Why Does Gemini Fear to Fall in Love

The power to feel tied by something causes your freedom and the possibility to fly to where you like the best stay in a simple dream; Gemini terrifies you, and you know it.

Love worries you and makes you want more and more, and the simple fact of not being able to do any of that causes you a lot of anxiety because you are an air sign and feel that your wings run out of energy to continue flying you. Terrifies too much.

It is difficult to explain, but you know what it feels like when you meet a person you like too much. That you are ultimately better, whether it is for real or not.

On the one hand, you want to experiment and create a joint Gemini story, your story, but on the other hand, many Gemini doubts assail you, doubts that make you think about whether that person is there for you if there isn’t someone else.

You are a very dynamic person. Just the fact of thinking that your love relationship can vary to a relationship of boredom without experiences, joint trips full of anecdotes, and anything sparkling that makes you want more and love more madly. It takes away the desire for love and everything that is, and you know it, Gemini.

Temporary loneliness does not scare you because you are a very free spirit, but permanent loneliness. If Gemini, the simple fact of thinking that you will not have someone to turn to celebrate your achievements to cure your sorrows, does not like you.

In reality, you are a very generous heart who has always given too much and has occasionally crashed into a massive wall, letting the impact damage your feelings. If you are afraid to love, it is for protection because you no longer want any more improvised blows.