february 5 zodiac

    People born on February 5 behave kindly and have ideal points of view.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on February 5

    They are always defenders of unity, for which they can fight. When they put their eyes on some thought or point of view, they cannot get away from it. Their demeanor is friendly and peaceful, earning them recognition. Their relationships at home are good, they can be exemplary husbands, wives , mothers and fathers. They are stable in their attachments and tendencies. Their excellent mental abilities go hand in hand with perseverance in everything they do. It allows them to obtain perfect results in life, although sometimes they come later. They want to influence their environment and set other people's minds on the path to higher, more ideal achievements. They care deeply about their reputation and show some pride. They are rather attached to their profession. Their fault is the fact that they sometimes torment themselves unnecessarily and worry. His behavior is very sensitive, a bit jarring; they often get whimsical. They also tend to live in uncertainty, subjected to unpleasant life experiences. Children born on this day are quite fearful and withdrawn, they enjoy solitude and rely only on themselves, more than would be good for them. Because when they spend too much time with themselves, they can fall into the danger of a certain melancholy, excessive reflectivity or indecision. Its body is quite resistant, but it shows a certain predisposition to slow blood circulation, which is manifested in the cooling of the hands and feet. There can be significant changes for the better in this area when they start to go outside, among the trees, with beautiful views and a harmonious environment.
    Because they are somewhat phlegmatic, they can also show a certain predisposition to laziness, which manifests itself more clearly in undeveloped individuals. They should also direct your thoughts towards activity, health and expansion, which will positively influence your body. In general, they are liked by people and have many friends. The days of February 5: დ?gueda, დ?gata, Isaac, Albino, Albina, Juan.

    Zodiac sign for those born on February 5

    If your birthday is February 5, your zodiac sign is  Aquarius

    February 5 - personality and character

    character:  trustworthy, judicious, inflexible, rude, careless, dour profession:  administrator, farmer, veterinarian colors:  white, cyan, scarlet stone:  ruby animal:  crow plant:  Acacia tree lucky numbers:  4,24,33,47,50,59 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - February 5

    • Nutella Day
    • Mexico: anniversary of the promulgation of the Mexican Constitution.

    February 5 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Adlai Stevenson, American politician (d. 1965). 1906: Mariano Canardo, Spanish cyclist (d. 1987). 1906: John Carradine, American actor (d. 1988). 1909: Graვ¼yna Bacewicz, Polish pianist and violinist (d. 1969). 1910: Felipe Rosas, Mexican soccer player (d. 1986). 1910: Francisco Varallo, Argentine soccer player (d. 2010). 1911: Jussi Bjდ¶rling, Swedish tenor (d. 1960). 1913: Norma Castillo, Argentine actress (f. 2004). 1914: William Burroughs, American writer (d. 1997). 1914: Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, British physiologist, Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1963 (d. 1998). 1914: Gabriel Vargas, Mexican cartoonist (d. 2010). 1915: Robert Hofstadter, American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1961 (d. 1990). 1915: Carlos Rinaldi, Argentine filmmaker (d. 1995). 1916: Daniel Santos, Puerto Rican singer (f. 1992). 1919: Red Buttons, American actor (d. 2006). 1919: Tim Holt, American actor (d. 1973). 1919: Andreas Papandreu, Greek politician (d. 1996). 1920: Carlos Quintero Arce, Mexican ecclesiastic and archbishop (d. 2016). 1921: John Pritchard (conductor), British conductor (d. 1989). 1929: Luc Ferrari, French composer (d. 2005). 1931: Vicente Parra, Spanish actor (f. 1997). 1932: Cesare Maldini, Italian footballer and coach. 1933: Miguel d'Escoto, Nicaraguan diplomat, Catholic priest and politician, president of the UN General Assembly. 1933: Milos Milutinovich, Serbian footballer and coach (d. 2003). 1934: Hank Aaron, American baseball player. 1935: Saturnino Garcდ­a, Spanish actor. 1936: Josდ© Name Terდ¡n, Colombian lawyer and politician (d. 2011). 1939: Miguel Boyer Salvador, Spanish economist and politician. 1940: HR Giger, Swiss graphic artist and sculptor. 1942: Fernando Sustaita: Argentine singer, composer and musician, from the duo Bდ¡rbara y Dick (f. 2006). 1942: Janine Pommy Vega, American poet of the Beat Generation (d. 2010). 1943: Nolan Bushnell, American video game designer. 1943: Michael Mann, American filmmaker. 1944: Al Kooper, American musician, record producer and composer. 1946: Charlotte Rampling, British actress. 1947: Darrell Waltrip, American racing driver. 1948: Sven-Gდ¶ran Eriksson, Swedish soccer coach. 1948: Christopher Guest, American actor. 1949: Kurt Beck, German politician. 1950: Rafael Puente, Mexican soccer player. 1951: Rubდ©n Cano, Spanish-Argentine soccer player. 1953: Jorge Briceno Suდ¡rez, Colombian guerrilla (d. 2010). 1954: Cliff Martდ­nez, American composer. 1955: Antonio Herrero, Spanish journalist (f. 1998). 1956: Hდ©ctor Rebaque, Mexican Formula 1 driver. 1958: Stuka, Argentine musician, of the band Los Violadores. 1959: Francisco, Spanish singer. 1959: Armando Husillos, Argentine footballer and coach. 1961: Ana Celia Urquidi, producer and director of Mexican television. 1962: Jennifer Jason Leigh, American actress. 1962: Gary, Argentine singer. 1963: Steven Shainberg, American filmmaker. 1964: Laura Linney, American actress. 1964: Duff McKagan, American musician, of the band Guns N Roses. 1965: Gheorghe Hagi, Romanian footballer. 1966: Josდ© Marდ­a Olazდ¡bal, Spanish golfer. 1968: Marcus Grდ¶nholm, Finnish rally driver. 1968: Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rican baseball player. 1969: Bobby Brown, American singer. 1969: Michael Sheen, British actor. 1972: Maria Isabel of Denmark, Crown Princess Consort of Denmark. 1974: Ciro Nieli, British cartoonist. 1975: Adam Carson, American drummer, of the AFI band. 1975: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Dutch footballer. 1976: John Aloisi, Australian footballer. 1976: Abhishek Bachchan, Indian actor. 1976: Tony Jaa, Thai martial artist and actor. 1976: Martდ­n Alejandro Scelzo, Argentine rugby player. 1977: Pavel Novotnდ½, Czech pornographic actor. 1978: Samuel Sდ¡nchez, Spanish cyclist. 1981: Nora Zehetner, American actress. 1982: Rodrigo Palacio, Argentine soccer player. 1984: Carlos Tevez, Argentine footballer. 1985: Eric O'Flaherty, American baseball player. 1985: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer. 1986: Manuel Fernandes, Portuguese footballer. 1986: Carlos Villanueva Rolland, Chilean footballer. 1986: Sebastiდ¡n Pinto, Chilean soccer player. 1987: Darren Criss, American actor and singer. 1989: Jeremy Sumpter, American actor. 1992: Neymar Jr, Brazilian soccer player. 1995: Adnan Januzaj, Belgian footballer. 2000: Jordan Nagai, American voice actor ("Russell" in the movie Up). 2002: Davis Cleveland, American actor.