february 26 zodiac

    People born on February 26 are subtle and fair - they stand up for all that is beautiful, both in nature and in art.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 26

    They quickly experience attraction to others, but just as quickly develop antipathy. However, they are too kind to openly express their dislike of someone. They want to help others and sometimes give too much, which can be harmful to both their business and their health. Fortunately, these people do not demand of others as much as they demand of themselves; otherwise they would be very difficult people to deal with. They are very attached to their family environment, and although they may not express too much activity for the sake of other family members, they love everyone. They are characterized by imagination and love of art. Delicate and subtle people by nature. Especially women born on this day do not like everything that is too harsh and crude. Dedicated to their ideals, they can work persistently and patiently. Where everyone gets discouraged and quit their job, these people carry on. They can express their thoughts fluently, both in speech and in writing. His style is rich and fast, and his words flow like a stream. His lyrics sometimes have literary value. They look at the world through pink glasses and are easily excited. They often show great talent, become leaders of others and centers of a political party. They tend to study natural life long and patiently and, as a result of their efforts, learn its secrets. What threatens them: They do not always do things in a practical way, so they can find unpleasant things and possible losses. But it is at that time that they can achieve significant mental and spiritual development. Defects include disturbance and restlessness, of which they easily fall victim, and imaginary illnesses. They are often preoccupied with imaginary fears, in which they constantly wait for some unfortunate accidents or unpleasant events. Such fears can even harm your health. The days of February 26: Alejandro, Alejandra, Alexander, Nestor.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 26

    If your birthday is February 26, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    February 26 - personality and character

    character:  forgiving, caring, bold, rude, lazy, strict profession:  farmer, anesthesiologist, judge colors:  orange, white, purple stone:  cat's eye animal:  lynx plant:  foxglove lucky numbers:  15,30,40,42,50,57 super lucky number:  27

    Holidays and observances - February 26

    • Blessed Piedad de la Cruz, Roberto Drury.
    • Saints: Agrდ­cola de Nevers, Alejandro de Alejandrდ­a, Andrდ©s de Florencia, San Diodoro, Faustiniano de Bologna, Paula Montal, Porfirio de Gaza, Vდ­ctor Eremita.

    February 26 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Jean Negulesco, cineasta estadounidense de origen rumano (f. 1993). 1902: Rudolf Moralt, director de orquesta alemდ¡n (f.1958). 1903: Agustდ­n de Foxდ¡, escritor, periodista y diplomდ¡tico espanol (f. 1959). 1903: Giulio Natta, quდ­mico italiano, premio Nobel de Quდ­mica en 1963 (f. 1979). 1904: Manuel Lozano Guillდ©n, anarquista y militar espanol (f. 1945). 1908: Tex Avery, animador y cineasta estadounidense (f. 1980). 1908: Nestor Mesta Chayres, tenor mexicano y vocalista de bolero (f. 1971) 1908: Leela Majumdar, escritora bengalდ­ (f. 2007). 1912: Dane Clark, actor estadounidense (f. 1998). 1915: Raდºl Anguiano, pintor, muralista y grabador mexicano (f. 2006). 1916: Jackie Gleason, actor estadounidense (f. 1987). 1918: Theodore Sturgeon, escritor estadounidense (f. 1985). 1918: Vდ­ctor Licandro, periodista, polდ­tico y militar uruguayo (f. 2011). 1918: Osmar Maderna, mდºsico, pianista y compositor argentino (f. 1951). 1919: Mason Adams, actor estadounidense (f. 2005). 1920: Henri Crolla, guitarrista italiano (f. 1960). 1920: Tony Randall, actor estadounidense (f. 2004). 1921: Eulalio Ferrer, empresario y publicista mexicano de origen espanol (f. 2009). 1921: Betty Hutton, actriz estadounidense (f. 2007). 1922: Vდ­ctor Gonzდ¡lez Maertens, empresario y polდ­tico chileno (f. 2012). 1922: Karl Aage Prast, futbolista danდ©s (f. 2011). 1925: Ivდ¡n Yampolski, militar soviდ©tico (f. 1983). 1926: Gabino Dდ­az Merchდ¡n, arzobispo espanol. 1927: Manuel Conde Pumpido, magistrado espanol. 1927: James Jimmy Kantor, abogado sudafricano, vდ­ctima del apartheid (f. 1974). 1928: Fats Dდ³mino, mდºsico estadounidense. 1928: Ariel Sharდ³n, primer ministro israelდ­ (f. 2014). 1931: Robert Novak, comentador polდ­tico conservador estadounidense (f. 2009). 1932: Johnny Cash, cantante estadounidense de mდºsica country (f. 2003). 1937: Eduardo Arroyo, pintor y escultor espanol. 1937: Alejandra Meyer, actriz mexicana (f. 2007). 1941: Sandy Brown Wyeth, actriz estadounidense. 1941: Guillermina Motta, cantante espanola. 1943: Dante Ferretti, director de arte italiano. 1944: Maria Creuza, cantante brasilena. 1945: Bob Hite, mდºsico canadiense, de la banda Canned Heat (f. 1981). 1945: Pedro Carcuro, periodista chileno 1945: Marta Kristen, actriz noruega. 1945: Tina Sდ¡inz, actriz espanola. 1946: Ahmed H. Zewail, quდ­mico egipcio, premio Nobel de Quდ­mica en 1999. 1947: Sandie Shaw, cantante britდ¡nica. 1948: Cristina Banegas, actriz argentina. 1948: Ruy Castro, escritor, periodista, traductor y biდ³grafo brasileno. 1949: Emma Kirkby, soprano britდ¡nica. 1950: Jonathan Cain, mდºsico estadounidense, de las bandas Journey y Bad English. 1950: Helen Clark, primera ministra neozelandesa. 1951: Lee Atwater, polდ­tico estadounidense (f. 1991). 1953: Michael Bolton, cantante estadounidense. 1954: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, primer ministro turco. 1955: Eusebio Unzuდ©, entrenador de ciclistas espanol. 1958: Michel Houellebecq, escritor francდ©s. 1958: Silvio Oltra, piloto de automovilismo y cantautor argentino (f. 1995). 1959: Rolando Blackman, baloncestista panameno. 1962: Greg Germann, actor estadounidense. 1963: Nacho Cano, mდºsico espanol, de la banda Mecano. 1963: Fabiდ¡n Gianola, actor y comediante argentino. 1963: Jorge Suდ¡rez, actor argentino. 1964: Mark Dacascos, actor y artista marcial estadounidense. 1965: Hernდ¡n Dდ­az, futbolista argentino. 1967: Currie Graham, actor canadiense. 1967: Paulo Pires, modelo y actor portuguდ©s. 1968: Tim Commerford, bajista estadounidense, de la banda Rage Against the Machine. 1969: Ander Garitano, futbolista y entrenador espanol. 1971: Erykah Badu, cantante estadounidense. 1971: Max Martin, compositor sueco. 1971: Hდ©lene Segara, cantante francesa. 1973: ATB (Andrდ© Tanneberger), disyდ³quey alemდ¡n. 1973: Ole Gunnar Solskjar, futbolista noruego. 1973: Jenny Thompson, nadadora estadounidense. 1974: Carolina Gდ³mez, actriz, presentadora y modelo colombiana. 1974: Sდ©bastien Loeb, piloto francდ©s de rallies. 1976: Ky-Mani Marley, mდºsico jamaicano. 1978: Tom Beck, actor y cantante alemდ¡n. 1978: Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye, futbolista senegalდ©s. 1979: Shalim Ortiz, cantante y actor puertorriqueno. 1979: Corinne Bailey Rae, cantante britდ¡nica. 1983: Pepe (Kდ©pler Laveran Lima Ferreira), futbolista portuguდ©s. 1984: Emmanuel Adebayor, futbolista togolდ©s. 1984: Natalia Lafourcade, cantante mexicana. 1984: Beren Saat, actriz turca. 1985: Fernando Llorente, futbolista espanol. 1985: Miki Fujimoto, cantante e idol japonesa. 1986: Crystal Kay, cantante japonesa. 1986: Leila Lopes, modelo angolena. 1987: Ricardo Noir, futbolista argentino. 1988: Hდ©ctor Rondდ³n, beisbolista venezolano. 1990: Guido Pizarro, Argentine soccer player. 1991: CL, South Korean singer and rapper. 1993: Jesდ© Rodrდ­guez, Spanish soccer player. 1995: Tristam (Leandre Berubდ© Bergerდ³n), Canadian producer of electronic music.