february 4 zodiac

    People born on February 4 are resourceful, hard-working - they can easily make a career out of it.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 4

    They are understanding people with nature, with a kind approach towards others. They have an excellent memory, and thanks to their charitable education and life experience, they can achieve an excellent understanding of human characters. Although they sometimes say unpleasant things to their loved ones, these words come from the brain, not from the heart. Their mind is enterprising, eager for adventure, which leads them to interact with people who often come from far away countries. They have artistic talent. Very eloquent: they can skillfully express their thoughts, both in speech and in writing. They generally achieve an influential position where they are respected. They don't rush to get married, although they eventually do. The basis of love, for these people, is usually friendship. During that friendship, you can achieve a mutual understanding of ideals and worldviews with the other person, as well as with life goals. In general, the character of such people is very appropriate for marriage thanks to broad and neutral points of view, which fortunately makes them able to avoid the limitations imposed on an average person by their heritage, background and education. Your courtesy and kindness are valuable character traits. Because they are naturally simple people, incapable of feeling jealous or harassing others. Very affectionate and delicate people with people. How to raise a child born on this day? Education must be very thorough, and that is due to his great talents and his sensitive and delicate soul. When they are not believed and mistrusted, they become mistrustful and deceive their elders. Because these children are extraordinarily nervous and restless, you should try to raise them as peacefully and harmoniously as possible. An environment that is too noisy will be very harmful to them. Your company should not be too large and include only patient, decent and honest children. The days of February 4: Gilberto, Isidro, Verდ³nica, Juana, Juan, Josდ©, Mario.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 4

    If your birthday is February 4, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius

    February 4 - personality and character

    character:  educated, rational, modest, reserved, short-tempered, severe; profession:  translator, tiler, photographer; colors:  green, beige, white; stone:  sapphire; animal:  clam; plant:  locust tree; lucky numbers:  7,16,17,46,49,59 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and observances - February 4

    • Argentina: Lifeguard Day (aquatic rescue lifeguards).
    • World Cancer Day.

    February 4 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Manuel დ?lvarez Bravo, Mexican photographer (f. 2002). 1902 - Charles Lindbergh, American aviator (d. 1974). 1903: Romდ¡n Fresnedo Siri, Uruguayan architect (d. 1975). 1905: Hylda Baker, British actress and comedian (d. 1986). 1906: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian (d. 1945). 1906: Clyde Tombaugh, American astronomer (d. 1997). 1910: Alberto J. Armando, Argentine sports leader (d. 1988). 1912: Erich Leinsdorf, Austrian conductor and musician (d. 1993). 1913: Sabina Olmos, Argentine actress and singer (f. 1999). 1913: Rosa Parks, American civil rights activist (d. 2005). 1914: Alfred Andersch, German writer (d. 1980). 1915: Ray Evans, American composer (d. 2007). 1915: Norman Wisdom, British comic actor (d. 2010). 1917: Elena Soriano, Spanish writer (f. 1996). 1918: Ida Lupino, British actress (d. 1995). 1921: Betty Friedan, American feminist and writer (d. 2006). 1923: Conrad Bain, Canadian actor. 1923: Belisario Betancur, Colombian politician, lawyer and journalist, president between 1982 and 1986. 1923: Tincho Zabala, Argentine actor of Uruguayan origin (f. 2001). 1925: Russell Hoban, American writer. 1927: Tony Fruscella, American jazz trumpeter (d. 1969). 1929: Fernando Gonzდ¡lez Ollდ©, Spanish linguist, researcher and writer. 1931: Marდ­a Estela Martდ­nez de Perდ³n, Argentine president between 1974 and 1976. 1934: Fernando Manzaneque, Spanish cyclist (f. 2004). 1935: Martti Talvela, Finnish opera singer (d. 1989). 1937: Fდ©lix Grande, Spanish writer. 1940: George Romero, American filmmaker. 1941: Guillermo Carrillo Arena, Mexican architect and politician (d. 2010). 1941: John Steel, British musician, of the band The Animals. 1942: Edda Dდ­az, Argentine actress. 1942: Ovidi Montllor, Spanish singer-songwriter and actor (d. 1995). 1942: Joaquim Rifდ©, Spanish footballer. 1943: Ken Thompson, American computer scientist. 1945: Mდ³nica Sდ¡nchez Navarro, Mexican actress. 1947: Dan Quayle, American politician. 1948: Vincent Furnier, American rocker and producer, of the band Alice Cooper. 1948: Marisol (Pepa Flores), Spanish singer and actress. 1951: Romდ¡n Felones, Spanish politician and historian. 1953: Josდ© Marდ­a Barreda, Spanish politician. 1953: Kitaro, Japanese composer. 1955: Mikulდ¡ვ¡ Dzurinda, Slovak Prime Minister. 1956: Beatriz Rojkდ©s de Alperovich, speech therapist and Argentine politician. 1959: Juan Manuel Lდ³pez Iturriaga, Spanish basketball player. 1960: Tim Booth, British vocalist, of the band James. 1960: Jonathan Larson, American composer and lyricist, creator of the musical Rent (f. 1996). 1963: Noodles, American guitarist, of the band The Offspring. 1965: Juan Curuchet, Argentine cyclist. 1966: Viatcheslav Ekimov, Russian cyclist. 1967: Alejo Garcდ­a Pintos, Argentine actor. 1967: Sergey Grinkov, Soviet skater (d. 1995). 1968: Guillermo Andino, Argentine journalist. 1970: Gabrielle Anwar, British actress. 1973: Oscar de la Hoya, Mexican-American boxer. 1975: Natalie Imbruglia, Australian singer. 1975: Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian writer and activist (d. 2011). 1976: Cam'ron, American rapper. 1976: Christian Ledesma, Argentine motor racing driver. 1978: Danna Garcდ­a, Colombian actress. 1979: Giorgio Pantano, Italian Formula 1 driver. 1981: Sდ©rgio Marone, Brazilian actor. 1983: Chris Sabin, American professional wrestler. 1982: Kimberly Wyatt, singer and American dancer, of the band Pussycat Dolls. 1984: Pablo Ledesma, Argentine soccer player. 1984: Mauricio Pinilla, Chilean soccer player. 1985: Ignacio Piatti, Argentine footballer. 1987: Lucie ვ afდ¡ვ?ovდ¡, Czech tennis player. 1988: Carly Patterson, American gymnast. 1988: Pablo De Blasis, Argentine footballer. 1990: Nairo Quintana, Colombian cyclist. 1991: Aya Omasa, actress, model and Japanese talent. 1994: Miguel დ?ngel Lდ³pez, Colombian cyclist.