february 27 zodiac

    People born on February 27 are reserved, kind, offer a faithful friendship

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 27

    Her imagination is highly developed and positively influences her life and mental work, lovingly gifting her with music and visual arts. They make extensive use of their skills and talents, and are open even towards strangers. Still, they are easily moved and offended, at which point they withdraw. But once they decide to support something, these people are willing to do so even at the risk of their own harm, and it is very difficult to discourage them. They strive for a career and hope to get rich. Full of tact: they can wisely build smart plans, as well as control others. They are at risk of water-related hazards and unexpected losses because they struggle to carry out various projects that are unattainable for them and only bring them unexpected disappointments or disturbances. Its flaw is its instability. When it comes to a fast and important business decision, they cannot decide anything and only do so when the favorable moment has passed and the entire effort no longer pays off. They are quite happy in marriage as they do not have high expectations and will generally try anything to make their partner happy. Those born on this day are quick to forget and forgive the injustices committed against them: they can be a sacrificial husband, a loving mother, or a trusted manager of someone's property. His innate goodness and mercy are expressed quite clearly in everyday life. When they encounter a failure in life, they are more moved because they always blame themselves for it. How to raise a child born on this day? They display inherent instincts toward kindness and nobility, and because they think other people are just as fair, they generally lose their own confidence and are overly dependent on others. When they are hurt, they are more worried and confused than those who are vindictive and defensive. Such children should be brought up with care and given the best education possible, accustoming them to the company of other children who should be well behaved and intelligent. Such a child is so sensitive that he immediately adopts all the habits and mannerism of his environment. The days of February 27: Gabriel, Gabriela, Baldomero, Elდ­as, Alexander, Anastasia, Leonardo.  

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 27

    If your birthday is February 27, your zodiac sign is  Pisces

    February 27 - personality and character

    character:  immaculate, tough - hard-working, wise, reserved, idle, aggressive; profession:  director, locksmith, beautician; colors:  yellow, cream, olive; stone:  jasper; animal:  snake; plant:  pea flower; lucky numbers:  2,3,11,21,22,57 super lucky number:  21

    Holidays and observances - February 27

    • Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador: Civic Day.
    • Dominican Republic: Independence Day.
    • International Day of Organ Transplantation
    • Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina: Day the flag is raised for the first time.
    • Flag of the United States.svg United States: International Polar Bear Day.

    February 27 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Gene Sarazen, American golfer. 1902: John Steinbeck, American writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. 1904: Andrდ© Leducq, French cyclist. 1905: Franchot Tone, American actor. 1907: Mildred Bailey, American jazz singer. 1910: Joan Bennett, American actress (d. 1990). 1912: Lawrence Durrell, British writer and novelist. 1915: Leopoldo Castedo, Chilean nationalized Spanish historian. 1916: Antonio Rivera Ramდ­rez, Spanish politician. 1917: John Connally, American politician. 1917: Nathდ¡n Pinzდ³n, Argentine actor, critic and librettist (d. 1993). 1923: Dexter Gordon, American jazz player (d. 1990). 1922: Fernando Josდ© Trejos Escalante, Costa Rican physician and politician (f. 2003). 1924: Patria Mirabal, Dominican political activist (d. 1960). 1925: Marin Constantin, Romanian conductor and composer (d. 2011). 1926: Manuel Antდ­n, Argentine filmmaker. 1926: Miroslava Stern, Mexican actress (d. 1955). 1926: David Hunter Hubel, Canadian-American doctor, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1981. 1926: Jorge Kaplდ¡n, Chilean surgeon and politician (d. 2009). 1926: Martha Mercader, Argentine writer (d. 2010). 1928: Ramდ³n Valls Plana, Spanish philosopher (d. 2011). 1929: Floria Bloise, Argentine actress (d. 2012). 1929: Pedro Leდ³n Zapata, Venezuelan painter, writer, cartoonist and humorist (d. 2015). 1929: Djalma Santos, Brazilian soccer player. 1930: Joanne Woodward, American actress. 1931: Graciela Fernდ¡ndez Meijide, Argentine activist and politician. 1932: Elizabeth Taylor, American actress (d. 2011). 1934: Vincent Fourcade, French-American interior designer. 1934: N. Scott Momaday, American writer. 1934: Ralph Nader, American activist and lawyer. 1935: Luisa Durდ¡n, Chilean first lady (2000-2006). 1935: Mirella Freni, Italian soprano. 1939: Perlita de Huelva, Spanish singer. 1939: Peter Revson, American Formula 1 driver. 1941: Paddy Ashdown, British politician. 1942: Robert H. Grubbs, American scientist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005. 1942: Miguel დ?ngel Santoro, Argentine soccer player and coach. 1943: Morten Lauridsen, American composer. 1943: Carlos Alberto Parreira, Brazilian soccer coach. 1944: Hugo Midდ³n, Argentine actor, author and director (d. 2011). 1945: Carl Anderson, American singer and actor. 1945: Danny Rivera, singer and Puerto Rican pacifist. 1947: Giuseppe Bertolucci, Italian filmmaker and screenwriter. 1947: Sebastiდ¡n Fleitas, Paraguayan soccer player (f. 2000). 1947: Gidon Kremer, Latvian conductor and violinist. 1947: Adriana Delpiano, Chilean politician. 1948: Gervasio, Uruguayan singer (d. 1990). 1948: Enrique Cerezo, President of Atlდ©tico de Madrid. 1949: Urbano Moraes, Uruguayan musician. 1950: Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer (d. 1994). 1950: Gustavo Suდ¡rez Pertierra, Spanish politician. 1950: Enrique Torres, Argentine writer, playwright and producer. 1953: Ian Khama, former president of Botswana. 1954: Marდ­a Elvia Amaya Araujo, Mexican politician and businesswoman. 1954: Neal Schon, American guitarist. 1954: Enrique Norten, Mexican architect. 1956: Angela Aames, American actress (d. 1988). 1956: Antonio Trevდ­n Lombდ¡n, Spanish politician. 1957: Danny Antonucci, Canadian animator. 1957: Adrian Smith, British guitarist. 1957: Timothy Spall, British actor. 1958: Hugo de Leდ³n, Uruguayan soccer player and coach. 1958: Ana Marდ­a Rodrდ­guez, American children's scientific writer, of Argentine-Venezuelan origin. 1959: Geir Botnen Norwegian pianist. 1960: Andrდ©s Gდ³mez, Ecuadorian tennis player. 1962: Adam Baldwin, American actor. 1962: Grant Show, American actor. 1963: Soledad Gimდ©nez, Spanish singer and songwriter. 1963: Pablo De Santis, Argentine writer. 1966: Claudio Pocho Lepratti, Argentine social activist, assassinated (f. 2001). 1966: Donal Logue, Canadian actor. 1967: Jonathan Ive, English designer, Apple's Senior Vice President of Design. 1970: Roberto Caballero, Argentine journalist and essayist. 1970: Matthias Lechner, German film designer. 1974: Colin Edwards, Australian motorcyclist. 1974: Carolina Fadic, Chilean actress (f. 2002). 1974: Omar Mireles Penilla, Mexican writer, teacher, screenwriter and poet. 1975: Aitor Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish cyclist. 1979: Adriana Campos, Colombian actress (f. 2015). 1979: Santiago Pedrero, Argentine actor. 1980: Don Diablo, Dutch DJ and producer. 1980: Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. 1980: Ivდ¡n Hernდ¡ndez, Spanish soccer player. 1980: Bobby Valentino, American singer. 1981: Josh Groban, American singer-songwriter and baritone. 1983: Kate Mara, American actress. 1984: David Noel, American basketball player. 1984: Anდ­bal Sდ¡nchez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1986: Yovani Gallardo, Mexican baseball player. 1987: Maximiliano Morდ¡lez, Argentine soccer player. 1988: Gastდ³n Ferrante, Argentine racing driver. 1989: Brittany Ashton Holmes, American actress. 1989: Josito Di Palma, Argentine motor racing driver. 1992: Jonjo Shelvey, British footballer. 1993: Alphonse Arდ©ola, French footballer 1994: Hou Yifan, Chinese chess player.