deccember 17 zodiac

    People born on December 17 are enthusiastic by nature and have helpful friends.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 17

    Their character is strong and imperious and often enables them to overcome life's difficulties: Hard-working, enthusiastic people who show excellent mental abilities and broad interests. They make friends easily and can adopt the good traits of others. The flaws of this birthday include sensuality, restlessness, strength, and scattered abilities, as well as oppositional and rebellious tendencies. Little interested in the outcome of their actions, these people pursue their projects like maniacs. When their sensual passions and desires become very strong, they are at risk for negative actions. Why should they fight? Above all, to control yourself and avoid sensual excesses. December 17 They should not imitate others and draw their ideals from the bottom of their hearts. You must not jump from one place to another, change your occupation and your environment, but remain in a position once you choose it and fulfill your moral duties because that will propel you forward in the great school of life. It should be noted that this birthday produces two types of people: the inferior, undeveloped, who are restless, tough, giddy, distracted, who seek beauty, pursue opportunities, who value gambling, and bet everything on a single card. The developed type is represented by people who are generally liked for their kindness, loyalty, and fairness. Friends of these people often hold high positions and can be very helpful to them.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 17

    If your birthday is December 17, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 17 - personality and character

    character:  sincere, attentive, wise, reserved, perfidious, moody; profession:  ophthalmologist, veterinarian, painter; colors:  silver, white, pink; stone:  opal; animal:  badger; plant:  Celosia; lucky numbers:  2,9,27,32,33,40 super lucky number:  6

    Holidays and Observances - December 17

    • Latin America: Latin American Environmentalist Day.
    • Bhutan: commemoration of the anniversary of the enthronement of the first king of Bhutan.

    December 17 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Mary Lucy Cartwright, British mathematician (d. 1998). 1900: Manuel Larraდ­n Errდ¡zuriz, Chilean bishop (d. 1966). 1900: Isidro Parga Pondal, Spanish geologist (f. 1986). 1900: Katina Paxinou, Greek actress (d. 1973). 1902: Raდºl Caballero Aburto, Mexican politician (d. 1977). 1902: Miguel დ?ngel Espino, Salvadoran journalist and writer (d. 1967). 1903: Erskine Caldwell, American novelist (d. 1987). 1903: Ray Noble, British musician (d. 1978). 1904: Paul Cadmus, American artist (d. 1999). 1905: Simo Hდ¤yhდ¤, Finnish military man (d. 2002). 1905: დ‰rico Verდ­ssimo, Brazilian writer (d. 1975). 1906: Bede Griffiths, British mystic (d. 1993). 1906: Enzo Domდ©stico Kabregu, Italian-Uruguayan painter (d. 1971). 1908: Willard Libby, American chemist, 1960 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry (d. 1980). 1910: Spade Cooley, American musician (d. 1969). 1910: Sy Oliver, American musician (d. 1988). 1910: Manuel Vდ¡zquez Sagastizabal, Spanish Francoist aviator (d. 1939). 1913: Alicia Lourteig, Argentine botanist (f. 2003). 1914: Raymond Fernდ¡ndez, American criminal (d. 1951). 1915: Andrდ© Claveau, French singer (f. 2003). 1915: Robert A. Dahl, American political scientist (d. 2014). 1916: Penelope Fitzgerald, British writer (d. 2000). 1919: Ezekiel Mphahlele, South African writer (d. 2008). 1920: Kenneth Iverson, American mathematician (d. 2004). 1922: Mario Rigamonti, Italian footballer (d. 1949). 1923: Jaroslav Pelikan, American historian (d. 2006). 1923: Jდ¼rgen Ponto, German banker (d. 1977). 1925: Josდ© Rivera Ramდ­rez, Spanish priest (d. 1991). 1926: Josდ© Lutzenberger, Brazilian environmentalist (f. 2002). 1927: Antonio Fernდ¡ndez Alba, Spanish architect. 1930: Armin Mueller-Stahl, German actor. 1930: Makoto Moroi, Japanese composer (f. 2013) 1932: Luis Tasca, Argentine actor (f. 1996). 1936: Francisco (Jorge Bergoglio), Argentine religious pope of the Catholic Church. 1936: Klaus Kinkel, German politician. 1937: Sergio Jimდ©nez, Mexican actor and director. 1937: John Kennedy Toole, American novelist. 1937: Jaime Lerner, Brazilian urban planner, and politician. 1938: Peter Snell, New Zealand athlete. 1938: Cayetano Utrera Ravassa, Spanish politician (d. 2012). 1939: Josდ© Balza, Venezuelan writer. 1940: დ‰dika, Egyptian-French cartoonist. 1940: Alicia Muდ±oz, Argentine writer, screenwriter, and playwright. 1940: Marდ­a Elena Velasco, Mexican actress. 1941: Thelma Biral, Argentine actress. 1942: Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian president. 1942: Paul Butterfield, American musician. 1942: Juan de Dios Romდ¡n, coach and manager of Spanish handball. 1944: Bernard Hill, British actor. 1944: Enrique Porta, Spanish footballer. 1945: Daniel Gutiდ©rrez, Uruguayan magistrate. 1945: Ernie Hudson, American actor. 1945: Chris Matthews, American presenter. 1946: Eugene Levy, Canadian actor. 1947: Mykola Azarov, Ukrainian Prime Minister. 1947: Robert Dornhelm, Romanian filmmaker. 1947: Wes Studi, American actor. 1948: Kemal Kე±lე±დ§daroე?lu, Turkish politician. 1948: Carlos Melero, Spanish cyclist. 1949: Sotiris Kaiafas, Cypriot footballer. 1949: Paul Rodgers, British singer of the bands Free and Bad Company. 1950: Oscar Fabbiani, Chilean-Argentine footballer. 1951: Jaume Bosch i Pugდ¨s, Spanish politician. 1951: Tatiana Kazდ¡nkina, Russian athlete. 1951: Curro Rivera, Mexican bullfighter. 1952: Silvia Fernდ¡ndez Barrio, Argentine journalist. 1952: Renდ© Simდµes, Brazilian soccer coach. 1953: Aleksandr Beliavski, Ukrainian chess player. 1953: Helena Mallarino, Colombian actress. 1953: Sally Menke, American film editor (d. 2010). 1953: Bill Pullman, American actor. 1954: Pichi Alonso, Spanish footballer. 1954: Tucho Calvo, Spanish journalist and writer. 1954: Amado Carrillo, Mexican drug trafficker (f. 1997). 1955: Brad Davis, American basketball player. 1956: Peter Farrelly, American producer, and filmmaker. 1956: Ronald Melzer, Uruguayan film critic and producer (d. 2013). 1957: Andrდ©s Mignucci, Puerto Rican architect. 1957: Pino Palladino, British bassist. 1957: Patricio Patron Laviada, Mexican politician. 1958: Mike Mills, American musician of the band REM. 1959: Gregg Araki, American film director. 1959: Albert King, American basketball player. 1960: Moreno Argentin, Italian cyclist. 1961: Sarah Dallin, British composer. 1961: Inდ©s Fernდ¡ndez-Ordდ³დ±ez, Spanish philologist and academic. 1962: Ari Folman, an Israeli filmmaker. 1963: Jდ³n Kalman Stefდ¡nsson, Icelandic writer. 1964: Iდ±aki Badiola, Spanish businessman. 1964: Iდ±igo Muguruza, Spanish musician. 1964: Rogelio Rueda Sდ¡nchez, Mexican politician. 1964: Joe Wolf, American basketball player. 1966: Yვ«ko Arimori, Japanese athlete. 1967: Gigi D'Agostino, Italian DJ and producer. 1968: Almendra Gomelsky, Argentine television presenter. 1968: Claudio Suდ¡rez, Mexican soccer player. 1968: Paul Tracy, Canadian racing driver. 1969: Laurie Holden, American actress. 1969: Elდ­as Jaua, Venezuelan politician and sociologist. 1969: Chuck Liddell, American wrestler. 1969: Mick Quinn, a British musician. 1969: Michael V., Filipino actor, and singer. 1970: Michael Mols, Dutch footballer. 1970: Pavel Padrnos, Czech cyclist. 1970: Stella Tennant, British model. 1970: Sean Patrick Thomas, American actor. 1971: Antoine Rigaudeau, French basketball player. 1972: John Abraham, Indian actor. 1972: David Belenguer, Spanish goalkeeper. 1972: Ivდ¡n Pedroso, Cuban athlete. 1973: Paula Radcliffe, British athlete. 1974: Marilia Andrდ©s Casares, Spanish singer-songwriter of the band Ella Baila Sola. 1974: Giovanni Ribisi, American actor. 1974: Sarah Paulson, American actress. 1975: Nick Dinsmore, American wrestler. 1975: Milla Jovovich, Ukrainian-American actress, and model. 1976: Nir Davidovich, Israeli goalkeeper. 1976: Patrick Mდ¼ller, Swiss footballer. 1976: Sandy, a Hungarian porn actress. 1977: Ramiro Amarelle, Spanish footballer. 1977: Marდ­a Brink, American rock singer-songwriter. 1977: Arnaud Clდ©ment, French tennis player. 1977: Oksana Fiდ³dorova, Russian model. 1977: Liდ©dson, Brazilian-Portuguese soccer player. 1978: Alex Cintrდ³n, Puerto Rican baseball player. 1978: Manny Pacquiao, Filipino boxer. 1978: Chase Utley, American baseball player. 1978: Neil Sanderson, Canadian drummer for the band Three Days Grace. 1979: Ryan Key, American vocalist and guitarist of the band Yellowcard. 1979: Toდ±o Martდ­nez, Spanish goalkeeper. 1980: Ryan Hunter-Reay, American racing driver. 1981: Tremmell Darden, American basketball player. 1981: Tim Wiese, German goalkeeper. 1982: Benjamin Goldwasser, American musician of the MGMT band. 1982: Stephane Lasme, Gabonese basketball player. 1982: Boubacar Sanogo, Ivorian footballer. 1983: Chidi Odiah, Nigerian footballer. 1983: Sდ©bastien Ogier, French rally driver. 1984: Christof Innerhofer, Italian skier. 1985: Martდ­n Ricca, Argentine actor and singer. 1986: Emma Bell, American actress. 1987: Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), transsexual woman, soldier, and American intelligence analyst. 1988: David Rudisha, Kenyan athlete. 1989: Andrდ© Ayew, Franco-Ghanaian footballer. 1989: Taylor York, American guitarist of the band Paramore. 1990: John Rooney, British footballer. 1991: Lee Jae Jin, South Korean singer of the band FT Island. 1993: Buddy Hield, Bahamian basketball player. 1998: Martin დ?degaard, Norwegian footballer.