december 23 zodiac

    People born on December 23 are skillful and reasonable; they can be adapted to living conditions.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 23

    They fight for their goals with great effort; they want to see that goal take shape, materialize, and come true in great detail. Practical, peaceful people, constantly considering everything, dogmatic, composed; They have great confidence in their own abilities and are convinced of their success, believing that their cause is. They are not very sociable and have few friends; they are generally seen alone. They have only one wish: to achieve the highest position they can. They also generally strive to make their dreams come true through perseverance and hard work. Their mind is very subtle and diplomatic, and they show outstanding abilities to adapt to living conditions, allowing them to achieve good standing and recognition. What is your greatest virtue? Your main strength is your ability to focus on your work and realize your ideals and wishes. What should they worry about? Such a strong materialization of the mind has its negative aspects, as it could bring dissatisfaction and melancholy. They should fight against that and not give in to depression. Illnesses that can affect them include indigestion and a tendency to depression. They are also often overloaded and suffer from it. While striving for the highest possible perfection in everything they do, they are not always aware of the strength of their own organisms, and they overestimate their endurance.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 23

    If your birthday is December 23, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn.

    December 23 - personality and character

    character:  noble, bright, silent, despicable, inquisitive, petty; profession:  administrator, tram driver, maid; colors:  cyan, orange, gray; stone:  chrysoberyl; animal:  wallaby; plant:  Japanese yew; lucky numbers:  8,9,31,42,51,53 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - December 23

    • Japდ³n: Tenno tanjobi

    December 23 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Jean Lacroix, French philosopher (f. 1986). 1908: Yousuf Karsh, Canadian photographer of Armenian origin (d. 2002). 1910: Marდ­a de las Mercedes de Borbდ³n-Dos Sicilias, Spanish Infanta (f. 2000). 1911: James Gregory, American actor (f. 2002). 1911: Niels Kai Jerne, British immunologist, 1984 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (d. 1994). 1916: Dino Risi, Italian filmmaker (d. 2008). 1918: Josდ© Greco, choreographer and Italian flamenco dancer (d. 2000). 1918: Helmut Schmidt, German Chancellor (d. 2015). 1922: Zuleika Alambert, Brazilian feminist writer and communist politician (d. 2012). 1922: Micheline Ostermeyer, French athlete and musician (d. 2001). 1926: Joseდ­to (Josდ© Iglesias Fernდ¡ndez), Spanish footballer (d. 2007). 1926: Jorge Medina Estდ©vez, Chilean religious and cardinal. 1927: Horangel (Horacio Germდ¡n Tirigall), Argentine astrologer. 1928: Joaquდ­n Capilla, Mexican diver (d. 2010). 1929: Chet Baker, American jazz trumpeter, and singer (d. 1988). 1930: Ana Casares, Argentine actress of Polish origin (d. 2007). 1931: Ronnie Schell, American actor. 1933: Akihito, 125th Japanese Emperor. 1934: Claudio Scimone, Italian conductor and musician. 1934: Luis Gდ³mez-Acebo, Spanish aristocrat (d. 1991). 1936: Frederic Forrest, American actor. 1937: Ethel Rojo, Argentine vedette and actress (d. 2012). 1938 - Robert Kahn, American inventor and co-inventor of the TCP / IP protocol. 1940: Jorma Kaukonen, American musician of the band Jefferson Airplane. 1941: Carlos Cruz de Castro, a Spanish composer. 1942: Quentin Bryce, former Governor General of Australia. 1943: Mikhail Gromov, Russian-American mathematician. 1943: Elizabeth Hartman, American actress (d. 1987). 1943: Harry Shearer, American actor. 1943: Silvia Renate Sommerlath, Swedish queen. 1944: Wesley Clark, American military man. 1945: Ron Bushy, American drummer of the band Iron Butterfly. 1945: Adli Mansur, Egyptian politician. 1946: Edita Gruberovდ¡, Slovak opera singer. 1946: Susan Lucci, American actress. 1948: David Davis, British politician. 1948: Jack Ham, American football player. 1949: Adrian Belew, American guitarist of the band King Crimson and Talking Heads. 1950: Vicente del Bosque, Spanish soccer player, and coach. 1950: Liliana Pდ©cora, Argentine actress. 1951: Anthony Phillips, British guitarist of the band Genesis. 1954: Brian Teacher, American tennis player. 1955: Carol Ann Duffy, Scottish poet. 1956: Michele Alboreto, Italian Formula 1 driver (d. 2001). 1956: Dave Murray, British guitarist of the band Iron Maiden. 1959: Geoff Willis, a British engineer. 1960: Iosu Expდ³sito, Spanish guitarist and singer, of the Eskorbuto band (f. 1992). 1962: Bertrand Gachot, Belgian Formula 1 driver. 1962: Keiji Muto, Japanese professional wrestler. 1963: Rafael Chaparro Madiedo, Colombian writer (d. 1995). 1964: Eddie Vedder, singer, songwriter, and American leader of the band Pearl Jam. 1967: Carla Bruni, former Italian model, and singer-songwriter, French first lady. 1968: Quincy Jones III, Swedish-American musician. 1968: Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, American photographer. 1969: Grim (Erik Brodreskift), Norwegian drummer of the bands Immortal, Borknagar, and Gorgoroth (f. 1999). 1969: Secun de la Rosa, Spanish actor. 1971: Corey Haim, Canadian actor (d. 2010). 1971: Masayoshi Yamazaki, Japanese singer and songwriter. 1972: Laura Alonso, Argentine politician. 1974: Agustდ­n Delgado, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1975: Sky Lopez, American porn actress, and singer. 1976: Joanna Hayes, American athlete. 1976: Dimitris Mavrogenidis, Greek footballer. 1976: Jamie Noble, American professional wrestler. 1977: Jari Mდ¤enpდ¤დ¤, Finnish vocalist, of the band Wintersun. 1977: Paul Shirley, American basketball player. 1978: Esthero (Jenny-Bea Englishman), Canadian singer. 1978: Jodie Marsh, British model. 1978: Estella Warren, Canadian actress. 1978: Vდ­ctor Martდ­nez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1979: Jacqueline Bracamontes, Mexican actress, and model. 1979: Holly Madison, model, and American Playboy bunny. 1979: Kenny Miller, Scottish footballer. 1981: Elisabeth Rodergas Cols, Beth, Spanish singer, and actress. 1981: Mario Santana, Argentine footballer. 1982: Mane de la Parra, Mexican actor and singer. 1982: Beatriz Luengo, Spanish singer and dancer. 1983: Michael Chopra, British footballer. 1985: Arcდ¡ngel, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. 1985: Harry Judd, British drummer of the band McFly. 1985: Lady Starlight, DJ and American artist. 1988: Eri Kamei, singer and Japanese idol of the band Morning Musume. 1988: Georgina Latre, Spanish actress. 1988: Eliana Ramos, Uruguayan model (f. 2007). 1990: Anna Maria Pდ©rez de Tagle, American actress and singer. 1992: Jeff Schlupp, German soccer player. 1993: Rodrigo Garita, Costa Rican soccer player. 1996: Bartosz Kapustka, Polish footballer. 2002: Finn Wolfhard, Canadian actor.