february 22 zodiac

    People born on February 22 are sensitive, discreet, express interest in philosophy.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 22

    Although they are quite passive by nature, when they get down to business and engage in a task, their crafty and extraordinary methods are something to behold. They can unite everyone, even the most uncoordinated parties, into a single unit. Being born on this day bestows a gift of unusual spirit and mental abilities. Such people are interested in broad questions, and everything that concerns philosophy, metaphysics, and the way the universe is built arouses great enthusiasm. Compassionate, benevolent, and cordial; they generally have many friends. They can be trusted with the deepest secrets - they will not fail anyone's trust. Its flaw is its willingness to use, which can be visible, especially in culinary areas. They are not always attentive or too clean. They can always show stubbornness and arbitrariness. Their carelessness can put them at risk of loss. But, in general, they are good people. As a factor in business or social affairs, they can be very helpful due to their intuition and curiosity and be equal to their more active partners. How to raise a child born on this day? One very important thing is to protect them from bad company, as a bad example can be catastrophic for them. So their parents and educators should protect them from bad influences, as they have an affinity for mediumship, which puts them at risk of losing their own will. Until they grow up and learn to decide for themselves, their educators should guide them and protect them from danger. If they ever fall under a certain influence, due to their weak will and surrender nature, they find themselves unable to break free, and giving in to someone else's will can have very negative consequences for them. As such, the child is sensitive and passive by nature; it depends on your whims. An educator should strive to develop in such a child a love of systematic work and improve their will.   The days of February 22: Margarita, Marta, Leonor, Eleonora, Pedro, Vდ­ctor.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 22

    If your birthday is February 22, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    February 22 - personality and character

    character:  passionate, hard-working, generous, messy, explosive, despicable; profession:  flight attendant, mechanic, poet; colors:  beige, purple, black; stone:  emerald; animal:  walrus; plant:  lily; lucky numbers:  14,23,37,38,49,58 super lucky number:  31

    Holidays and observances - February 22

    • Argentina: Argentina Antarctica Day
    • Scout Thinking Day
    • Dominican Republic: Flag Day
    • European Day for Equal Pay between Men and Women.
    • Mexico: Agricultural Engineer Day

    February 22 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Luis Bunuel, Spanish filmmaker (d. 1983). 1901: Sara Insდºa, Spanish writer and journalist (d. 1985) 1903: Ain-Ervin Mere, Estonian Nazi (d. 1969). 1903: Frank P. Ramsey, British mathematician and philosopher (d. 1930). 1903: Cდ©sar Gonzდ¡lez Ruano, Spanish writer and journalist (d. 1965). 1905: Luis Sandrini, Argentine actor (d. 1980). 1907: Robert Young, American actor (d. 1998). 1907: Sheldon Leonard, American actor (d. 1997). 1908: Rდ³mulo Betancourt, Venezuelan politician and journalist (d. 1981). 1908: John Mills, British actor (d. 2005). 1909: Rafael Agustდ­n Gumucio, Chilean politician (f. 1996). 1910: Baltasar Lobo, Spanish sculptor (d. 1993). 1911: Margarita Palacios, composer and singer of Argentine folklore (d. 1983). 1914: Renato Dulbecco, American virologist of Italian origin, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1975 (d. 2012). 1917: Jane Bowles, American writer (d. 1973). 1918: Robert Wadlow, American personality (d. 1940). 1921: Jean-Bდ©del Bokassa, Central African Emperor (d. 1996). 1921: Giulietta Masina, Italian actress (d. 1994). 1922: Jesდºs Iglesias, Argentine Formula 1 driver (d. 2005). 1922: Jesდºs Fueyo დ?lvarez, Spanish writer and essayist (f. 1993). 1923: Jaime Escudero Etxebarria, Spanish soccer player (f. 2012). 1923: Gigliola Frazzoni, Italian soprano (d. 2016). 1925: Edward Gorey, American cartoonist (d. 2000). 1925: Rupert Riedl, Austrian zoologist (f. 2005). 1926: Miguel Leდ³n-Portilla, Spanish historian and archaeologist. 1926: Kenneth Williams, British actor (d. 1988). 1927: Luis Sდ¡nchez Olivares, Black Diamond, Venezuelan bullfighter. 1929: James Hong, American actor. 1930: Alfredo Sadel, Venezuelan singer (d. 1989). 1930: Giuliano Montaldo, Italian filmmaker. 1932: Edward Ted Kennedy, American politician (d. 2009). 1932: Guillermo Nimo, Argentine referee and sportscaster (f. 2013). 1933: Bobby Smith, British footballer (d. 2010). 1934: Blasco Penaherrera Padilla, Ecuadorian politician, lawyer and journalist. 1936: John Michael Bishop, American immunobiologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1989. 1938: Claudio Garcდ­a Satur, Argentine actor. 1938: Manuel Martდ­nez Carril, Uruguayan film critic, journalist and professor (f. 2014). 1941: Rafael Inclდ¡n, Mexican actor. 1941: Hipდ³lito Mejდ­a, Dominican politician. 1942: Christine Keeler, British model and showgirl. 1943: Terry Eagleton, British literary critic. 1943: Horst Kდ¶hler, German president. 1944: Jonathan Demme, American filmmaker (d. 2017). 1944: Gerald Martin, British biographer and literary critic of Latin American fiction. 1944: Tom Okker, Dutch tennis player. 1945: Marდ­a del Carmen Aguilar, Argentine musicologist and pedagogue. 1946: Cristina Alberdi, Spanish lawyer and politician. 1948: Joaquდ­n Luqui, Spanish radio host (f. 2005). 1949: Niki Lauda, ჴ€‹ჴ€‹Austrian Formula 1 driver. 1950: Julius Erving, American basketball player. 1950: Lenny Kuhr, Dutch singer. 1950: Miou-Miou, French actress. 1950: Genesis P-Orridge, British artist, musician and writer. 1950: Julie Walters, British actress. 1952: Bill Frist, American politician. 1954: Ricardo Ferretti "El Tuca", Brazilian soccer player, nationalized Mexican. 1955: David Axelrod, American political consultant. 1958: Jesდºs დ?lvarez Cervantes, Spanish journalist. 1959: Mikhail Naumდ³vich Gurდ©vich, Soviet chess player. 1959: Kyle MacLachlan, American actor. 1959: Gerardo Salorio, Argentine physical trainer. 1961: Akira Takasaki, Japanese guitarist, of the band Loudness. 1962: Steve Irwin, Australian environmentalist and television star (d. 2006). 1963: Pedro Jaro, Spanish footballer. 1963: Cristina Masoller, Uruguayan physicist. 1963: Vijay Singh, Fijian golfer. 1964: Gigi Fernდ¡ndez, Puerto Rican tennis player. 1965: Chris Dudley, American basketball player. 1965: Kieren Fallon, Irish rider. 1966: Rachel Dratch, actress and American comedian. 1966: Aiden Shaw, British porn actor. 1967: Jorge Bosch, Spanish actor. 1967: Alf Poier, Austrian comedian. 1968: Shawn Graham, Canadian politician. 1968: Bradley Nowell, American musician, of the Sublime band (f. 1996). 1968: Jeri Ryan, American actress. 1968: Kazuhiro Sasaki, Japanese baseball player. 1969: Joaquდ­n Cortდ©s, Spanish dancer and choreographer. 1969: Hans Klok, Dutch actor and illusionist. 1969: Brian Laudrup, Danish footballer. 1969: Marc Wilmots, Belgian footballer. 1969: Shaka Hislop, Trinidadian footballer. 1971: Lea Salonga, Filipino singer and actress. 1972: Michael Chang, American tennis player. 1972: Claudia Pechstein, German skater. 1972: Rolando Villazდ³n, Mexican singer. 1973: Juninho Paulista, Brazilian soccer player. 1973: Daniel Lდ¶ble, Swiss drummer, of the band Helloween. 1974: James Blunt, British singer. 1975: Drew Barrymore, American actress. 1975: Fele Martდ­nez, Spanish actor. 1977: Hakan Yakin, Swiss footballer. 1979: Brett Emerton, Australian footballer. 1981: Fredson Camara, Brazilian soccer player. 1981: Misaki Sekiyama, Japanese voice actress. 1982: Jenna Haze, American porn actress. 1982: Kelly Johnson, American baseball player. 1982: Siaka Tiდ©nდ©, ivory footballer. 1983: Penny Flame, American pornographic actress. 1983: Adriდ¡n Navarro, Argentine actor. 1984: Branislav Ivanoviე‡, Serbian footballer. 1984: Giorgos Printezis, Greek basketball player. 1985: Hameur Bouazza, Algerian footballer. 1985: Larissa Riquelme, Paraguayan model and actress. 1986: Rajon Rondo, American basketball player. 1990: Luciano Nდ³bile, Argentine actor. 1991: Robin Stjernberg, Swedish singer. 1999: Christine Hanson, youngest victim of the September 11 attacks (d. 2001).