december 4 zodiac

    People born on December 4 are happy, sensual, with liberal views.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 4

    His main character traits include courage, mobility, impulsiveness, ambition, independence, activity of the mind and body, as well as strong passions. They gladly defend liberal views and support every issue they put their heart on. Therefore, they often become popular, although their intelligent and very lively mind is fond of arguments and, most of the time it, is different from the opinion of others. They have unusual mental abilities, and they often express artistic talents. They are very sensitive, restless, and compassionate people who constantly fight for freedom. December 4 His biggest vices include damaging relationships and outbursts of anger, as well as a tendency to exaggerate. His behavior is very irritable. They are also characterized by a very intense desire for pleasure, with their thoughts often focused on the delights of life. What threatens them? Their pursuit of luxury could put them into delusions, as well as at risk of unexpected dangers and bad experiences at home. What should they be wary of? Enjoy your passions, and grow old before your time while pursuing pleasure; they may be too weak to escape the bonds of passion. Being born today usually brings two marriages or several long relationships. People born today are caring, friendly to all humanity, and easily befriend everyone, but their family ties often narrow their horizons.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 4

    If your birthday is December 4, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 4 - personality and character

    character:  tough - hard-working, generous, intelligent, malicious, severe, wild; profession:  sound engineer, astrologer, welder; colors:  gold, teal, brown; stone:  amethyst; animal:  hedgehog; plant:  poinsettia; lucky numbers:  1,4,29,32,36,42 super lucky number:  30

    Holidays and observances - December 4

    • Guatemala: Toy Marathon Starts
    • Mexico: Day of the Hacendario Worker
    • Uruguay: Advertiser's Day

    December 4 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Cornell Woolrich, American writer (d. 1968). 1908: Alfred Day Hershey, American biologist (d. 1997). 1908: Carlos Izquierdo Edwards, Chilean politician (d. 1980). 1909: Carlos Pდ­o de Habsburgo-Borbდ³n, Austrian aristocrat and Carlist pretender to the Spanish throne (f. 1953). 1910: Alex North, American composer (d. 1991). 1910: Josდ© Marდ­a Vდ©laz, Chilean Jesuit founder of Fe y Alegrდ­a (d. 1985). 1913: Matდ­as Prats Caდ±ete, Spanish journalist (d. 2004). 1913: Mark Robson, Canadian film director (d. 1978). 1921: Deanna Durbin, Canadian actress (d. 2013). 1921: Paul Schaefer, Chilean Nazi criminal and pedophile of German origin (d. 2010). 1922: Gდ©rard Philipe, French actor (d. 1959). 1927: Rafael Sდ¡nchez Ferlosio, Spanish writer and anarchist. 1928: Hebe de Bonafini, Argentine activist, president of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. 1928: Alfonso Pდ­caro, Argentine actor (d. 2012). 1928: Fabio Zerpa, Argentine parapsychologist, ufologist and historian of Uruguayan origin. 1930: Jim Hall, American jazz guitarist (d. 2013). 1931: Rodolfo Cholo Montironi, Argentine tango bandoneonist, conductor, arranger and composer. 1932: Roh Tae Woo, South Korean president. 1933: Horst Buchholz, German actor. 1934: Victor French, American actor. 1936: John Giorno, American poet. 1938: Yvonne Minton, Australian soprano. 1941: Humberto Solდ¡s, Cuban film director and producer (d. 2008). 1942: Chris Hillman, American singer of the band The Byrds. 1942: Gemma Jones, British actress. 1943: Alfonso Dulanto Rencoret, Chilean engineer and minister. 1944: Dennis Wilson, American musician of the band The Beach Boys. 1946: Karina, Spanish singer. 1946: Henry Nelson, Colombian singer. 1949: Jeff Bridges, American actor. 1949: Josდ© Luis Gioja, Argentine politician. 1949: Arturo Salah. Ex-soccer player and Chilean soccer leader. 1951: Julio Robles, Spanish bullfighter. 1951: Gary Rossington, American musician of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. 1952: Susდº Pecoraro, Argentine actress. 1954: Tony Todd, American actor, and producer. 1957: Raul Boesel, Brazilian racing driver. 1957: Eric S. Raymond, American computer scientist. 1957: David Rivas, Spanish economist, professor, and writer. 1957: Greg Child, Australian mountaineer, and writer. 1958: Luis Garcდ­a Montero, Spanish poet and essayist. 1959: Pipo Cipolatti, Argentine singer, musician, composer, and guitarist. 1959: Paul McGrath, Irish footballer. 1960: Glynis Nunn, Australian athlete. 1961: Chafვ«rin, Japanese voice actor. 1962: Alexander Litvinenko, Russian military and spy. 1962: Kevin Richardson, British footballer. 1963: Sergei Bubka, Ukrainian athlete. 1964: Sertab Erener, Turkish singer. 1964: Marisa Tomei, American actress. 1965: დ?lex de la Iglesia, Spanish filmmaker. 1967: Guillermo Amor, Spanish footballer. 1967: Jesდºs Garcდ­a Castilla, Spanish drummer, of the band Platero y Tდº. 1969: Jay-Z, an American rapper. 1970: Kevin Sussman, American actor. 1970: Sylvester Terkay, American professional wrestler. 1972: Nikki Tyler, an American porn actress. 1972: Tamara Castro, Argentine folk singer (f. 2006). 1973: Tyra Banks, American model. 1973: Ferry Corsten, Dutch musician, and DJ. 1978: Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian singer. 1980: Gustavo Chacდ­n, Venezuelan baseball player. 1981: Ezequiel Castaდ±o, Argentine actor. 1981: Florencia de Saracho, Mexican actress. 1982: Waldo Ponce, Chilean soccer player. 1982: Ho-Pin Tung, Chinese-Dutch motor racing driver. 1984: Brooke Adams, model, and American professional wrestler. 1984: Lindsay Felton, American actress. 1984: Francisco Puelles, Chilean actor and circus artist. 1985: Carlos Gდ³mez, Dominican baseball player. 1985: Martდ­n Rodrდ­guez, Argentine rugby player. 1986: Martell Webster, American basketball player. 1988: Mario Maurer, singer, model, and Thai actor. 1990: დ?ngel Nesbitt, Venezuelan baseball player. 1992: Jin, South Korean singer of the band Bangtan Boys. 1995: Uche Henry Agbo, Nigerian footballer.