december 7 zodiac

    People born on December 7 are happy, funny, and easy to get along with.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on December 7

    His character is pleasant and friendly and does not show any harshness unless irritated. It should be added that these people are very sensitive and that their nervous tension is very strong, which can even cause some irritability. In general, they are cheerful in demeanor, with certain youthful qualities. They get angry easily but calm down even easier. Their mind is insightful, persevering, and ambitious; they can adapt to others and skillfully formulate theories and plans. Vivacious, industrious, and understanding: they do good deeds and are not very concerned about receiving proper appreciation. What should they be wary of? They may be in danger of not being able to maintain a good position for long. Flaws: Stubborn people, eager to fight, willing to go their own way at all costs, causing them to fall into extremes easily. They are excessively anxious and impulsive in their actions, especially when it comes to helping their loved ones. They don't want to wait for the right moment but instead act immediately, taking action whenever an opportunity arises. They want to quickly finish what they started, which can often cost them their health or harm them in other ways, something especially visible in women. His constant alertness, unusual cunning, and diligence are often annoying to his surroundings.

    Zodiac sign for those born on December 7

    If your birthday is on December 7, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

    December 7 - personality and character

    character:  merciful, cheerful, inquisitive, lazy, superstitious, perfidious; profession:  agronomist, spy, veterinarian; colors:  olive, purple, purple; stone:  hematite; animal:  hummingbird; plant:  pear; lucky numbers:  4,15,22,35,45,55 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and Observances - December 7

    • Colombia, Venezuela: Day of the Candles.
    • Leდ³n (Nicaragua): The shouting to the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
    • Torrejoncillo (Spain): Festival of «La Encamisდ¡» (National tourist interest).
    • Yecla (Spain): Day of the Dawn, pilgrimage of the Virgen del Castillo
    • Austria: Krampus.
    • Jarandilla de la Vera (Spain): Fiesta de Los Escobazos (Festival of Regional Tourist Interest).
    • Horcajo de Santiago: to the Immaculate Conception (EL VITOR).
    • Guatemala: National Broadcaster Day
    • Gდ¡ldar (Spain): Teacher's Day. 4
    • Vacarisas (Spain): local festival.
    • Guatemala: Burning of the Devil
    • International Civil Aviation Day

    December 7 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Danilo Blanuვ¡a, Croatian mathematician (d. 1987). 1904: Clarence Nash, American dubbing actor (d. 1985). 1905: Gerard Kuiper, Dutch-American astronomer (d. 1973). 1907: Antonio Leდ³n Ortega, Spanish sculptor (d. 1991). 1910: Vere Cornwall Bird, Caribbean politician (d. 1999). 1910: Louis Prima, American singer, songwriter, trumpeter, and actor (d. 1978). 1910: Edmundo Ros, Trinitarian conductor and musician (d. 2011). 1914: Alberto Castillo, Argentine tango singer, and actor (f. 2002). 1915: Leigh Brackett, American writer, and screenwriter (d. 1978). 1915: Eli Wallach, American actor (d. 2014). 1917: Alfredo Hurtado, Spanish actor (d. 1965). 1918: Max Merkel, Austrian footballer, and coach (d. 2006). 1920: Fiorenzo Magni, Italian cyclist (d. 2012). 1920: Walter Nowotny, Austrian pilot (d. 1944). 1920: Manuel Pereira da Silva, Portuguese sculptor (f. 2003). 1921: Tilda Thamar, Argentine actress (d. 1989). 1921: Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Indian Hindu leader (d. 2016). 1923: Ted Knight, American actor (d. 1986). 1924: Mდ¡rio Soares, Portuguese politician, president between 1986 and 1996 (d. 2017). 1925: Hernando da Silva Ramos, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1926: Rino Ferrario, Italian soccer player (b. 2012). 1927: Helen Watts, British opera singer (d. 2009). 1928: Noam Chomsky, American philosopher, political dissident, and linguist. 1932: Ellen Burstyn, American actress. 1932: Rosemary Rogers, Sri Lankan-American writer. 1933: Josდ© Marდ­a Portell, Spanish journalist (d. 1978). 1933: Josდ© Rafael Nuდ±ez Tenorio, Venezuelan philosopher (f. 1998). 1935: Armando Manzanero, Mexican singer, musician, composer, and actor. 1937: Thad Cochran, American politician. 1942: Rudy Mდ¡rquez, Venezuelan singer and songwriter. 1942: Harry Chapin, American singer-songwriter (d. 1981). 1942: Elena Highton de Nolasco, an Argentine judge 1942: Gogდ³ Rojo, Argentine actress, and star. 1945: Marion Rung, Finnish singer. 1947: Johnny Bench, American baseball player. 1947: Fernando Niembro, Argentine sports journalist. 1948: Francisco Algora, Spanish actor. 1948: Stefano Rosso, Italian singer-songwriter (d. 2008). 1949: Tom Waits, American singer. 1949: Gustavo Yankelevich, Argentine television producer. 1952: Georges Corraface, Greek actor. 1954: Bertდ­n Osborne, Spanish singer, and presenter. 1955: Priscilla Barnes, American actress. 1955: Amparo Carballo Blanco, Spanish writer. 1956: Larry Bird, former American basketball player, and coach. 1956: Iveta Radiე?ovდ¡, Slovak Prime Minister. 1958: Rick Rude, American wrestler (f. 1999). 1961: Alejandro Awada, Argentine actor. 1961: Xavier Soto, Spanish politician (f. 1995). 1962: Grecia Colmenares, Venezuelan actress. 1963: Eduardo de la Puente, Argentine announcer. 1965: Colin Hendry, British footballer. 1965: Jeffrey Wright, American actor and director. 1966: Gem Archer, British musician, of the band Oasis. 1966: Lucდ­a Etxebarria, Spanish writer. 1966: C. Thomas Howell, American actor. 1967: Arcelia Ramდ­rez, Mexican actress. 1969: Jorge Ibდ¡დ±ez, Argentine designer (f. 2014). 1969: Patrice O'Neal, American comedian, and actor (d. 2011). 1970: Flabio Torres, Colombian soccer coach. 1971: Vladimir Akopiდ¡n, Armenian chess player. 1971: Chasey Lain, American actress. 1972: Hermann Maier, Austrian skier. 1972: Tammy Lynn Sytch, American fighter. 1973: Terrell Owens, American football player. 1973: Fabien Pelous, French rugby player. 1973: Damien Rice, Irish musician. 1974: Francisco Tapia Robles, Chilean radio host. 1974: Nicole Appleton, Canadian singer, and actress. 1974: Manuel Martდ­nez Gutiდ©rrez, Spanish athlete. 1976: Martina Klein, Argentine model, television presenter, and comedian. 1976: Andrea Lდ³pez, Colombian actress. 1976: Sergio Marcos Gustafson, Paraguayan film and television director, screenwriter, and producer. 1977: Dominic Howard, British drummer of the band Muse. 1977: Roma Zver, Russian singer, lead singer of the band Zveri. 1977: Carmen Becerra, Mexican actress. 1978: Shiri Appleby, American actress. 1978: Kon Artis, American rapper of the band D12. 1978: David Canal, Spanish athlete. 1978: Mr. Porter, American rapper and producer of the band D12. 1979: Sara Bareilles, American singer, songwriter, and pianist. 1979: Jennifer Carpenter, American actress. 1979: Lampros Choutos, Greek footballer. 1979: Vicente Sდ¡nchez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1980: Kalen Chase, American musician. 1980: John Terry, British footballer. 1981: Javier Rდ­os, Spanish actor. 1981: Martin Tomczyk, German motorsport driver. 1982: Jack Huston, British actor. 1983: Darდ­o Gandდ­n, Argentine footballer. 1984: Aaron Gray, American basketball player. 1984: Robert Kubica, Polish motor racing driver. 1985: Dean Ambrose, American wrestler. 1985: Ernesto Monsalve, Spanish conductor, and composer. 1987: Aaron Carter, singer, and American actor. 1988: Nathan Adrian, American swimmer. 1988: Emily Browning, Australian actress. 1989: Nicholas Hoult, British actor. 1990: David Goffin, Belgian tennis player. 1990: Yasiel Puig, Cuban baseball player. 1990: Urszula Radwanska, Polish tennis player. 1991: Dori Sakurada, Japanese actor, singer, and model. 1993: Jasmine Villegas, American actress. 1994: Yuzuru Hanyვ«, Japanese skater. 1995: Santi Mina, Spanish footballer. 1995: Sowon, South Korean singer and model. 2003: Catherine Amalia de Orange, Dutch aristocrat.