february 14 zodiac

    People born on February 14, despite their rather impulsive temperament, are very caring.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 14

    Intellectuals accumulate life experiences wherever they go, and they can express themselves fluently. Once they set their eyes on something, they cannot be persuaded to back down. Exceptionally sensitive to their environment, they are ambitious, noble people connected to art. Perseverance, consistency, and endurance make them very understanding. Humanitarianism is highly expressed in these people. However, all these traits can only be found in spiritually developed people. People born on this day can be divided into two types. The positive type is subtle and thinking, studies human nature, and establishes relationships with strangers with inherent ease. The negative type is fickle, unpredictable, and unreliable. He is arbitrary, arrogant, and lets illusions guide his life. At a lower stage of development, he is a primitive person, brutal in nature, whose whims and fantasies become simple and unbearable. Being born on this day gives something strange to human nature, and such a person is often subject to extraordinary manias. The positive influence makes them subtle, calm, modest, philanthropic, and with idealistic tendencies. Beneath the calm outer layer, there are strong passions that you can control. The more idealistic an issue is, the more willing they are to work with it. They are in favor of everything that serves the common good. They fight and pose with gusto. They like titles and honors. They enjoy social situations more than others, and their means and methods of behavior are selected correctly. What threatens them: They should not give in to anger and passions, as that could put them at risk of further misunderstandings. These unpleasant character traits can even endanger an undeveloped individual. They have to try to control themselves, as well as strive for the highest moral development. Then your destiny will improve dramatically, and inner consciousness will go hand in hand with material success. The days of February 14: Dionisio, Valentდ­n, Valentina, Odile, Adolfo, Adolfa, Adolfina, Cirilio, Josდ©, Josefa, Conrad, Cristina, Lilian, Liliana.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 14

    If your birthday is February 14, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius.

    February 14 - personality and character

    character:  intelligent, judicious, fearless, calculating, partial, moody; profession:  ophthalmologist, mathematician, conductor; colors:  gray, gold, gray; stone:  cimfano; animal:  deer; plant:  Aster; lucky numbers:  2,12,19,25,28,39 super lucky number:  26

    Holidays and observances - February 14

    • Bolivia: Maritime Claim Day (Occupation of Antofagasta).
    • Ancient Rome: second day of the Lupercales Festivities.
    • World Congenital Heart Disease Day.
    • Mexico: the founding of Guadalajara, the current capital of the state of Jalisco.
    • Valentine's day (also known as Valentine's Day).

    February 14 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Stuart Erwin, American actor (d. 1967). 1905: Thelma Ritter, American actress (d. 1969). 1910: Homero Cდ¡rpena, Argentine actor (d. 2001). 1912: Tibor Sekelj, Croatian explorer (d. 1988). 1912: Florentina Gდ³mez Miranda, Argentine lawyer and politician (d. 2011). 1913: Mel Allen, American sportscaster (d. 1996). 1913: Jimmy Hoffa, American trade unionist ("disappeared" in 1975). 1914: Maevia Noemდ­ Correa, Argentine botanist (f. 2005). 1916: Marcel Bigeard, French general (d. 2010). 1916: Maruchi Fresno, Spanish actress (d. 2003). 1916: Juan Gდ¡lvez, Argentine motor racing driver (d. 1963). 1916: Masaki Kobayashi, Japanese filmmaker (d. 1996). 1916: Edward Platt, American actor (d. 1974). 1917: Herbert A. Hauptman, American mathematician, winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (d. 2011). 1921: Blanca Lagrotta, Argentine actress (d. 1978). 1925: Antony Sutton, British economist, and historian (d. 2002). 1927: Lois Maxwell, Canadian actress (f. 2007). 1927: Roberto Segura, Spanish cartoonist (f. 2008). 1928: Juan Garcდ­a Hortelano, Spanish writer (f. 1992). 1929: Vic Morrow, American actor (d. 1982). 1931: Margarita Lozano, Spanish actress. 1931: Renდ© Abeliuk, Chilean lawyer and politician (d. 2014). 1932: Alexander Kluge, German filmmaker, and writer. 1936: Antonio Porpetta, Spanish poet and essayist. 1937: Magic Sam, guitarist, and singer of American blues (d. 1969). 1938: Antonio Dal Masetto, an Italian writer and journalist, nationalized Argentine (d. 2015). 1940: Sergio Velasco Ferrero, Argentine actor, journalist, broadcaster, writer, and producer. 1941: Paul Tsongas, American politician (d. 1997). 1941: Johnny Allon, Argentine conductor, and producer. 1942: Michael Bloomberg, American politician, and businessman. 1942: Ricardo Rodrდ­guez, Mexican Formula 1 driver (d. 1962). 1943: Maceo Parker, American saxophonist. 1943: Aaron Russo, American filmmaker and political activist (d. 2007). 1944: Carl Bernstein, American journalist. 1944: Florinda Donner (Regina Thal), Venezuelan anthropologist and guru (? F. 1998?). 1944: Alan Parker, a British filmmaker. 1944: King Clave, Argentine singer-songwriter. 1944: Ronnie Peterson, Swedish Formula 1 driver (d. 1978). 1945: Juan Adდ¡n II, aristocrat of Liechtenstein. 1945: Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, Uruguayan soccer player and coach (d. 2013). 1945: Juan Carlos Pდ©rez Lდ³pez, Spanish footballer (f. 2012). 1946: Crist, Argentine cartoonist, and cartoonist. 1946: Gregory Hines, American actor, and dancer (d. 2003). 1947: Tim Buckley, American musician (d. 1975). 1948: Mayra Gდ³mez Kemp, Cuban television presenter. 1948: Marდ­a Salerno, Spanish actress. 1948: Teller, American illusionist from the Penn & Teller series. 1951: Kevin Keegan, British footballer, and coach. 1953: Hans Krankl, Austrian footballer. 1955: Guillermo Francella, Argentine actor and comedian. 1957: Soile Isokoski, Finnish soprano. 1959: Renდ©e Fleming, American soprano. 1959: Anny Schilder, Dutch singer. 1959: Cდ©sar Camacho Quiroz, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1960: Jim Kelly, American football player. 1962: Kevyn Aucoin, American makeup artist, and photographer (d. 2002). 1962: Philippe Sella, former French rugby player. 1964: Gianni Bugno, Italian cyclist. 1964: Rodolfo Torre Cantდº, Mexican physician and politician (d. 2010). 1967: Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister. 1967: Stelios Haji-Ioannou, a Greek businessman. 1967: Manuela Maleeva, Bulgarian tennis player. 1968: Scott Sharp, American racing driver. 1969: Javier Menდ©ndez Flores, Spanish writer and journalist. 1970: Giuseppe Guerini, Italian cyclist. 1970: Sabrina Olmedo, Argentine actress, and comedian. 1970: Simon Pegg, British comedian, actor, and screenwriter. 1971: Nelson Frazier, Jr., American professional wrestler (d. 2014). 1971: Gheorghe Muresan, Romanian basketball player. 1972: Najwa Nimri, Spanish singer and actress. 1972: Rob Thomas, American singer-songwriter of the band Matchbox Twenty. 1973: Tyus Edney, American basketball player. 1973: Unai Elorriaga, Spanish writer. 1974: Filippa Giordano, Italian singer. 1976: Liv Kristine, Norwegian singer. 1976: Jazmდ­n Stuart, actress and director of the Argentine theater. 1977: Cadel Evans, Australian cyclist. 1978: Ryan Griffiths, Australian guitarist of the band The Vines. 1978: Richard Hamilton, American basketball player. 1978: Darius Songaila, Lithuanian basketball player. 1978: Danai Gurira, American actress. 1978: Nicolდ¡s Gianella, Argentine basketball player. 1980: Cდ©sar Navas, Spanish footballer. 1981: Randy de Puniet, French motorcycle racer. 1983: Bacary Sagna, French footballer. 1985: Karima Adebibe, British model. 1985: Philippe Senderos, Swiss footballer. 1985: Adolfo Machado, Panamanian soccer player. 1985: Lee Hae-Ri, South Korean singer of the band Davichi. 1986: Michael Ammermდ¼ller, German Formula 1 driver. 1986: Roxanne Guinoo, Filipino actress. 1986: Aschwin Wildeboer, Spanish swimmer. 1986: Tiffany Thornton, American actress, and singer. 1987: Yulia Savicheva, Russian singer. 1987: Edinson Cavani, Uruguayan soccer player. 1988: დ?ngel Di Marდ­a, Argentine footballer. 1988: Asia Nitollano, American dancer. 1991: Raquel Calderდ³n, Chilean singer, model, and actress. 1991: Karol G, Colombian singer. 1992: Christian Eriksen, Danish footballer. 1992: Freddie Highmore, British actor. 1994: Paul Butcher, American actor.