january 10 zodiac

    People born on January 10 believe in themselves and act on their own.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 10

    Quiet, independent, unshakable people: they are permanently alone amidst the greatest turbulence and vital forces faced. Their enemies destroy themselves in vain efforts to reach or harm them in any way. Extraordinarily safe and original in character. They show great diligence in accumulating wealth. They don't like loud displays of affection and feelings. What should they aspire to? As they have a tendency to verbiage, they should, above all, ignite their desire for silence and meditations. They should also try to stay away from their strict, harsh, and critical neighbors. They generally live to be very old, and even at the end of life they retain all their abilities and high activity. In their youth, their life does not spare them bitter experiences, but over time their situation gradually stabilizes. Your unusual ambition is the greatest danger to your health. When faced with disappointment in this regard, their hopes are met with disappointment: they then become dissatisfied and pessimistic people, which can easily lead to biliary attacks or stomach disorders. Later in life, when conditions improve, arthritis can cause some discomfort. If material success does not come immediately, and narrow life horizons allow little hope for better financial prospects, your depression and desolation may turn into melancholy. The best cure is hope and happy company. A small change of scenery can also positively influence these people, if only they can avoid loneliness and face the possibilities of social entertainment. It should be added that they always choose places visited by the best company they can think of, and there is no one more interested in gossiping with prominent people than themselves. The days of January 10: Gonzalo, Aldo, Alda, Marciano, Vilma, Hortensia, Nicanor.

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 10

    If your birthday is on January 10, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

    January 10 - personality and character

    character:  altruistic, bright, idealistic, messy, unbalanced, brutal profession:  motor driver, economist, director colors:  orange, cream, black stone:  hematite; animal:  black bear plant:  Inkberry lucky numbers:  3,4,19,37,45,55 super lucky number:  11

    Holidays and Observances - January 10

    • Benin: traditional vodun day.
    • Bolivia: Ajira Festival (Aymara).

    January 10 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Gonzalo Barrios, Venezuelan politician (f. 1993). 1902: Jorge Saelzer, Chilean politician (d. 1984). 1903: Barbara Hepworth, British sculptor (d. 1975). 1904: Ray Bolger, American actor, singer and dancer (d. 1987). 1908: Paul Henreid, Austro-Hungarian actor (d. 1992). 1908: Bernard Lee, British actor (d. 1981). 1911: Carlos Bernadotte, Swedish aristocrat (d. 2003). 1912: Maria Mandel, German military, Nazi leader in Auschwitz concentration camp (d. 1948). 1913: Josდ© Manuel Blecua, Spanish philologist (f. 2003). 1913: Gustდ¡v Husდ¡k, Czechoslovak President (d. 1991). 1913: Mehmet Shehu, Albanian politician (d. 1981). 1915: Dean Dixon, American conductor and musician (d. 1976). 1916: Sune Karl Bergstrდ¶m, Swedish scientist (d. 2004). 1916: Dante Emiliozzi, Argentine motor racing driver (d. 1989). 1917: Hilde Krahl, Austrian actress (d. 1999). 1917: Jerry Wexler, American music producer. 1918: Arthur Chung, Guyanese politician, president between 1970 and 1980. 1921: Rodger Ward, American Formula 1 driver (d. 2004). 1922: Juan Antonio Villacaდ±as, Spanish poet (d. 2001). 1924: Eduardo Chillida, Spanish sculptor (f. 2002). 1925: Raდºl Astor, Argentine actor, producer, director and broadcaster (d. 1995). 1925: Max Roach, American jazz composer and drummer (d. 2007). 1926: Jesდºs Loroდ±o, Spanish cyclist (d. 1998). 1927: Otto Stich, Swiss politician (d. 2012). 1928: Manuel Alcდ¡ntara, Spanish writer. 1928: Carlos Bდ¼sser, Argentine military and criminal (d. 2012). 1928: Gonzalo Sobejano, Spanish teacher and poet. 1930: Paco Urondo, Argentine writer, politician and revolutionary (d. 1976). 1930: Roy E. Disney, executive of The Walt Disney Company (d. 2009) 1931: Peter Barnes, British writer (d. 2004). 1931: Gonzalo Payo Subiza, Spanish politician, geographer, surveyor and mathematician (f. 2002). 1934: Leonid Kravchuk, Ukrainian politician, president between 1991 and 1995. 1935: Sherrill Milnes, American baritone. 1936: Stephen Ambrose, American historian (d. 2002). 1936: Robert Woodrow Wilson, American scientist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1978. 1938: Donald Knuth, American mathematician. 1939: Scott McKenzie, American singer (d. 2012). 1939: Sal Mineo, American actor (d. 1976). 1939: Edmundo Pდ©rez Yoma, Chilean politician. 1940: Yesudas, Hindu musician. 1940: Javier Ruდ¡n, first Mexican actor and screenwriter. 1942: Walter Hill, American filmmaker. 1944: Frank Sinatra Jr., American singer (d. 2016). 1945: Rod Stewart, Scottish singer and musician. 1945: Gunther von Hagens, controversial German sculptor and scientist. 1946: Aynsley Dunbar, British musician. 1947: Afeni Shakur, American activist, member of the Black Panthers and mother of rapper Tupac Shakur. 1948: Teresa Graves, American singer and actress (f. 2002). 1948: Mischa Maisky, Israeli cellist of Latvian origin. 1948: Guillermo Montesinos, Spanish actor. 1948: Bernard Thდ©venet, French cyclist. 1949: George Foreman, American boxer. 1949: Linda Lovelace, American porn actress (f. 2002). 1950: Raდºl Zurita, Chilean poet. 1951: Gდ³nzalo Gდ¡lvan Castillo, Mexican bishop. 1951: Ronni Moffitt, American activist, assassinated by the Pinochet dictatorship along with Orlando Letelier (d. 1976). 1952: Daniel Solsona, Spanish footballer. 1953: Pat Benatar, American singer. 1953: Blanca Guerra, Mexican film, theater and television actress. 1953: Bobby Rahal, driver and owner of American motorsport team. 1953: Dennis Cooper, American writer. 1955: Michael Schenker, German guitarist, of the band Scorpions. 1955: Yasmina Khadra, Algerian writer. 1956: Antonio Muდ±oz Molina, Spanish writer. 1958: Eddie Cheever, American racing driver. 1960: Gurinder Chadha, British filmmaker of Indian origin. 1960: Samira Saდ¯d, Moroccan singer. 1960: Brian Cowen, head of the Irish government. 1961: Osvaldo Gross, Argentine cook and television host. 1962: Ronnie Arias, Argentine conductor, television presenter and journalist. 1965: Butch Hartman, American animator. 1967: Johan Laats, Belgian judoka. 1970: Eduardo Massa Alcდ¡ntara "Cabito", Argentine journalist and comedian. 1971: Ana Bდ¡rbara, Mexican grupera singer. 1972: Brian Lawler, American professional wrestler. 1973: Ryan Drummond, American voice actor. 1973: Lorena დ?lvarez, Mexican actress. 1973: Iker Jimდ©nez, Spanish journalist. 1973: Glenn Robinson, American basketball player. 1973: Felix Trinidad, Puerto Rican boxer. 1974: Steve Marlet, French footballer. 1974: Hrithik Roshan, Indian actor. 1975: Raდºl Fernდ¡ndez de Pablo, Spanish actor. 1976: David Muდ±oz, Spanish singer, of the band Estopa. 1978: Mariano Bertolini, Argentine actor. 1979: Luდ­s Eduardo Schmidt, Brazilian soccer player. 1980: Nelson Cuevas, Paraguayan soccer player. 1980: Sarah Shahi, American actress and model. 1980: Obie Bermდºdez, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. 1982: Ana Layevska, Russian-Mexican actress. 1982: Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Japanese voice actor. 1984: Marouane Chamakh, Moroccan footballer. 1984: Inaxio Perurena, Spanish athlete. 1985: Martiდ±o Rivas, Spanish actor. 1986: Saleisha Stowers, American model. 1988: Juan Forlin, Argentine footballer. 1989: Zuria Vega, Mexican actress. 1992: Emmanuel Frimpong, Ghanaian footballer.