What Gemini Looks for in Their Life Partner

Your ideal life partner has to be that someone with whom you can be YOU in every way, Gemini, someone who does not shy away from your extreme personality (or personalities, you never know with you), someone with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you can forge.

A beautiful story of love and friendship. You are a soul with a restless mind that needs to be in constant movement and by your side you need someone capable of following you and stopping you.

You want a soulmate with whom you can share concerns, fears, doubts, joy, challenges, ideas and trips, many trips, someone with whom you can learn life and hand, a pillar that does not let you fall and that puts you batteries when you’re not well.

Someone who gives comforting hugs, knows how to say I love you without fear, and looks into your eyes, but has a spark, has an incentive, and does not always get carried away by you.

Someone who breaks all the schemes for you, who awakens part of you that you don’t even know exist. Someone with flaws and virtues in equal measure is not afraid of your mood swings but is not carried away by them either.

You want a life partner who understands you and has a voice of his own, because there are many shadows by your side, you want a love and not a shadow that follows you.

Your ideal person would be someone with a lot of blood in their veins, character,h initiative, a lover of madness, improvised plans, and truths in the face.

Someone who knows how to stand up to you and who will also do his part to make the relationship full of personality. And if he understands you in those moments when you do not understand yourself or your Gemini, it would be ideal, because that is a SIGN that it can be a good pillar that complements you.