december 2 zodiac

    People born on December 2 are ambitious, smart, and practical - they strive for a good position.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 2

    Practical people, able to adapt skillfully, with effective imitation skills. They think little of their own actions and still succeed in life. They use their abilities lightly and gracefully but radiate so much light, especially where it can be appreciated, that they can even be regarded as prominent people and outshine everyone in their sphere, gaining recognition and wealth. They have faith in their lucky star, and they are right about it because being born today is favorable. His mind is clear, intelligent: excellently oriented in matters of life, and quick to assimilate new ideas and methods. They are sometimes a little fearful and insecure people, but they quickly show extreme courage and boldness, especially when they are irritated. They show organizational skills and fight for power. Abroad, they generally appear as representatives of offices or authorities. What are its flaws? The ease with which they move in life makes them overly arrogant, proud, and even seemingly ruthless to those whose needs they cannot understand. They are generally interested in sports and can become excellent runners or tennis players, with love for all kinds of outdoor activities. They are attracted to activities that require constant movement, training, or caring for animals. They turn gloomy when forced to stay in confined spaces for too long. When they can enjoy the outdoors, they feel sympathy for those who are forced to stay within four walls. They would like to help them, decrease the time of their work and improve the conditions of their lives.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 2

    If your birthday is December 2, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 2 - personality and character

    character:  well-mannered, trustworthy, loving, open-minded sma, mean, impulsive; profession:  pianist, sailor, physicist; colors:  gray, pink, claret; stone:  hematite; animal:  goat; plant:  hibiscus flower; lucky numbers:  1,14,21,33,37,38 super lucky number:  19

    Holidays and Observances - December 2

    • United Arab Emirates: Independence Day.
    • International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

    December 2 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Raimundo Orsi, Italian nationalized Argentine soccer player (d. 1986). 1902: Milagros Leal, Spanish actress (d. 1975). 1905: Osvaldo Pugliese, Argentine pianist and composer (f. 1995). 1906: Peter Carl Goldmark, Hungarian-American engineer (d. 1967). 1912: Conrado Menდ©ndez Dდ­az, Mexican writer and lawyer (d. 1987). 1913: Marc Platt, American dancer and actor (d. 2014). 1914: Ray Walston, American actor (d. 2001). 1917: Tდ­o Gamboდ­n (Ramiro Gamboa), Mexican presenter, actor and television presenter (d. 1992). 1917: Claude Strebelle, Belgian architect (d. 2010). 1919: Ruy Barbosa Popolizio, Chilean agronomist (f. 2014). 1919: დ?lvaro Carrillo, singer and Mexican composer of boleros (d. 1969). 1921: Carlo Furno, Italian cardinal (d. 2015). 1921: Lola Gaos, Spanish actress (f. 1993). 1921: Cecilio Madanes, Argentine theater director, set designer, and producer (f. 2000). 1922: Iakovos Kambanelis, Greek poet, writer, and screenwriter (d. 2011). 1923: Maria Callas, Greek-American opera singer (d. 1977). 1924: William Craig, Northern Irish politician (d. 2011). 1924: Cyril Ornadel, British composer (d. 2011). 1924: Vilgot Sjდ¶man, Swedish screenwriter and director (d. 2006). 1925: Alexander Haig, American military and diplomat (d. 2010). 1925: Julie Harris, American actress (d. 2013). 1927: Juan დ?lemann, Argentine businessman, Minister of Economy of the Videla dictatorship. 1927: Ralph Beard, American basketball player (d. 2007). 1928: Jდ¶rg Demus, Austrian pianist. 1928: Italo Pizzolante, Venezuelan poet and musician (d. 2011). 1930: Gary Becker, American economist, Nobel laureate in economics. 1931: Masaaki Hatsumi, Japanese martial artist, founder of the bujinkan. 1931: Wynton Kelly, American jazz pianist (d. 1971). 1933: Michael Larrabee, American athlete (d. 2003). 1934: Tarcisio Bertone, Italian cardinal and diplomat, Secretary of State of the Holy See between 2006 and 2013. 1934: დ?lvaro Tarcicio, Mexican theater and dubbing actor (d. 1999). 1935: Lucrecia Capello, Argentine actress. 1938: Luis Artime, Argentine soccer player. 1939: Yael Dayan, Israeli politician, and writer. 1939: Harry Reid, American politician. 1940: Raimon, Spanish singer-songwriter in the Valencian language. 1941: Yamid Amat, Colombian journalist. 1941: Tom McGuinness, British rock guitarist of the band Manfred Mann. 1942: Marisa Medina, Spanish actress (d. 2012). 1943: Carlos Castro, Argentine musician, and teacher (d. 2010). 1943: Elisa Ramდ­rez, Spanish actress. 1944: Ibrahim Rugova, first president of Kosovo (d. 2006). 1946: Pedro Borbდ³n, Dominican baseball player (d. 2012). 1946: Gianni Versace, Italian fashion designer (d. 1997). 1948: Jorge Wagensberg, Spanish professor, researcher, and writer. 1949: Adolfo Aguilar Zდ­nser, Mexican politician (d. 2005). 1950: Olvido Garcდ­a Valdდ©s, Spanish poet. 1950 - Paul Watson, Canadian activist and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. 1951: Isabel Tenaille, Spanish television journalist. 1952: დ?lex Lora (Alejandro Lora), Mexican singer of the group El Tri. 1954: Dan Butler, American actor, and screenwriter. 1955: Pablo Codevila, actor, conductor, and Argentine television producer. 1955: Gustavo Pena, Uruguayan musician (d. 2004). 1956: Steven Bauer, American actor. 1957: Dagfinn Hდ¸ybrდ¥ten, Norwegian politician. 1958: George Saunders, American writer. 1959: Boman Irani, Indian actor. 1960: Razzle (Nicholas Dingley) British drummer of the band Hanoi Rocks (d. 1984). 1960: Rick Savage, British bassist, singer, and songwriter, of the band Def Leppard. 1963: Brendan Coyle, British actor. 1963: Dan Gauthier, American actor. 1963: Ann Patchett, American writer. 1966: Joan Puigcercდ³s, Spanish politician. 1966: Jinsei Shinzaki, Japanese professional wrestler. 1968: David Batty, British footballer. 1968: Lucy Liu, American actress of Chinese origin. 1968: Nate Mendel, American bassist of the band Foo Fighters. 1968: Rena Sofer, American actress ("Lois Cerullo" in General Hospital). 1968: Chris Wedge, American animator. 1970: Treach, American rapper and actor of the band Naughty by Nature. 1970: Joe Lo Truglio, American actor. 1971: Wilson Jermaine Heredia, actor estadounidense.4 1971: Francesco Toldo, Italian footballer. 1971: Mine Yoshizaki, Japanese mangaka 1973: Graham Kavanagh, Irish footballer. 1973: Monica Seles, Yugoslav-American tennis player. 1973: Jan Ullrich, German cyclist. 1975: Samuel "Samo" Parra, Mexican singer of the Camila group. 1976: Eddy Garabito, Dominican baseball player. 1977: Siyabonga Nomvethe, South African footballer. 1977: Denise Dumas, Argentine actress, model, and host. 1978: Jarron Collins, American basketball player. 1978: Jason Collins, American basketball player. 1978: Nelly Furtado, Canadian singer, and songwriter. 1978: Peter Moylan, Australian baseball player. 1978: Fonsi Nieto, Spanish motorcycle racer. 1978: David Rivas, Spanish footballer. 1978: Christopher Wolstenholme, British bassist of the band Muse. 1979: Sabina Babayeva, Azerbaijani singer. 1979: Yvonne Catterfeld, German actress and singer. 1979: Michael McIndoe, British footballer. 1980: Diego Martდ­nez, Paraguayan soccer player. 1981: Danijel Pranjiე‡, Croatian footballer. 1981: Britney Spears, singer, dancer, and American actress. 1981: Vladimir Yefimkin, Russian cyclist. 1981: Aleksandr Yefimkin, Russian cyclist. 1983: Chris Burke, British footballer. 1983: Ana Lucდ­a Domდ­nguez, Colombian actress and model. 1983: Jaime Durდ¡n, Mexican soccer player. 1983: Jana Kramer, American actress, and singer. 1983: Aaron Rodgers, American football player. 1983: Daniela Ruah, American actress. 1983: Sarah Vandella, an American porn actress. 1985: Alberto de la Bella, Spanish footballer. 1985: Amaury Leveaux, French swimmer. 1985: Ernesto Mejდ­a, Venezuelan baseball player. 1985: Dorell Wright, American basketball player. 1985: Mariana Torres, Mexican actress. 1986: Claudiu Keserდ¼, Romanian footballer 1986: Adam le Fondre, British footballer. 1986: Ronald Vargas, Venezuelan soccer player. 1986: Tal Wilkenfeld, Australian bassist and composer. 1988: Alfred Enoch, British actor. 1989: Cassie Steele, Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress. 1990: Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, Ghanaian footballer. 1990: Gastდ³n Ramდ­rez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1991: Charlie Puth, American singer. 1992: Massadio Haდ¯dara, French footballer. 1998: Amber Montana, American actress.