february 18 zodiac

    People born on February 18 enjoy public performances and want to pursue a career.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 18

    They demonstrate significant ability both to attack their opponent and to defend their position, which is why they would make excellent attorneys. Their minds are sharp and intelligent, and their speech is clear and precise. They like to study and can use the knowledge obtained appropriately. Their life path may lead to honors, but their career-related activities frequently consume so much energy that they do not have much personal happiness. They long for recognition and fair evaluation of their actions, and their friends and acquaintances may be unpleasantly surprised to find that they use the same courtesy and kindness in relationships with other people. And if they are jealous or too demanding, their friendship will be put to the test. Instead of blindly trusting others, a person born on this day studies their character, observes their deeds and words, and studies their thoughts with patience and attention. You can often do this without the knowledge of othersჴ€”his defects are arrogance, delusions, sophistry, and careerism in his mental or material life. The negative type has nothing to do with quality and lacks internal content. Believe that everything in life can be achieved through jokes and deception. It might even work for you for a while, but things will eventually fall apart, and you could slip into mental clutter or chaos. The positive type is, on the other hand, intelligent and critical; it can motivate everyone to stay focused on the best possible goal and naturally achieve success in life. They are driven by a sense of self-worth. They are somewhat real in nature; they enjoy public performances and good deeds and can achieve exaltation in life. They value inner freedom very much. His passions are calm and gentle; they gradually get better and reach great purity and fidelity. The days of February 18: Alberto, Alberta, Bernarda, Eladio, Lucio, Simeდ³n, Frida, Constanza, Cristiana, Susana. [caption id="attachment_18855" align="aligncenter" width="612"] February 18 - Calendar Icon - Vector Illustration[/caption]

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 18

    If your birthday is February 18, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius.

    February 18 - personality and character

    character:  sincere, generous, altruistic, unbridled, unbearable, curious profession:  programmer, lawyer, composer colors:  purple, cyan, yellowish stone:  topaz animal:  fox plant:  Bamboo lucky numbers:  7,10,16,20,44,59 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and observances - February 18

    • International Asperger Syndrome Day
    • Gambia: Independence Day.

    February 18 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Nikolai Podgorni, Soviet president (d. 1983). 1906: Hans Asperger, Austrian pediatrician and psychiatrist (d. 1980). 1909: Fდ©lix Pita Rodrდ­guez, Cuban writer and journalist (d. 1990). 1909: Wallace Stegner, American writer (d. 1993). 1915: Marcel Landowski. French composer and conductor (f. 1999) 1916: Jean Drapeau, Canadian politician (f. 1999). 1917: Josდ© Curbelo, Cuban pianist and manager (d. 2012). 1918: Josდ© Antonio Casanova, Venezuelan baseball player and coach (d. 1999). 1918: Jane Loevinger, American psychologist (d. 2008). 1918: Mariano Mores (Mariano Martდ­nez), Argentine tango pianist, conductor and composer (f. 2016). 1919: Jack Palance, American actor (d. 2006). 1920: Bill Cullen, American personality (d. 1990). 1920: Eric Gairy, Grenadian politician (d. 1997). 1922: Helen Gurley Brown, American publisher (d. 2012). 1923: Allan Melvin, American actor (d. 2008). 1923: Marდ­a Teresa Rodrდ­guez, Mexican pianist (d. 2013). 1924: Humberto Fernდ¡ndez Morდ¡n, Venezuelan scientist, inventor of the diamond scalpel (d. 1999). 1925: George Kennedy, American actor (d. 2016). 1926: Rita Gorr, Belgian mezzo-soprano (d. 2012). 1927: Osvaldo Bayer, Argentine historian, writer, and journalist. 1928: Jim McElreath, American racing driver (d. 2017). 1929: Luis Ruiz de Gopegui, Spanish physicist. 1931: Salustiano del Campo, Spanish sociologist. 1931: Johnny Hart, American cartoonist (d. 2007). 1931: Toni Morrison, American writer. 1931: Laura Valenzuela, Spanish actress, presenter, and model. 1932: Miloვ¡ Forman, Czech filmmaker. 1933: Yoko Ono, Japanese singer-songwriter and artist, wife of John Lennon. 1933: Bobby Robson, British footballer (d. 2009). 1933: Mary Ure, Scottish actress (d. 1975). 1934: Aldo Ceccato, Italian conductor. 1934: Audre Lorde, Caribbean poet, and activist (d. 1992). 1934: Paco Rabanne, Spanish fashion designer. 1935: Michel Aoun, Lebanese Prime Minister. 1936: Jean Auel, American writer. 1938: Manny Mota, Dominican baseball player. 1938: Istvდ¡n Szabდ³, Hungarian film director. 1939: დ?ngeles Gulდ­n, Spanish soprano (f. 2002). 1939: Marek Janowski, Polish conductor. 1940: Fabrizio De Andrდ©, Italian singer-songwriter (d. 1999). 1941: Pajarito Zaguri, Argentine guitarist and singer-songwriter (d. 2013). 1945: Daniel Mora Zevallos, Peruvian politician. 1945: Edir Macedo, Brazilian businessman and religious. 1946: Jean-Claude Dreyfus, French actor. 1946: Josდ© Ginდ©s Siu, Spanish Olympic gymnast. 1947: Cristina of the Netherlands, member of the Royal Family of the Netherlands. 1947: Josდ© Luis Cuerda, Spanish filmmaker. 1947: Dennis DeYoung, American musician of the band Styx. 1947: Carlos Lopes, Portuguese athlete. 1947: Amaya Uranga, Spanish singer. 1948: Sinდ©ad Cusack, Irish actress. 1948: Geoff Thomas, British footballer (d. 2013). 1949: Gary Ridgway, American serial killer. 1950: John Hughes, American filmmaker (d. 2009). 1950: Cybill Shepherd, American actress. 1951: Isabel Preysler, Spanish personality of Filipino origin. 1952: Randy Crawford, American singer of rhythm & blues. 1952: Maurice Lucas, American basketball player (d. 2010). 1952: Pedro Morales Mansilla, Peruvian political and chemical engineer. 1952: Juice Newton, American singer. 1952: Rofilio Neyra Huamanდ­, Peruvian businessman, sports leader, and politician. 1954: John Travolta, American actor. 1956: Ted Gდ¤rdestad, Swedish singer (d. 1997). 1956: Bidzina Ivanishvili, Georgian politician. 1956: Carlos Rovira, Argentine politician, and governor. 1957: Marita Koch, German athlete. 1957: Vanna White, American television presenter. 1958: Giovanni Lavaggi, Italian Formula 1 driver. 1958: Gar Samuelson, American drummer for Megadeth (d. 1999). 1960: Greta Scacchi, Australian actress. 1961: Hironobu Kageyama, Japanese singer. 1962: Julie Strain, American actress. 1964: Matt Dillon, American actor. 1965: Dr. Dre, record producer and American rapper. 1967: Roberto Baggio, Italian footballer. 1968: Lorena Astudillo, Argentine folk singer, and songwriter. 1968: Molly Ringwald, American actress. 1969: Tomaვ¾ Humar, Slovenian mountaineer (d. 2009). 1969: Anne Igartiburu, presenter and Spanish actress. 1970: Susan Egan, American actress. 1973: Melani Olivares, Spanish actress. 1973: Luther Dickinson, American guitarist for the bands Black Crowes, DDT, North Mississippi Allstars. 1973: Claude Makდ©lდ©lდ©, French footballer. 1974: Radek ე?ernდ½, Czech footballer. 1974: Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russian tennis player. 1975: Keith Gillespie, Irish footballer. 1975: Gary Neville, British footballer. 1976: Chanda Rubin, American tennis player. 1978: Josip ვ imuniე‡, Croatian footballer. 1978: Laura Caballero, writer, and producer of Spanish television. 1978: Lena Burke, Cuban singer. 1979: Vega, Spanish singer. 1980: Regina Spektor, Russian singer-songwriter. 1981: Andrei Kirilenko, Russian basketball player. 1982: Juelz Santana, Dominican rapper. 1982: Christian Tiffert, German footballer. 1983: Joel Huiqui, Mexican soccer player. 1983: Jermaine Jenas, British footballer. 1983: Jason Maxiell, American basketball player. 1984: Marcelo Barovero, Argentine soccer player. 1984: Estefanდ­a, Luxembourg aristocrat. 1984: Carlos Kameni, Cameroonian footballer. 1984: Makoto Hasebe, Japanese footballer. 1984: Juan Carlos Menseguez, Argentine soccer player. 1985: Anton Ferdinand, British footballer. 1985: Todd Lasance, Australian actor. 1985: Song Jae Rim, South Korean actor, and model. 1986: Marc Torrejდ³n, Spanish footballer. 1986: Vika Jigulina, Romanian singer. 1987: Vicente Guaita, Spanish footballer. 1988: Maiara Walsh, American actress. 1988: Max Changmin, South Korean singer. 1988: Lasso, Venezuelan actor, and singer. 1990: Gustavo Bou, Argentine soccer player. 1990: Park Shin Hye, South Korean actress. 1991: Malese Jow, American actress, and singer. 1991: Henry Surtees, British motor racing driver (d. 2009). 1992: Logan Miller, American actor. 1994: J-Hope, South Korean rapper and dancer from the band BTS.