december 11 zodiac

    People born on December 11 are complicated by nature, with a passion for art.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 11

    The love for truth, peace, and justice are one of the most characteristic features of these people. They work hard, and they are inventive; they bravely face life's difficulties. Women give them their friendship. They not only show a passion for the arts but also various talents, including music. They defend a certain simplicity in life and would rather sacrifice everything than allow themselves to be limited: this is how they value their independence. A bit friendly and suspicious, not very pleasant in an unfriendly environment. They have a very complicated nature that is difficult to understand. Somewhat dreamy, changeable in her views, a little fearful at times, but showing heroic courage and audacity at other times. His mind goes much further and sees the distant future, something that cannot be understood by his surroundings. They are always hopeful people, but their vivid imaginations often make them mistake illusions for reality. They proclaim their conclusions with great confidence, thus making enemies since people generally do not like to be told the truth. Always very concerned about what they do and very decisive in their actions. However, they do not show any legalism or orthodoxy in their views. Flaws: When people born on this day do not have enough self-control, nervous irritability takes advantage of them, which can later lead to nervous breakdowns and illness. What should they be wary of? Being full of passion, despite their subtle mind, they are often entangled in life's difficulties and have to suffer various limitations.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 11

    If your birthday is on December 11, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 11 - personality and character

    character:  sensitive, polite, loyal, nervous, spoiled, mean; profession:  structural engineer, gravedigger, engineer; colors:  green, white, green; stone:  morganite; animal:  starfish; plant:  daisy; lucky numbers:  4,15,16,32,50,57 super lucky number:  14

    Holidays and observances - December 11

    • Spain: Grajal de Ribera, La Antigua (Province of Leდ³n, Spain): Santa Eulalia.
    • Spain: Espina de Tremor, Igueდ±a (Province of Leდ³n, Spain): Santa Lucდ­a.
    • Argentina: National Tango Day
    • Spain: Langre, Berlanga del Bierzo (Province of Leდ³n, Spain): Santa Eulalia.
    • Venezuela: National Broadcaster Day.
    • United Nations Organization: International Mountain Day.
    • Argentina: Mason's Day

    December 11 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Aleksandr Fadeyev, Russian writer (d. 1956). 1904: Marge (Marjorie Henderson Buell), American cartoonist, from Little Lulu (d. 1993). 1905: Gilbert Roland, Mexican-American actor (d. 1994). 1908: Carlos Arias Navarro, Spanish president (d. 1989). 1908: Elliott Carter, American composer (d. 2012). 1908: Manoel de Oliveira, Portuguese director and screenwriter (d. 2015). 1908 - Amon Goeth, German SS officer (d. 1946). 1909: Ronald McKie, Australian writer (d. 1991). 1909: John Wyer, British team manager (d. 1989). 1910: Noel Rosa, Brazilian composer (d. 1937). 1911: Naguib Mahfuz, Egyptian writer, 1998 Nobel Prize winner for literature (f. 2006). 1911: Val Guest, British director (d. 2006). 1911: Qian Xuesen, Chinese scientist (d. 2009). 1912: Carlo Ponti, Italian film producer (d. 2007). 1913: Jean Marais, French actor (d. 1998). 1916: Dდ¡maso Pდ©rez Prado, Cuban musician (d. 1989). 1916: Elena Garro, Mexican writer (f. 1998). 1918: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Soviet writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1970 (d. 2008). 1919: Marie Windsor, American actress (d. 2000). 1921: Pierre Bec, French linguist, philologist and poet (d. 2014). 1922: Grigoris Bithikotsis, Greek singer (d. 2005). 1922: Dilip Kumar, Indian actor, and politician. 1923: Betsy Blair, American actress (d. 2009). 1924: Alfredo Parga, Argentine journalist (d. 2004). 1925: Paul Greengard, American neurologist, 2000 Nobel Prize winner for medicine. 1926: Big Mama Thornton, American singer (d. 1984). 1927: John Buscema, American comedian (f. 2002). 1928: Renny Ottolina, Venezuelan television producer and animator (d. 1978). 1928: Tomდ¡s Gutiდ©rrez Alea, Cuban filmmaker (f. 1996). 1929: Eduardo Schinca, Uruguayan playwright, actor, and theater director (d. 2001). 1930: Beatriz Bonnet, Argentine actress. 1930: Chus Lampreave, Spanish actress (d. 2016). 1930: Jean-Louis Trintignant, French actor. 1931: Ronald Dworkin, American philosopher, and scholar (d. 2013). 1931: Rita Moreno, Puerto Rican actress. 1931: Osho, religious writer, sect leader, and Indian smuggler (d. 1990). 1932: Enrique Bermდºdez Varela, Nicaraguan paramilitary and drug trafficker, founder of the contras (f. 1991). 1933: Gregorio Camacho, Venezuelan painter (f. 2002). 1933: Aldo Mayo, Argentine actor (d. 2007). 1934: Ulises Estrada, Cuban revolutionary (d. 2014). 1935: Pranab Mukherjee, Indian politician (d. 2012). 1936: Hans van den Broek, French-Dutch politician. 1937: Jim Harrison, American writer (d. 2016). 1938: Enrico Macias, French singer. 1938: McCoy Tyner, American jazz pianist. 1939: Tom Hayden, American politician, and activist (d. 2016). 1940: Manuel Martდ­n Ferrand, Spanish journalist (f. 2013). 1940: David Gates, American musician of the band Bread. 1941: Dდ¡maso Blanco, Venezuelan baseball player, and sportscaster. 1943: John Kerry, American politician. 1944: Brenda Lee, American singer. 1944: Teri Garr, American actress. 1944: Eric Bloom, American musician. 1946: Rhoma Irama, Indonesian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor. 1947: Andrდ©s Rდ¡bago, Spanish humorist and cartoonist. 1948: Juan Andდºjar Oliver, Spanish soccer referee. 1948: Omar Castillo, an aviator and an Argentine national hero was killed in combat (d. 1982). 1948: Vდ­ctor Vდ­ctor, Dominican musician and composer. 1950: Christina Onassis, Greek businesswoman, daughter of Aristotle Onassis (d. 1988). 1951: Spike Edney, British keyboardist. 1953: Bess Armstrong, American actress. 1954: Santiago Creel, Mexican politician. 1954: Julio Fuentes Serrano, Spanish journalist; assassinated (f. 2001). 1954: Jermaine Jackson, American singer. 1954: Guდ°laugur Kristinn დ“ttarsson, Icelandic guitarist, polytechnic engineer, and inventor. 1956: Ricardo Giusti, Argentine soccer player. 1957: Peter Bagge, American illustrator, and writer. 1957: Alicia Barberis, Argentine writer, oral narrator, and poet. 1958: Alberto Ruiz-Gallardდ³n, Spanish politician. 1958: Nikki Sixx, American bassist, of the band Mდ¶tley Crდ¼e. 1960: Rachel Portman, British composer. 1961: Jorge da Silva, Uruguayan soccer player and coach. 1961: Darryl Jones, American bassist. 1961: Macky Sall, Senegalese politician, 4th president of his country. 1962: Ben Browder, American actor. 1962: Nele Karajliე‡, Serbian singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and actor. 1963: Jon Brion, American musician. 1963: Claudia Kohde-Kilsch, German tennis player. 1964: Miguel Varoni, actor and director of Argentine television, nationalized Colombian. 1966: Gary Dourdan, American actor. 1966: Leon Lai, Hong Kong singer, and actor. 1967: DJ Yella, American rapper, producer, and filmmaker. 1967: Mo'Nique, American actress. 1968: Fabrizio Ravanelli, Italian footballer. 1969: Viswanathan Anand, Indian chess player. 1969: Stig Inge Bjდ¸rnebye, Norwegian footballer. 1969: Mario Picazo, meteorologist, and Spanish television presenter. 1969: Tamara Seisdedos, Spanish singer and actress. 1972: Daniel Alfredsson, Swedish ice hockey player. 1972: Raquel Barco, Spanish writer. 1972: Sami Al Jaber, Saudi-Arab footballer. 1972: Rusty Joiner, model, and American actor. 1973: Mos Def, American rapper and actor. 1974: Rey Mysterio Jr., Mexican wrestler. 1976: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, American basketball player. 1981: Nikki Benz, an American porn actress. 1981: Javier Saviola, Argentine footballer. 1981: Zacky Vengeance, American musician of the band Avenged Sevenfold. 1982: Natalia, Spanish singer. 1982: Mabel Cartagena, is a Colombian presenter. 1983: Yoh Miyamori, Japanese musician of the Orange Range band. 1984: Sandra Echeverrდ­a, Mexican actress and singer. 1984: Nestor Susaeta, Spanish footballer. 1984: Leighton Baines, British footballer. 1985: Karla Souza, Mexican actress. 1986: Roy Hibbert, American basketball player. 1987: Natalia Gordienko, Moldovan singer. 1989: Jდ©ssica Sanjuდ¡n, Colombian actress. 1992: Tiffany Alvord, American singer. 1996: Hailee Steinfeld, American actress. 1996: Jack Griffo, American actor