february 19 zodiac

    People born on February 19 are interested in scientific questions.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 19

    Their feelings, while not overly powerful, are constant and fair. They have great ambitions and an extraordinary sense of self-worth, and they strive to put themselves in a position of authority. They also express the ability to govern and lead, and, although they may be humble, they can move rapidly up the social ladder in the area of action, achieving a better position than their predecessors or colleagues. They show more interest in general human affairs than in trivial events of practical life. They always put the general problems of the whole society on the suffering of the people. They are more interested in the essential solution of some economical problem than in helping individual human lives. Naturally, if they develop properly, they can become manic people or take everything so far that they will fall into failure. Moderate and discreet: they are not opposed to new ideas but are happy to accept them. But their enthusiasm is difficult to raise , and despite their understanding nature, they do not always succeed in making themselves popular with the masses. Average people cannot evaluate a person who does not react immediately to everything but takes his time and considers his course of action. Truth be told, this is also a vice of this birthday because life often demands that we act immediately and quickly and overthinking and delaying can be disastrous for our career. Retired people, devoted to their own thoughts: have an inherent talent for prediction, and they do well in professions that require mental effort. They live in peace with their neighbors, consumed by their work. They may be successful in professions related to electricity, radio, film, aviation, or the railroad. When they get rich, others will benefit from it too. The days of February 19: დ?lvaro, Conrado, Almudina, Gabino, Gabina, Arnoldo, Henry, Conrad, Leoncio.  

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 19

    If your birthday is February 19, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius.

    February 19 - personality and character

    character:  altruistic, wise, trustworthy, fearful, malicious, arrogant profession:  lawyer, translator, photographer colors:  silver, white, green stone:  amber animal:  ostrich plant:  silky dogwood lucky numbers:  6,7,25,42,46,57 super lucky number:  30

    Holidays and observances - February 19

    • Mexico: Mexican Army Day.
    • Thailand: Makha Bucha.

    February 19 Birthdays of celebrities. Who was born the same day as you?

    1909: Jesდºs Delgado Valhondo, Spanish poet (f. 1993). 1911: Merle Oberon, British actress (d. 1979). 1913: Conrado Blanco, Spanish poet and theater entrepreneur (d. 1998). 1913: Kurt Land, Austrian filmmaker (d. 1997). 1914: Josefina Escobedo, Mexican actress (f. 1997). 1916: Eddie Arcaro, American horseman (f. 1997). 1917: Carson McCullers, American writer (d. 1967). 1920: Jaan Kross, Estonian writer (d. 2007). 1924: David Bronstein, Ukrainian chess player (d. 2006). 1924: Lee Marvin, American actor (d. 1987). 1924: Bruce Norris, executive of the NHL board of directors (d. 1986). 1927: Philippe Boiry, journalist and French university professor, pretender to the throne of the Kingdom of Araucanდ­a and Patagonia (d. 2014). 1930: John Frankenheimer, American filmmaker (d. 2002). 1932: Guillermo Larco Cox, Peruvian politician (f. 2002). 1933: Juan Carlos Dual, Argentine actor (d. 2015). 1936: Marin Sorescu, Romanian writer and novelist (d. 1997). 1936: Paloma O'Shea, Spanish pianist. 1938: Raდºl de la Torre, Argentine filmmaker (d. 2010). 1938: Renდ© Munoz, Cuban actor (d. 2000). 1939: Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Peruvian writer. 1940: Saparmyrat Nyდ½azow, Turkmen President (d. 2006). 1940: Smokey Robinson, American musician. 1941: Ana Marდ­a Cuდ©, Argentine pianist, university professor and poet. 1941: David Gross, British physicist, 2004 Nobel Prize winner in physics. 1942: Conrado Benდ­tez Garcდ­a, Cuban literacy scholar assassinated by the CIA (d. 1961). 1943: Tim Hunt, British biochemist, 2001 Nobel Prize winner for medicine. 1944: Pedro Macდ­a, Spanish journalist and television presenter (d. 2012). 1946: Luis Puenzo, Argentine director and screenwriter. 1946: Karen Silkwood, American activist (d. 1974). 1948: Pim Fortuyn, Dutch politician (d. 2002). 1948: Tony Iommi, British guitarist of the band Black Sabbath. 1948: Osvaldo Santoro, Argentine actor. 1950: Chany Suდ¡rez, Argentine folk singer. 1951: Tahir-ul-Qadri, Pakistani Sufi scholar. 1952: Freddy Maertens, Belgian cyclist. 1952: Daniel Miglioranza, Argentine actor. 1952: Rodolfo Neri Vela, first Mexican astronaut. 1952: Amy Tan, American writer. 1953: Cristina Fernდ¡ndez de Kirchner, Argentine politician, president between 2007 and 2015 1953: Massimo Troisi, Italian actor, and filmmaker (d. 1994). 1954: Socrates, Brazilian soccer player (d. 2011). 1955: Jeff Daniels, American actor. 1956: Roderick MacKinnon, American biochemist, 2003 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1956: Victoria Vera, Spanish actress. 1957: Daდ­na Chaviano, Cuban writer. 1957: Falco, Austrian musician. 1957: Ray Winstone, British actor. 1958: Helen Fielding, British writer. 1958: Reina Reech, actress, and Argentine television host. 1960: Andrew of York, British aristocrat, son of Queen Elizabeth II. 1961: Justin Fashanu, British footballer (d. 1998). 1962: Hana Mandlდ­kovდ¡, Czech tennis player. 1963: Seal, British singer. 1963: Tom Angelripper, German bassist and singer of the band Sodom. 1964: Doug Aldrich, American musician of the band Whitesnake. 1964: Sandra Villarruel, Argentine star and actress. 1965: Jaime Bayly, Peruvian writer. 1966: Paul Haarhuis, Dutch tennis player. 1966: Enzo Scifo, Belgian footballer. 1967: Maniac (Sven Erik Kristiansen), Norwegian black metal singer. 1967: Benicio del Toro, Puerto Rican actor. 1971: Miguel Batista, Dominican baseball player. 1971: Gil Shaham, violinist of Israeli origin. 1973: Eva Golinger, Venezuelan-American lawyer, writer, and researcher. 1973: Eric Lange, American actor 1975: Daewon Song, Korean skater. 1977: Eloy Azorდ­n, Spanish actor. 1977: Dani Martდ­n, Spanish actor and singer, from the band El Canto del Loco. 1977: Luis Piedrahita, stand-up writer, and Spanish television presenter. 1977: Ola Salo, Swedish singer of the band The Ark. 1977: Gianluca Zambrotta, Italian footballer. 1978: Immortal Technique, an American rapper. 1979: Steve Cherundolo, American footballer. 1979: Clinton Morrison, Irish soccer player. 1979: Mariana Ochoa, Mexican singer and actress of the band OV7. 1979: Vitas, Russian singer. 1980: Miriam Lanzoni, Argentine actress. 1980: Ma Lin, Chinese table tennis player. 1980: Mike Miller, American basketball player. 1981: Ronnie Arniell, Canadian professional wrestler. 1981: Laura Azcurra, Argentine actress. 1981: Beth Ditto (Mary Beth Patterson) American singer of the band The Gossip. 1981: Kyle Martino, American footballer. 1982: Stefan Kramer, Chilean comedian. 1983: Mika Nakashima, Japanese singer. 1985: Haylie Duff, American actress, and singer. 1985: Violeta Urtizberea, Argentine actress. 1985: Arielle Kebbel, American actress. 1986: Maria Mena, Norwegian singer. 1986: Marta Vieira da Silva, Brazilian soccer player. 1987: Benat Etxebarria Urkiaga, Spanish footballer. 1991: Christoph Kramer, German footballer. 1993: Victoria Justice, American actress, model, and singer. 2001: David Mazouz, American actor. 2004: Millie Bobby Brown, British actress.