january 15 zodiac

    People born on January 15 are resourceful and persevering - their efforts can yield a rich harvest.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on January 15

    They are consistent people, their life is orderly and useful, their passions are in control, and their minds are highly developed. Careful, withdrawn: They can seem unapproachable and even pedantic to strangers. They love things that are simple and honest in human nature, with everything that is not clear awakens uncertainty. They care deeply about the respect, appreciation, and trust of others. But, on the contrary, they distrust and take time to trust someone. They pay close attention to social relationships, and would prefer to choose prominent and wealthy people as their friends. They remember all the dates and anniversaries of social life and enjoy participating in meetings and parties on any occasion. They can entertain an entire company and are considered a welcome guest and gracious host. They have a respectful approach to commonly accepted authorities and government, with a special affection for magnificent surroundings. It is very unfortunate for these people when they cannot afford a fancy outfit as they enjoy influencing people with their outer side. They spare no effort and means to always keep up with the latest fashion trends. His views do not stand out and are sympathetic to the commonly accepted opinion. They are often paternal and counsel people. They are natural teachers and show a great ability for that. But what is even more strange: his students are very devoted and progress in learning to be on the good side. They want to realize their ideals and see them applied in practice. What threatens them: Life difficulties caused by debts and creditors, from which they will always find a way out through an unexpected fortune. The days of January 15: Mauro, Raquel, Marcelo, Marcela, Alexander, Arnoldo, Isidora, Pavel. [caption id="attachment_18949" align="aligncenter" width="612"] January 15. Calendar Icon with long shadow in a Flat Design style. Daily calendar isolated on blue background. Vector Illustration (EPS10, well layered and grouped). Easy to edit, manipulate, resize or colorize.[/caption]

    Zodiac sign for those born on January 15

    If your birthday is January 15, your zodiac sign is  Capricorn

    January 15 - personality and character

    character:  tolerant, incorruptible, tough -worker, coward, insolent, careless profession:  sculptor, archaeologist, pediatrician colors:  black, orange, orange stone:  morganite animal:  moose plant:  pampas grass lucky numbers:  5,10,22,29,30,52 super lucky number:  32

    Holidays and observances - January 15

    • Cuba: Cuban Science Day.
    • Guatemala: Day of the Black Christ of Esquipulas.
    • Nigeria: Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
    • Roman Empire: second day of Carmentalia, in honor of Carmenta.
    • India: Jallikattu.
    • Peru: Huancavelica: Festival of the Lost Child.
    • India: Sabarimala (Kerala state, India): Makaravilakku or "Mდ¡kara Sankranti".
    • India: Tamil Nadu: Pongal (in 2007).
    • Mexico: Composer's Day.
    • North Korea: Korean Alphabet Day.
    • United States: Traditionally, Martin Luther King Day.
    • Malawi: John Chilembwe Day.
    • Venezuela: Teacher's Day.

    January 15 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: William Heinesen, Faroese writer (d. 1991). 1901: Luis Monti, Argentine soccer player (d. 1983). 1902: Mauro Nდºდ±ez Cდ¡ceres, Bolivian musician and charanguist (d. 1973). 1906: Aristotle Onassis, Greek shipowner and billionaire (d. 1975). 1908: Edward Teller, Hungarian physicist (d. 2003). 1909: Gene Krupa, American drummer (d. 1973). 1912: Michel Debrდ©, French politician (d. 1996). 1912: Harry Hay, American gay rights activist (d. 2002). 1913: Lloyd Bridges, American actor (f. 1998). 1914: Etty Hillesum, Dutch Jewish nurse and writer assassinated in Auschwitz (d. 1943). 1914: Hugh Trevor-Roper, British historian (d. 2003). 1914: Alberto Ullastres, Spanish politician (d. 2001). 1918: Vicente de la Mata, Argentine soccer player (d. 1980). 1918: Joდ£o Baptista Figueiredo, Brazilian president (f. 1999). 1918: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian president (d. 1970). 1919: Maurice Herzog, French mountaineer, the first to ascend to a peak of more than 8000 m (Annapurna) in 1950. 1919: George Cadle Price, Prime Minister of Belize. 1923: Lee Teng-hui, Taiwanese president. 1924: Jean-Bertrand Pontalis, French philosopher, psychoanalyst and writer (f. 2013). 1925: Ignacio Lდ³pez Tarso, Mexican actor. 1926: Maria Schell, Austrian actress (d. 2005). 1927: Armando Morales, Nicaraguan painter (d. 2011). 1929: Martin Luther King, American pastor, African-American civil rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1964 (d. 1968). 1933: Patricia Blair, American actress (d. 2013). 1937: Margaret O'Brien, American actress. 1937: Pepe Parada, Argentine actor, businessman and producer (d. 2003). 1939: Pდ©rez Celis, Argentine plastic artist (f. 2008). 1940: Luis Racionero, Spanish writer. 1941: Captain Beefheart (Don van Vliet), American musician and visual artist (d. 2010). 1943: Margaret Beckett, British politician. 1944: Francisco Anguita, Spanish geologist and volcanologist. 1945: Marდ­a Antonia Iglesias, Spanish journalist (d. 2014). 1947: Martin Chalfie, American scientist. 1948: Delfდ­n Fernდ¡ndez Martდ­nez, Spanish drummer, of the band Los Sდ­rex. 1949: Luis Alvarado, Puerto Rican baseball player (d. 2001). 1950: Marius Trდ©sor, French footballer. 1951: Charo, guitarist and Spanish singer. 1952: Skay Beilinson, Argentine guitarist and singer. 1953: Hugo Soto, Argentine actor and artist (d. 1994). 1955: Alberto Fernდ¡ndez Blanco, Spanish cyclist (d. 1984). 1955: Josდ© Montilla, Spanish politician. 1956: Marდ­a Zavala Valladares, Peruvian judge and politician. 1957: Juan Acosta, Argentine actor and comedian. 1957: Mario Van Peebles, American actor. 1958: Luis Pescetti, Argentine writer, musician and singer-songwriter. 1958: Boris Tadiე‡, Serbian president. 1959: Jordi Bertomeu, executive director of Euroleague Basketball. 1959: Pete Trewavas, British bassist, of the band Marillion. 1964: Saდºl Hernდ¡ndez, composer, singer and Mexican musician, of the bands Caifanes and Jaguares. 1965: Maurizio Fondriest, Italian cyclist. 1965: Bernard Hopkins, American boxer. 1965: Adam Jones, American musician, of the band Tool. 1965: James Nesbitt, Northern Irish actor. 1965: Marდ­a San Gil, Spanish politician. 1966: Virginia Innocenti, Argentine actress, author and singer. 1968: Chad Lowe, American actor. 1968: Iდ±aki Urdangarin, Spanish handball player. 1969: Armando Alanდ­s Pulido, Mexican poet. 1970: Shane McMahon, American executive and professional wrestler. 1971: Regina King, American actress. 1972: Kobe Tai, American porn star. 1973: Essam El-Hadary, Egyptian footballer. 1973: Miguel Joven, Spanish child actor. 1975: Yoly Domდ­nguez, Venezuelan television actress. 1975: Mary Pierce, French tennis player of Canadian origin. 1976: Andreas Klier, German cyclist. 1976: Virginia Tola, Argentine soprano. 1978: Eddie Cahill, American actor. 1978: Franco Pellizotti, Italian cyclist. 1979: Drew Brees, American football player. 1979: Martin Petrov, Bulgarian footballer. 1980: Mariana Derderiდ¡n, Chilean actress. 1980: Lydia Rodrდ­guez Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1980: Matt Holliday, American baseball player. 1980: David Muდ±oz, Spanish cook. 1981: El Hadji Diouf, Senegalese footballer. 1981: Alexis Weisheim, Argentine footballer. 1982: Armando Galarraga, Venezuelan baseball player. 1983: Jermaine Pennant, British footballer. 1983: Hugo Viana, Portuguese footballer. 1985: Renდ© Adler, German footballer. 1986: Cholponbek Esenkul Uulu, Kyrgyz footballer. 1987: Kelly Kelly, American professional wrestler. 1987: Michael Seater, Canadian actor. 1988: Darwin Atapuma, Colombian cyclist. 1988: Skrillex, American producer of electronic music, of the band From First to Last. 1988: Ana Marდ­a Polvorosa, Spanish actress. 1989: Rednek, American producer of bass music. 1990: Chris Warren Jr., American actor. 1991: Marc Bartra, Spanish footballer. 1992: Sheldry Saez, Panamanian model. 1993: Ben Gibson, British footballer. 1993: Paulina Vega Dieppa, Colombian beauty queen, universal beauty queen 2014 1996: Romano Fenati, Italian motorcycle racer. 1996: Dove Cameron, American actress and singer. 1997: Valentina Zenere, Argentine actress and model.