february 23 zodiac

    People born on February 23 have friends in high places and display artistic talents.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 23

    Reasonable, careful: they show confidence, which they owe to their prudent and judicious nature. They combine a weakness of character with significant intelligence. Their tendencies are quite peaceful: they prefer to suffer for injustices and displeasure than to fight for the right cause. This happens because of your indifference. They are very sensitive, but remain indifferent and do not care. True, they are often capable of expressing strong jealousy and concern for the fate of their loved ones. But their nature is full of inherent passivity: they don't want to suffer the restlessness and effort that a fight for the right cause would entail. They are people with subtle ideas and show artistic talents, with everything artistic and spiritual having a compelling influence on them. What should they watch out for? Many people born on this day let their great talents go to waste as they are unable to focus and take control of their passions, giving in too easily to apathy or passivity. When the will of such a person is weak, his life can erase it completely. But when their will grows stronger, they easily make a career because they have great skills and talents that they express since they were children. Their parents and educators can do them a lot of good by developing their innate abilities and nurturing them carefully. Such people spend most of their time in retirement. Usually they achieve victory over their enemies and are successful. The defect of this birthday is undoubtedly a great sensitivity.
    These people not only reflect all events and moods like a mirror, but absorb them like sponges. They change quite a bit in the lower stages of their development, depending on what influences them, and it often happens that their moral and life principles are uncertain. The days of February 23: Lazarus, Romance, Policarpo, Damien, Florentino, Roma, Romana.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 23

    If your birthday is February 23, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    February 23 - personality and character

    character:  industrious, magnanimous, dedicated, indecisive, crazy, talkative; profession:  prosecutor, anesthesiologist, railway man; colors:  gray, silver, sky blue; stone:  turquoise; animal:  crow; plant:  dill; lucky numbers:  2,22,37,39,44,49 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - February 23

    • Mexico: Ano Nuevo Mexica.

    February 23 Birthdays of celebrities. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: La Bella Dorita, singer and Spanish cabaret dancer (f. 2001). 1901: Edgar Ende, German painter (d. 1965). 1904: Terence Fisher, British filmmaker (d. 1980). 1904: Leopold Trepper, Soviet spy (d. 1982). 1908: William McMahon, Australian Prime Minister and politician (d. 1988). 1913: Salvador Artigas, Spanish soccer player and coach (d. 1997). 1915: Paul Tibbets, pilot and American military man (d. 2007). 1918: Richard G. Butler, American Nazi activist (d. 2004). 1920: Aurora Bernდ¡rdez, Argentine translator and writer, ex-wife of Julio Cortდ¡zar (d. 2014). 1923: Rafael Addiego Bruno, Uruguayan judge and president (f. 2014). 1924: Allan McLeod Cormack, South African scientist, Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1979 (d. 1998). 1924: Claude Sautet, French filmmaker and screenwriter (d. 2000). 1926: Eduardo Lerchundi, Argentine costume designer. 1926: Fernando Vizcaდ­no Casas, Spanish writer and lawyer (f. 2003). 1927: Mirtha Legrand, Argentine actress and television host. 1927: Silvia Legrand, Argentine actress, twin sister of Mirtha Legrand. 1927: Rდ©gine Crespin, French soprano (d. 2007). 1929: Queta Lavat, Mexican actress. 1929: Alexios II, Muscovite patriarch (d. 2008). 1930: Federico Vairo, Argentine soccer player (d. 2010). 1931: Tom Wesselmann, American artist (d. 2004). 1932: Majel Barrett Roddenberry, American actress (d. 2008). 1934: Augusto Alguerდ³, Spanish conductor and composer (d. 2011). 1934: Linda Cristal, Argentine-American actress (El gran chaparral). 1936: Federico Luppi, Argentine actor. 1938: Paul Morrissey, American filmmaker. 1938: Diane Varsi, American actress (d. 1992). 1940: Peter Fonda, American actor. 1941: Alla Tarდ¡n, Ukrainian-Cuban violinist and pedagogue. 1942: Dioncounda Traorდ©, Malian politician and president. 1942: Ben Grussendorf, American politician (d. 2011). 1944: Johnny Winter, American musician (d. 2014). 1947: Pia Kjarsgaard, Danish politician. 1948: Manolo Clares, Spanish footballer. 1949: Marc Garneau, Canadian astronaut. 1952: Brad Whitford, American guitarist, of the band Aerosmith. 1953: Satoru Nakajima, Japanese Formula 1 driver. 1953: Luis Alberto Beto Quevedo, Uruguayan-Argentine sociologist, professor and journalist. 1954: Rosendo Mercado, Spanish rock musician. 1954: Vდ­ktor Yდºshchenko, Ukrainian Prime Minister. 1955: Howard Jones, British singer. 1955: Flip Saunders, American basketball coach (d. 2015). 1957: Vდ­ktor Markin, Russian athlete. 1958: David Sylvian, British musician, of the bands Japan and Nine Horses. 1960: Luisa Martდ­n, Spanish actress. 1960: Naruhito, Japanese aristocrat, son of Emperor Akijito. 1962: Michael Wilton, American musician of the Queensryche band. 1962: Miguel de Leდ³n, Venezuelan actor. 1963: Radosვ‚aw Sikorski, Polish journalist and politician. 1964: John Norum, Norwegian guitarist of the band Europe. 1965: Michael Dell, American businessman. 1965: Mikel Erentxun, Basque singer of Venezuelan origin. 1965: Sylvie Guillem, French dancer and choreographer. 1965: Helena Sukovდ¡, Czech tennis player. 1967: Josდ© Luis Properzi, Argentine musician, of the band Sდºper Ratones (f. 2015). 1967: Chris Vrenna, American musician, of the bands Nine Inch Nails and Tweaker. 1968: Vicenta N'Dongo, Spanish actress. 1969: Marc Wauters, Belgian cyclist. 1970: Marie-Josდ©e Croze, Canadian actress. 1970: Niecy Nash, American actress. 1971: Joe-Max Moore, American footballer. 1974: Leko, American DJ. 1975: Paola Barrientos, Argentine actress. 1975: Natalia Verbeke, Argentine actress. 1976: Kelly Macdonald, British actress. 1978: Jo Joyner, British actress. 1978: Resident (Renდ© Pდ©rez Joglar), Puerto Rican musician, of the band Calle 13. 1981: Gareth Barry, British footballer. 1982: Adam Hann-Byrd, American actor. 1982: Karan Singh, Indian politician. 1983: Aziz Ansari, American comedian. 1983: Mido, Egyptian footballer. 1983: Emily Blunt, British actress. 1984: Goizeder Azდºa, Venezuelan model and journalist, Miss International 2003 1986: Skylar Gray, American singer. 1986: Kazuya Kamenashi, Japanese singer of the band Kat-Tun. 1986: Ola Svensson, Swedish singer. 1988: Nicolდ¡s Gaitდ¡n, Argentine footballer. 1992: Kiriakos Papadდ³pulos, Greek footballer. 1992: Casemiro, Brazilian soccer player. 1994: Dakota Fanning, American actress. 1994: Lucas Pouille, French tennis player. 1995: Andrew Wiggins, Canadian basketball player. 2012: Estela de Sweden, Swedish aristocrat.