syrian terrorist (d. 2004). 1951: Ellen Nikolaysen, Norwegian actor and singer. 1955: Ana Gabriel, Mexican singer. 1956: Rod Blagojevich, American politician. 1956: Roberto Cassinelli, Italian politician. 1957: Michael Clarke Duncan, American actor (d. 2012). 1957: Prem Rawat (Guru Maharashi), Indian sect leader and businessman. 1958: Cornelia Funke, German writer. 1958: Ronald Gamarra, Peruvian politician and activist. 1958: William Mდ©ndez, Venezuelan soccer player and politician. 1959: Mark Aguirre, American basketball player. 1960: Kenneth Branagh, British filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor. 1962: Masakazu Katsura, Japanese manga artist. 1964: Edith Gonzდ¡lez, Mexican actress. 1964: George Newbern, American actor. 1966: Mel Rojas, Dominican baseball player. 1969: Ergდ¼n Demir, Turkish actor. 1970: Bryant Stith, American basketball player. 1972: Marquitos Di Palma, Argentine motorist. 1972: Brian Molko, singer and American guitarist of the band Placebo. 1973: Gabriela Spanic, Venezuelan actress. 1974: Meg White, American drummer of the band The White Stripes. 1975: Iდ±aki Urlezaga, Argentine dancer. 1975: Josip Skoko, Australian footballer. 1976: Kuniva, an American rapper. 1977: Mr. დ?guila, Mexican wrestler. 1977: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Canadian actress. 1978: Jose Mari, Spanish footballer. 1979: Michael Shane, American wrestler. 1979: Aleksandr Guerunov, Russian karate fighter. 1980: Sarah Chang, Korean-American violinist. 1980: Massari, Lebanese singer. 1980: Billy Mდ©ndez, Mexican musician from the band Motel. 1981: Fდ¡bio Rochemback, Brazilian soccer player. 1981: Raquel Antდºnez Cazorla, Spanish writer. 1982: Aitziber Garmendia, Spanish actress. 1983: Patrick Flueger, American actor. 1983: Zდ© Kalanga, Angolan footballer. 1983: Xavier Samuel, Australian actor. 1983: Katrin Siska, Estonian musician of the Vanilla Ninja band. 1984: Jayson Paul, American professional wrestler. 1984: Gregorio Petit, Venezuelan baseball player. 1985: Charlie Adam, British footballer. 1985: Trდ©sor Mputu, Congolese footballer. 1985: Raven-Symonდ©, American actress and singer. 1987: Gonzalo Higuaდ­n, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Wilfried Bony, Ivorian footballer. 1989: Zach Porter, American singer of the band Allstar Weekend. 1990: დ?nhuar Escalante, Mexican actor and singer. 1990: Shoya Tomizawa, Japanese motorcyclist (d. 2010). 1994: Matti Klinga, Finnish footballer. 2014: Jaime Raniero-Grimaldi, Monegasque aristocrat. 2014: Gabriela Grimaldi, Monegasque aristocrat.