january 12 zodiac

    People born on January 12 are subtle and brilliant, and their work can bring great results.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 12

    They are successful in any profession that requires constant effort and hard work, allowing them to accumulate wealth. They demonstrate significant life ambition, can skillfully make deals and contracts, and carry out great undertakings. They have a gift for literature, science, and applied art. If they limited themselves to purely practical goals in life, such as commerce or industry, they would do well in those areas. When your mind ascends to the realm of spirit, you can achieve high development and creative awareness. They find love in reforms, since they are not superficial people, but seekers of depth. They can cleverly engage in large-scale speculation, running highly complicated ventures. What your health suffers from: All your physical ailments find their origin in depression and melancholy, and disorders of the digestive system gradually add to that. The best cure for these diseases is trust, hope, and happy company. When they are victims of their greatest enemy, depression, a change of scenery can do them a lot of good. They often indulge in things of a dual nature. Hard-working people - they can stand out in terms of social life - and as head of the municipal or state administration they can skillfully mitigate social antagonisms. They know well that where a large number of people live, the voice of the majority has to take precedence. And thanks to their gift of persuasion, they can achieve social harmony. They gladly care for others and give them helpful advice. It is difficult to ignite their enthusiasm, but once they begin to do something, their drive gradually grows stronger and contact with larger groups of people increases their inner strength and their faith in victory. Thus, it could happen that the enthusiasm of a crow places a person born on this day in the leading position of a social movement that has left its initial stage and is striving to reach its full potential. It is then, due to his tact and subtlety, which he maintains even during the harshest crises, that a person born on this day can gain general recognition and praise. The days of January 12: Antonio, Arcadio, Nazario, Tatiana, Benedicto, Alfredo, Tania, Hilario, Ernesto, Ernestina, Greta.  

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 12

    If your birthday is on January 12, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

    January 12 - personality and character

    character:  conscientious, talented, cautious, ruthless, talkative, perfidious profession:  toolmaker, historian, bricklayer colors:  black, green, red stone:  beryl animal:  slug plant:  coconut palm lucky numbers:  17,18,37,40,50,59 super lucky number:  14

    Holidays and Observances - January 12

    • Yennayer. Berber new year

    January 12 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Salvador Cardona, Spanish cyclist (d. 1985). 1903: Igor Kurchatov, Russian physicist (d. 1960). 1904: Mississippi Fred McDowell, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1972). 1905: Tex Ritter, American singer and actor (d. 1974). 1906: Emmanuel Lდ©vinas, Lithuanian philosopher (d. 1995). 1907: Sergey Korolyov, Russian rocket designer and engineer (d. 1966). 1908: Josდ© Limდ³n, Mexican dancer, teacher and choreographer (d. 1972). 1908: Alfredo Zalce, Mexican painter and muralist (d. 2003). 1908: Jean Delannoy, French filmmaker, screenwriter and actor (d. 2008). 1910: Patsy Kelly, American actress (d. 1981). 1910: Luise Rainer, American actress of German origin (d. 2014).
    1912: Raდºl Benito Castillo, Argentine politician (d. 1969). 1912: Florindo Sassone, Argentine musician (d. 1982). 1914: Enrique Miret Magdalena, Spanish theologian (d. 2009). 1914: Diego Espდ­n Cდ¡novas, Spanish jurist (d. 2007) 1916: Pieter Willem Botha, South African politician, president between 1984 and 1989 (d. 2006). 1916: Jay McShann, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2006). 1917: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Indian Hindu religious (d. 2008). 1920: Bill Reid, Canadian sculptor. 1921: Julio Cicero, Mexican Jesuit and biologist (d. 2012). 1923: Tito Alberti, Argentine musician and composer (d. 2009). 1923: Ira Hayes, US Marine, one of those who raised the flag on Iwo Jima (d. 1955).
    1924: Olivier Gendebien, Belgian motor racing driver (d. 1998). 1925: Katherine MacGregor, American actress. 1926: Morton Feldman, American composer (d. 1987). 1926: Ray Price, American singer (d. 2013). 1926: Abraham Serfaty, Moroccan politician (d. 2010). 1927: Leopoldo Federico, Argentine conductor, composer and bandoneon player (f. 2014). 1929: Alasdair MacIntyre, Anglo-American philosopher. 1930: Glenn Yarbrough, singer and American actor, of the band The Limeliters. 1936: Liliana Cavani, Italian filmmaker. 1936: Miguel de Guzmდ¡n, Spanish mathematician (d. 2004). 1937: Vicente Sardinero, Spanish baritone (f. 2002).
    1940: Ronald Shannon Jackson, American drummer and songwriter, of the band Last Exit (d. 2013). 1941: Rodrigo Urდ­a Meruდ©ndano, Spanish jurist. 1944: Joe Frazier, American boxer (d. 2011). 1944: Vlastimil Hort, Czech chess player. 1944: Carlos Villagrდ¡n (Quico), Mexican actor. 1946: George Duke, American pianist and composer (d. 2013). 1948: Gordon Campbell, Canadian politician. 1948: Brendan Foster, British athletic commentator. 1948: William Nicholson, British writer and screenwriter. 1949: Ottmar Hitzfeld, German soccer coach. 1949: Hamadi Jebali, Tunisian engineer, journalist and politician, 19th Prime Minister. 1949: Haruki Murakami, Japanese writer. 1951: Kirstie Alley, American actress. 1951: Rush Limbaugh, American television presenter and writer. 1952: Walter Mosley, American writer. 1952: El Nani (Santiago Corella), Spanish robber. 1953: Mary Harron, Canadian screenwriter and director. 1954: Manuela Bravo, Argentine singer and actress. 1954: Jesდºs Marდ­a Satrდºstegui, Spanish footballer. 1954: Howard Stern, conductor, humorist and American author. 1955: Rockne S. O'Bannon, American screenwriter and producer. 1956: Ana Rosa Quintana, Spanish television presenter and journalist. 1956: Marie Colvin, American war reporter (d. 2012). 1957: John Lasseter, creative director and animator of Pixar.
    1958: Cecilio Alonso, Spanish handball player. 1958: Christiane Amanpour, Anglo-American journalist and writer. 1959: Blixa Bargeld, German singer, of the band Einstდ¼rzende Neubauten. 1959: Ralf Moeller, German actor and bodybuilder. 1959: Per Gessle, Swedish songwriter and singer, of the band Roxette. 1960: Oliver Platt, Canadian actor. 1960: Dominique Wilkins, French-American basketball player. 1961: Francisco Marhuenda, journalist, director of the newspaper La Razდ³n and Spanish politician. 1962: Luna Vachon, American-Canadian professional wrestler (d. 2010). 1963: Franდ§ois Girard, Canadian director and screenwriter. 1963: Nando Reis, Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer, of the band Titდ£s. 1964: Jeff Bezos, American businessman, founder of Amazon.com. 1964: Laura Arraya, Peruvian tennis player. 1965: Rob Zombie, American musician, filmmaker and writer. 1966: Olivier Martდ­nez, French actor. 1967: Vendela Kirsebom, Swedish-American model and actress. 1967: Sergio Novelli, Venezuelan journalist and broadcaster. 1968: Rachael Harris, American actress. 1968: Laura Maდ±დ¡, Spanish film director. 1968: Junichi Masuda, Japanese video game composer, developer, and producer. 1968: Heather Mills, British activist and ex-wife of Paul McCartney. 1968: Mauro Silva, Brazilian soccer player. 1969: Robert Prosineე?ki, Croatian footballer. 1970: Zack de la Rocha, American musician, of the band Rage Against the Machine. 1970: Raekwon, American rapper, of the band Wu-Tang Clan. 1971: Scott Burrell, American basketball player. 1973: Hande Yener, Turkish singer. 1974: Melanie Chisholm, British singer, of the band Spice Girls. 1974: Claudia Conserva, Chilean model and actress. 1975: Jason Freese, American musician, of the band Green Day. 1976: Marდ­a Josდ© Loyola Anaya, Mexican singer and songwriter. 1977: Yoandy Garlobo, Cuban baseball player. 1977: Cade McNown, American football player. 1977: Piolo Pascual, Filipino actor, singer, and producer. 1978: Luis Ayala, Mexican baseball player. 1978: Jeremy Camp, American singer-songwriter and guitarist. 1978: Santiago Hirsig, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Bonaventure Kalou, Ivorian footballer. 1979: John Galliquio, Peruvian soccer player. 1979: Grzegorz Rasiak, Polish footballer. 1980: Amerie, American singer-songwriter. 1981: Luis Ernesto Pდ©rez, Mexican soccer player. 1982: Paul-Henri Mathieu, French tennis player. 1982: Dean Whitehead, British footballer. 1984: Oribe Peralta, Mexican soccer player. 1985: Yohana Cobo, Spanish actress. 1985: Artem Milevskiy, Ukrainian footballer. 1985: Borja Valero, Spanish footballer. 1986: Gemma Arterton, British actress. 1986: Miguel დ?ngel Nieto, Spanish footballer. 1986: Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, Italian-Argentine footballer. 1986: Kieron Richardson, British actor. 1987: Naya Rivera, American actress and singer 1987: Salvatore Sirigu, Italian footballer. 1988: Claude Giroux, Canadian ice hockey player. 1988: Roberto Marდ­n, Mexican actor. 1988: Martდ­n Leonel Martდ­nez, Argentine footballer. 1990: Sergei Kariakin, Russian chess player. 1991: Pixie Lott, singer-songwriter and British actress. 1992: Ishak Belfodil, Algerian footballer. 1992: Samuele Longo, Italian footballer. 1992: Lucas Mugni, Argentine soccer player. 1993: Luciano Corigliano, Mexican actor of Argentine origin. 1993: Zayn Malik, British singer. 1993: DO, South Korean singer, actor and model 1993: Aika Mitsui, Japanese singer and idol, of the band Morning Musume. 1994: Emre Can, German footballer. 1995: Maverick Viდ±ales, Spanish motorcyclist. 1996: Ella Henderson, British singer and songwriter. 1998: Alejandro Correa, Mexican actor. 1998: Nathan Gamble, American actor.